Friday, July 24, 2009

The Clean Shaven Jack Sparrow

Today, me and the office girls have officially declared Friday's lunchtime as our 'movie-hour'. Somehow, we have lost the interest to walk around shopping complexes aimlessly during the long lunch and opted to watch movies instead. Last week, we watched Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince and this week - Public Enemies.

The main and sole reason we couldn't wait to see it was, of course, because of the hunk who's staring at ME from the poster above lah kan hahah! And at the end of the movie, I thought, memang definitely proven - the sight of the clean shaven Johnny Depp on the screen was the ONLY thing that kept me going.

It was like bang bang bang (gunshots), then the handsome face of abang Johnny came out olala. Bang bang bang again, then the macho Christian Bale came out pulak oo yeahhh.
Then another bang bang bang, and the beautiful Marion Cotillard waltzed her way in.

I dunno, there were a lot of bang bangs which I found a bit boring (sorry, am not really a fan of action movies, especially those set in 1930s) but abang Johnny made it all worthwhile hehehehe~

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I recently discovered that jogging is a good time for self-reflection. Not that I went jogging that often anyway hehe. But it's a great 'me' time, y'know. Just listening to iPod and then your legs start to move in one direction and your mind in another. Sometimes you need to be grateful for the things you ALREADY have, instead of focusing on the things you don't have (as many people would gladly remind me over and over again, thank you very much).

On another note, poor little niece is having problem doing the "No.2" lately. Kesian tengok dia sampai nangis2 meneran iskkk. But once she's done, she would just continue smiling and making happy baby noises as if nothing painful ever happened to her a minute ago - amazing little girl she is.

Well, hopefully she'll continue to be such a happy little baby =)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pojie's 23rd

Little brother turned 23 last Tuesday and had to celebrate his birthday at some power plants in Lumut. Kesiannn...budak intern mengalahkan orang kerja betul2 hehe.

So on Wednesday, bought him a cake and had a small get together makan2 with the family. Well, practically everyday is like a family get together for us since we, the married children of the family, still have dinner at mom's house everyday muahahaha! Okaylaa, not exactly everyday but on weekdays mostly - just the way mom had planned it to be when she persuaded us to buy houses just a stone's throw away from her place hehe.

The Secret's Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence was heavenly but that's where I kantoi about not knowing for sure how old Pojie's gonna be this year, hehe sorry beb. Before I could explain why I didn't put his age on the cake, he already guessed that it was because I have no idea how old is he exactly haha! In my defence, I was in a rush when I bought that cake and I KNOW for sure, he's gonna be either 22 or 23 this year - I just didn't know which one =p. PLUS I have 2 little brothers who are around the same age, early 20s, so I got confused easily hehe.

Anyway, happy 23rd birthday Pojie! Everytime you guys get a year older, I feel like I'm getting 10 years older okayyyy. So if you guys could just stay young, that'd be great =)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Putrajaya Equestrian Park

A clear blue sky and such nice weather on a Sunday afternoon has brought us to the tourist-y city of Putrajaya. Thought of having some photography sessions while strolling along the famous Putrajaya Boulevard where all the creatively-designed government buildings are lined up. But on our way there, saw some posters of The Malaysian Open Polo Tournament 2009 happening at Putrajaya Equestrian Park so we thought hmmm...horses would be even more interesting than unmoving objects hehe, so let's go!

First time tengok org main Polo from close-up ni. I couldn't care less about the game's rules and what not, I was more excited about watching macho men menunggang kuda muahaha!

I gotta say, the sound you hear as the horses' hooves thumped the ground, was kinda exhilarating. Now I can understand why some people love horseback riding.

SRB even got friendly with his new 'pet' here awww. (Don't tell me you'd like to try this expensive hobby pulak after this, dear =p )

Me? Ehehe, it's okay. I'm happy here, just looking from afaaar, thank you very much hihi.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Though Your Heart Is Aching

Brooke Shields: Michael's favourite song was one written by
Charlie Chaplin called 'Smile'. And there's a line in that song
that says, "Smile...though your heart is aching."

Marlon Jackson: Michael, I would like you to give our brother,

my twin brother, Brandon, a hug for me.

Paris Jackson: Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best
you could ever imagine. And I just want to say
I love hi
m - so much.

Gotta work this weekend.
It's gonna be another sleepless & 'shