Monday, December 31, 2012


Latest (Korean) celebrity crush: Joo Sang Wook

Oppaaa, why laa you so cuteee...sigh~

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Blearrgghh...I feel blue~

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Barney proposed to Robin and she said YES! (Yeah, we all knew Barney is gonna end up marrying Robin at the end but seeing how he got her back by pulling 'The Robin' was truly awesome!)

The Gossip Girl has been revealed and it's none other than...Dan Humphrey aka Lonely Boy! Say whaaattt? I stopped watching it after season 3, so I have no idea what's been going on in the series recently - maybe if I watch it, I would see it coming (but then again, I'm glad I stopped watching coz Dan Humphrey looks hideous now ewww!). But still, I never thought that Gossip Girl would be a 'he'.

So now there are only a few more TV biggest shockers that I'm still waiting to see:

1. The Mother in HIMYM, of course
2. The moment when Raj Koothrappali is finally able to talk to girls without having to consume any kind of alcoholic beverage first in The Big Bang Theory
3. Jess & Nick to fall in love with each other in New Girl
4. Mindy & Danny to fall in love with each other in The Mindy Project
5. Beverly & Sean Lincoln to get back together in Episodes (I wish there were more episodes per season! Matt Le Blanc playing an exaggerated version of himself is hilarious!)

And last but not least (and in other completely unrelated type of shocker =p), I'm waiting for Jennifer Aniston to get married to Justin Theroux in a gorgeous wedding dress and have gorgeous kids (either naturally, via surrogacy or adoption - I don't mind) and live in a gorgeous mansion so that she would finally be able to say, "IN YOUR FACE, BRAD!!!" Thehehehe...

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year

"Are you going to empty it?"
"No," she said. "I have to stay in or on the bed."
"Sorry, I didn't realize you were ill."
She said, "I'm not ill. I'm just retreating from the world...I think."
"Yeah? Well, we all have our own way of doing that."

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Man Who Forgot His Wife

   'No, you've got to have fights in a marriage. Otherwise what's the point of being together? What is it you see tattooed on people's fingers? "L.O.V.E." on one hand, "H.A.T.E." on the other. They're two sides of the same coin.'
   'But why does it have to be "love" and "hate"? Why can't it be "compromise" and "mutual empathy"?'
   'Tattoist would run out of fingers.'

Saturday, November 3, 2012

2 Days 1 Night

Sung Si Kyung in 2 Days 1 Night

I've been bitten by the K-bug and am now addicted to Korean variety shows hehe!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Sky Is Everywhere

"It's the easiest thing to be lost if you don't want to be found."

Young Adult books are kinda lame with all their "Oh my god! I was, like,...and then he was, like,..." dialogues. But right now, I'm kinda, like, loving them =p! 

Open 24 Hours

Starting today until 2nd Nov, the Dubai Mall will be opened for 24 hours straight during weekends. This includes Dubai Aquarium & underwater zoo, Kidzania, Sega Republic (an indoor theme park), the cinemas and the ice skating rink. (If adalaa parents yg bawak anak dia gi Kidzania at 3-4 in the morning, pehhh tak taulaa den nak cakap apo.) 

Personally I think it's a little extreme, kot yea pun nak increase tourism kan, but oh well, this country is known for doing 'extreme' stuff - tallest building, palm tree-shaped islands, ski resort in a mall, white water rafting in the middle of the dessert - so I shouldn't be surprised anymore. 

But just for the heck of it, maybe I should go & check out the mall at 3-4 in the morning nanti hehe.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Keluarga Iskandar

Dear SRB and I are currently totally hooked on 'Keluarga Iskandar'. Back in Msia last month, I was a bit reluctant to watch it at first coz I didn't like the obvious fact that they tiru Modern Family's mockumentary style of shooting. 

But on my last night at home, there was really nothing good on TV and I was forced to choose between some lame, trying-too-hard-to-be-funny game show featuring Raja Lawak's rejects and an episode of this Modern-Family-wannabe 'Keluarga Iskandar' series. I chose the latter coz I just couldn't bear watching all those Raja Lawak people endlessly trying to prove how they can be funny at any given situation. 

Managed to watch it till the end (Zain Ruffedge was in it - didn't know that he could act!) and you know what? It's actually a pretty good show! Agak kelakar with sempoi and true-to-life dialogues which made it soo relatable. 

The usage of 'The Silent Treatment/Layanan Senyap' after an argument - relatable. 

Lines like "Alaaa nanti last2 memang semua kena ikut cara mak jugak." - very relatable. 

"Yelah, takpelah. Biarlah mak mati sorang2..." - ohh so veryyy relatable kehkehkeh!

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Dance until your feet hurt.
Sing until your lungs hurt.
Act until you're William Hurt.

He's just...HILARIOUS! LOL!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Psychopath Test

"Maybe it was the trying so hard to be normal that was making everyone so afraid they were going crazy."

Whoaaa...dark & deep, huh? Thought this book was gonna cheer me up during my lonely flight back to Dubai (the intro was witty enough and when I flipped through the pages I saw a chapter on Scientology. Psychopathology and Scientology? I was intrigued hehe), but turned out I was wrong hahah! Next time, go with chick lit Rina - you will never go wrong with chick lit =p. 

But it's quite an interesting book - kinda reminds me of all those psychology classes I took in college. And it will teach you how to spot psychopaths around you or maybe evaluate yourself hoho! But don't worry, "if you're beginning to feel worried that you may be a psychopath, if you recognize some of the traits in yourself, if you're feeling a creeping anxiety about it, that means you are not one." Coz if you are one, you won't be having all these feelings at all jeng jeng jeng hehe.

Friday, October 5, 2012

I Hate Goodbyes

Said too many goodbyes for the past days - to our home, family, friends in Msia and friends in Dubai who are leaving for good pulak. Personally, I think this is what sucks the most about living abroad. You're happy & excited to live this carefree life abroad but at the same time your heart breaks when you have to leave and say goodbye to your loved ones back home. As I said many times before, you win some, you lose some.   

These mixed emotions will usually leave you feeling confused and moody and overwhelmed - all in all, not a good feeling lah. And it usually takes about a month or so for me to sort of 'stabilize' my emotions back after balik from Msia. But oh well, as The Beatles said, Oh bladi oh blada, life goes on braaa, Laa laa how the life goes onnn...

I'm beyond happy to be reunited with dear SRB after almost 3 weeks apart but I'm also beyond sad to leave this cheeky little darling after spending 1 month constantly playing with her...

But on another cheery note, it's now time to catch up with all the new fall series yeayyy! HIMYM, The Big Bang gang, the Modern Family, hope you guys don't disappoint this season!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Teman Pengganti

This song is just soo heartbreaking, it makes me literally want to cry in the car whenever I hear it on Hot.FM or Era. Maybe because I imagine all those rumors about Malique's poor state of health (some said he's now very thin sebab kena buatan orang, some said brain cancer ngeeee) are actually true and this is his way of confirming them and saying goodbye, like, for good isk isk isk! 

Bilik dah ku kemas, katil dah ku rapi
Cincin, kunci, dompet dalam laci
Ada sikit wang, itu saja baki
Moga-moga cukup untuk majlis itu nanti

What more can I say except...HUWAAAAAA!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

In-house Param

Achievement so far 

Yeah, I know, I know...most of them are of the goreng2 kind - not so healthy. But these are the easiest and most-likely-to-menjadi ones thehehe. That's why I made them first. In a way, it motivates and gives me courage to try making the other more complicated kuih tradisional. Sort of like, if I can do this, certainly I can do THAT. Know what I mean? 

So after this, perhaps it's time for me to attempt to make kuih yg manis2 plak. But most of my favorite kuih manis kena buat guna steamer - ngaaaa...high chances for the kuih to turn out lembiks di situ tidaakk! I'm also having a hard time finding daun pandan here in Dubai. So, that kinda limits my options for recipes that I can try coz apparently, like coconut milk, pandan juice is an essential ingredient in almost all kuih melayu.

Oh well, wish me luck! 

P/S: I did manage to buat murtabak, but murtabak segeralaa hehe. Coz kulit buat pakai the frozen kulit popia. Who knew we can make murtabak using that?! *Jakuunn*

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

The holy month of Ramadhan starts tomorrow (Friday) here in Dubai. Nasib baik dah buat groceries today, so I am all stocked up and fully prepared to do some creative cooking for berbuka for at least a week. My goal this year is to learn to make at least 1 kuih tradisional every other day (nak buat everyday macam ambitious sangat laa pulak kan hehe). Kuih apa nak buat  tu belum research lagilah hehe, but if by end of this year's Ramadhan I managed to successfully buat murtabak from scratch, that'd be AWESOME! 

Subuh is around 4AM this year so gotta get up by 3AM the latest to prepare sahur meals. Usually I'd cook nasi and lauk before I go to sleep and then just reheat everything before sahur, so by waking up at 3AM, memang sempatlah sepatutnya utk makan dgn tenang and tak terkejar2 before habis waktu. And as per every year, my hope and goal this year is, again, not to miss sahur. Didn't manage to do that last year, so this time around I'll try harder not to ignore my alarm clock.

There are also some other goals but I want to keep those private - nanti niat dah salahlah pulak kan if semua benda nak publish heh. Nevertheless, let us all pray that Allah grants us ease & patience to perform more ibadah and may Allah accept all our ibadah & good deeds in this blessed month of Ramadhan, Insya Allah Amiinnn...

Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Just posted pics of our recent trip to Venice in FB. So now tgh jiwang, reminiscing about the good times we had strolling along the long, narrow streets (sampai sesat tak jumpe jalan pulang while kaki dah rase nak tercabut), eating pizza or pasta almost 3 times a day (deliciousss but arghh gemoks!) and of course the best of all - the romantic gondola ride on the small canals of Venice. I want to live in Venice just for the gondola rides!

Anyway, here's a video of a gondola ride with serenade (which we did not take because no.1 it's crazy expensive and no.2 we prefer the slow and quiet ride - I think it's more romantic that way). I found both the song and singer very cute heheh!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Italy or Spain?

Bloody hell, Italy vs Spain in Euro 2012 final?! Ngaaa...I'm torn! 

I know I said I've switched team and am supposedly supporting Spain now. But I didn't expect Italy to go this far hahah! Yes, I was turned off after reading about the match-fixing scandal in the team and yes, Gigi Buffon now nampak macam samseng jalanan who has anger management issues to my eyes (ape daa captain macam gangster), but I also can't help but think, "Awww...Cannavaro must be very proud of the team now." And that thought makes me wanna go back to being an Italy fan again heheh!

Plus, I had a GREAT time in Rome & Venice recently - even sempat tengok match Italy vs Ireland (Italy won 2-0) at an Italian version of kedai mamak in Venice (hohoh very surreal to be among the real Italian fans - see video below), so I dunno, maybe I should be supporting Italy all the way?

Oh well, who cares which team I support anyway. It's not like I give millions of dollars to these teams pun =p. I'll just be happy whichever team wins coz both are my top 2 choices from the start ngehehe...

Update: Spain deserved to win coz they played beautifully. Italy, IMHO, did not put up a good fight at all. What happened there Azzuri? *sigh*

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I Love Us

No clever or cheeky sayings this year. Just a quote from one of my favorite movies of all time, because you are one of my favorite persons in life...

Happy Anniversary, babe! Thanks for THE BEST anniversary getaway ever =D

Friday, June 22, 2012


Venice...I'm in love


Rome...I'm in awe

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rafa in Paris

Alalalaa comellll!!!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Euro 2012

It's Euro 2012 now. Usually I'd pick a team with the most gorgeous players and blindly support them without any other meaningful reason. But since I'm now a little bit older, and supposedly wiser, I want to say that I have learned to look beyond the superficial-ness of things, that what's inside is more important than the outside, that physical appearance doesn't mean a thing. But I can't say that haha, I seriously can't - not when it comes to Hollywood celebrities or sportsmen ngehehehe.

In previous years, I've pledged my support to the Azzuri because they had exactly what I was looking for in a football team - incredibly hot, gorgeous players =p. But this year, most of the good-looking players who used to be my favorite to watch have already left the team due to old age (well, old age in sports world lah, not the real world), except maybe for this green/blue-eyed guy, Claudio Marchisio. (But somehow he kinda looks  different now - I think he's lost too much weight since I last saw him, which was 2 years ago, during the World Cup hahah!)

And then there's this whole match-fixing scandal that has caused several of their players to be put under investigation and cut from the squad. Even Gigi Buffon pon suspected of betting, but as the report said, he has not been charged with any wrongdoing, yet. Aisehmannn... dah tak bestlaa pulak kalau ini macam. 

So this year, I'm switching teams. Sempena Rafael Nadal (another undeniably gorgeous sportsman hehe) menang French Open and returning to No.1 in ATP rankings, I've decided, like Kirah, I'm gonna support Spain for Euro 2012 hehe. Plus, Captain Casillas is kinda cute too =p

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Random Updates

While I was huffing and puffing at the gym today, someone changed the TV channel from some travel program to MTV. And the show that was on MTV at the time? A reality series called 'I Used To Be Fat'. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry upon seeing that.

Dear SRB has been in Iraq since Monday and won't be back until Sunday. This will be the first time he's staying there over the weekend - booo! But since weekend trips = more off days, then okaylaa I feel a lil bit better about spending the weekend here alone. (Just a little bit je tau, dear.)

We got a call from a real estate agent a couple of weeks back telling us that she'd be coming over to take some pictures of the house coz the landlord is planning to sell it. Bloody hell. I am sooo NOT looking forward to move, especially during the blazing summer months ngaa! While it is perhaps exciting to look at new apartments in new places, it is not very exciting to pack, unpack & manage all those business of cancelling the old & registering new phone line, internet, TV package, gas, etc. 

On a happier note, I can't wait for our trip next week =D. Until then, buona notte everyone!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Bday Dear Husband!

Every once in a while, special people are put on this earth. People with deep passion & immense love for others. People with hearts much greater than average. And today, one of them would like to wish you Happy Birthday.

Thehehe...Happy Birthday, babe! Your heart is much greater than average too =)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Parents Behaving Badly

"No one player is bigger than the team," said Ben. "Not you, not anyone."
Logan grabbed his glove, brushed past Ben, and mumbled, "Whatever."
Few words rankled Ben more than whatever. It had been a perfectly innocuous pronoun for eons before teens turned it into the verbal equivalent of giving you the finger.

Come to think of it, yeahhh, it IS the verbal equivalent of giving people the finger hehe.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Phillip Phillips Won!

Yeayyyy for the first time ever, the person I rooted for won American Idol! Congrats Phillip Phillips!

Though to be honest, I was not that enthusiastic about the show this year. I found the  contestants to be pretty boring, including Phillip Phillips sometimes (but his cover of Usher's You Got It Bad was definitely sexayyyy!). Jessica Sanchez - yes she's got a powerful voice - but singing ballads all the time? Nahhh...snoozefest! Same goes to Hollie Cavanagh. Joshua Ledet - all I heard was screaming, growling then screaming again. 

Oh well, I don't think any of them will be that successful or famous after this show anyway. Somehow makin lama, AI winners makin cepat and senang tenggelam. Too many reality singing competitions on TV, I guess.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Barney & Robin

OMG Barney and Robin are gonna get married!
Fatma, you're totally right!

I couldn't say they 'got married' though coz the 'I do' scene has yet to be seen. And since HIMYM has been renewed for another season, I'm sure there'll be some twists and turns (maybe Robin leaves Barney at the altar or something, you never know) before we eventually get to everyone's happy ending and of course, finally meet the 'Mother' hehe.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The L.A. Complex

"No, you don't want to 'look cool'. 
You want to BE cool. 
If you 'look cool', that means you're already trying too hard."


Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"Thing is, we're hitting the quarter-life crisis. I know, it's tragic. You may think I'm being over the top, but why should the only generic crisis be of midlife variety? For a start, the midlife crisis is a touch presumptive, is it not? I mean, what makes you think you're going to live that long all over again? Who knows how long you've got? Whatever it is that we're going through, it's a bloody crisis. No hang on, I've got the magnitude all wrong here; it's a fucking crisis. Life has been sped up super-broadband style, so we can't afford to wait till we're forty to have a crisis."

P/S: Bloody hell it's May already!

Friday, April 27, 2012


Phillip Phillips singing a DMB song?
I thought this day would never happen!
I think this year's gonna finally be the year for WGWG to win y'all, hoyeah!

Monday, April 23, 2012


The superheroes of Comic Con

The sculptured ones lah tapi hehe.

Was a bit disappointed coz not many people were cosplay-ing on the day that we went, which was the second/last day of the event. Saw on the news that the hardcore cosplayers mostly came on the first day cisss! Whatever happened to the 'save the best for last' concept, people?!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stormtroopers Taking Over Dubai

Aww...don't you just feel like giving the lost Stormtrooper a hug?

Comic Con is coming to Dubai yo! I'm not really a fan of comics or video games, I'm just excited to see people dressing up in costumes, aka the cosplayers (short for 'costume play' - a new word learned 2 days ago hehe). Based on what I've seen in movies and TV series, some people, especially those die-hard comic fans (haha teringat The Big Bang Theory peeps) who attend these types of conventions take cosplay-ing pretty seriously, so THAT should be very interesting to see - can't wait!

On another note, Chad Michael Murray (One Tree Hill's Lucas Scott) was supposed to be one of the Hollywood celebrities to make a special appearance in this event - which led me to scream and hyperventilate for about 10 straight minutes. (Yes, I'm not ashamed to admit that I watched the super corny One Tree Hill series quite religiously up till season 6. Chad didn't come back for season 7, so what's the point of continuing watching?)

However, after checking out his Twitter to find out the exact timing he'll be making his appearance (and which hotel he'll be staying at so I can stalk bump into him there hehe), I discovered that due to a scheduling conflict, he will NOT be coming to Dubai after all - which again, led me to scream, this time in frustration, for about 10 straight minutes. Bloody *%#*#^%$!

Oh well, I guess the bright side of this is I can just relax and enjoy my time walking around superheroes and supervillains nanti instead of constantly be on the lookout for Hollywood celebrities - which can be quite tiring gak actually. It's not easy being a groupie bebeh =p

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's street style: Colored jeans

I'm inspired!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Somebody That I Used To Know

Why oh why laa you turned out to be gay wahai Matt Bomer *sigh*
(Not that I will ever have a chance with you or anything hahah! But still...)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Friends Like These

"Friendship really is a two-way street. You select your mates, single them out. But they have to do the same for you. Otherwise you're a stalker. It's a fine line."

"I guess as you get a little older, your social group becomes a little more focused. A little more honed. And with it, a little more reliable. Trusted. Needed. As people drift away, or move off, or get married, have kids, emigrate, you're lucky to hang on to the people you do."

Shout out to my reliable, trusted, and most importantly, needed friends! (You know who you are *wink*!)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour 2012 - Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Macam tak banyak beza sangat pun bila tutup lampu heh!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Time Flies

Oh how time flies so fast when you're having fun *sigh*. One minute I was picking them up in the airport, and then before you know it, I was already sending them off, waving them goodbye huuu~

Bye bye Kayyaaa! Auntie Na will see you again Insya Allah in August nanti, muaaahhsss!

Thursday, March 22, 2012


In about 7 hours, this little cutie pie will be right here in Dubai yeayyy!!!
I'm soOoo excited, I feel like jumping up & down, crying, vomiting all at the same time!!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happiness TM

"Unhappy people are unhappy in their own way.
Happy people are happy in the same way."

A witty novel about a self-help book that actually worked, and people actually find happiness, but it brings about the end of the world. "This is how the world ends, not with a big bang, but with a warm fuzzy hug." Hilarious!


Saturday, March 3, 2012

AI 11

The American Idol Season 11 has chosen its Top 13 finalists! So it's time to pick a favorite. Since I always tend to pick the WGWG (white guy with a guitar), this year I'm on team.....Phillip Phillips!

Yes, I know, he sings and moves exactly like Dave Matthews of Dave Matthews Band. But I happen to like DMB, that's why I like him too. I also like his 'sempoi' and 'malu2 kucing' style and the fact that he's good friends with this year's Idol joker, Heejun Han ("I'm going to show the world that Asian people could not only get high scores in SAT, but also sing and melt their hearts - the females of course." He really makes me LOL!)

Usually my favorite contestant won't end up winning Idol, but who knows, maybe this year it'll be different.

Go Phillip!

P/S: I just want to say that I think NO ONE should be allowed to sing Adele's songs other than Adele herself. These people ruin her songs man!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sama Tapi Tak Serupa

SM Nasa & MS Reza
Almost, but not quite the same hehe.

The funny thing is, dear SRB himself was the one who first noticed the similarities. I laughed my ass off when he first mentioned it and thought, yeah right babe, of course everybody wants to look like the guy who's not only a millionaire by the age of 25, but who's also married to one of 'wanita idaman Malaya', the beautiful Marion Caunter. But after taking a closer look - the bushy eyebrows, the teeth, the smile - wait a minute, yeahhh you guys do indeed look alike!

Now, can I say that I think I look like Jennifer Aniston coz we both have squarish jaws? =p

Happy leap year, everybody! (Question: How do leapers/people born on this day celebrate their birthday on non-leap years?)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sealed Letter

"Men don't understand the first thing about friendship."
"Female friendship, you mean?"
"It's the only kind," she tells him.

Here's to women & friendship, hoyeah!


Dear SRB and I are now on a mission to cross out as many items as we can on Time Out's '101 Things To Do In Dubai' before we leave this place for good. When we couldn't find anything interesting to do on weekends (mostly because too lazy to do research hehe), we always end up going to the malls, which lama2 rasa cam nak muntah lah jugak kan. So by doing things suggested in this list, at least it can add variety to our weekend activities (though we're still gonna go the mall at the end of the day to find something to eat - saya usually cuti memasak di hujung minggu hehe).

However, activities that require us to jump out of a moving plane (Item 32 - Skydive) or be in close proximity to one of nature's fiercest predators (Item 25 - Dive with sand tiger sharks) will be considered as 'crazy shits' and shall be quickly marked as 'Inapplicable/Are you freaking kidding me?!' in our list hehe. So for us, it's actually 'Less Than 101 Things To Do In Dubai' laa kiranye, but who cares, it's still an interesting list.

So this weekend, we went to watch The Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium.

It's quite an amazing show. I was mesmerized and terrified at the same time coz they're soo cute but also soo big - I kept imagining that they gonna jumped out of the pool and fell on me ngaaa! Dear SRB plak kept on saying that they are robots and not the real dolphins coz they are unbelievably intelligent, bordering on creepy. Yeah babe, if you can show me their on/off button and the remote controls, then maybe yeah, they are actually robots and not the real dolphins =p

So no need to drive out to Musandam, Oman for 3 hours (and pay additional 200 dirhams for Oman's visa on top of the Dolphin Tour package) to see dolphins in action. Can see them right here at Dubai Creek Park's Dolphinarium. Of course it's not the same as seeing them in their natural habitat but if you're looking for time & cost-saving option, here it is - only 50 dirhams for adults and 30 for kids if you go and see the Friday's and Monday's 11 AM show. For other timings, it will cost 100 dirhams for adults, and 50 for kids.

Uuuu tak sabar nak bawak Khayra tengok these dolphins nanti yeay!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Stranger On The Planet

Seth Shapiro @ 12 years old
My mother had always warned me that I would cause her to have a nervous breakdown. Of all her dramatic declarations (I'm sending you to a reform school!), her threat of a nervous breakdown felt the most true, and I always wondered how I would know if she was actually having one. Hearing her cries that night, I understood that it was finally happening.
"What is it mom?"
"Your father. I'm still in love with him."
"I know."
"He's such a bastard."
"I know."
"He drives me out of my mind."
"Me too," I admitted, and we both laughed a little.
These were the truest words we had ever spoken to each other. I put my arms around her, and we lay together, bound by the knowledge that we were both in love with a man who would never love us back.

Heartbreaking! My first finished-in-one-sitting book in 2012! If all books I pick turn out to be as gripping as this one, maybe I can finally achieve the '1 year, 100 books' goal huhu~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Repeat 2.0

Putting up another music video? Again? Really?

Yeah, I know. It's lame and it's getting old hehe. But I don't really feel like writing or sharing personal life updates lately. I'm more in the mood of quietly 'observing the world' while listening to music. (I hope this statement does not make me sound like a creepy stalker or anything like that hahah!)

And here are 2 songs that I have on repeat in my playlist (and in my head) right now.

Some people say our taste in music can tell a lot about who we are. So what does my music say about me? Ponder that, my friends...while I go and make myself a nice cup of tea =)

"Life's too short to even care at all..."

"And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again..."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Conquer

In Batman Begins, Henri Ducard/Ra's al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson) said,
"To conquer fear, you must become fear."

In Live At The Apollo, comedian Reginald D Hunter said,
"To conquer fat, you must become...fat."

Hahahah! I must say, I like the comedian's version better =p

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Anomalies

"Take it easy. I was just kidding."
"Just kidding? So you were just kidding? Like what you said has been totally negated just because you were thoughtful enough to say just kidding?"

P/S: It's one of those books that I bought just because the book cover is soo cute eheh

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mike Chang singing and dancing in leather pants, with eye make-up & spiky hair = HOTTT!!!

Artie singing and dancing in leather pants, with actual leg movements & gelled up hair = weird! I mean, he's a good dancer & all, but it's weird seeing him attempting to be hot.

But overall, I have to say that 'Michael' is my favorite Glee episode so far.

"Stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me,
Make me wanna scream!"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Big Year

'Who knows, maybe I wouldn't have met Stu if he hadn't gotten sick that day.
Sometimes friendship, like birding, depends on luck. Blink and you'll miss it.'

- Jack Black as Brad Harris in The Big Year -

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sit Back & Relax

The family is now safely back in Malaysia. Dear husband has just flown out to Iraq. I've got the house all to myself. So apa lagi, it's time to sit back, relax, catch up on my TV series, sambil makan keropok lekor panas. Aaahhh...bliss~

First up, American Idol!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Terukir Di Bintang

1. L.O.V.E this song! As usual, Yuna never disappoints.

2. I like seeing Yuna and Qi together. I think they are one of those sempoi but very sweet couples. (Dear Qi, Please shave your beard. You are on the edge of losing your comel-ness. - Your concerned fan, Rina)

3. Dearest SRB, bilakah saye boleh merasa naik gondola romantika di Italy itu? Terukir di bintang, tak mungkin hilang, cintaku padamu (ayat kiss-ass ni ngeehehehee =P)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Don't Know

Most of the time, 'I don't know' means 'I know, but I don't want to tell you.'
- Dr. Dani Santino, Necessary Roughness -


P/S: Sometimes while watching some TV shows or reading some books, I'd come across some lines which would make me pause and go, "Hmmm, that's true. I never thought of it that way." Like there are some kind of lessons to be learned there. Like something about those lines that sort of speak my mind. And I like to write them down here so I can be reminded of the lessons I learned or what I was thinking/feeling at the time of writing. That's why, in case you haven't noticed by now, this space is full of quotes instead of personal anecdotes. And if you don't like it or find it annoying, well, it's simple really - just piss off. Capisce?

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Adam: That's what everybody's been saying. You'll feel better and don't worry and this is all fine and it's not.
Katherine: You can't change your situation. The only thing that you can change is how you choose to deal with it.

I couldn't make him cry watching The Notebook (the ultimate tear-jerker movie ever). But tonight, 50/50 finally did the job. Actual tears were shed. Tonight, history was made. Hehe.

P/S: Joseph Gordon-Levitt sgt comelllll!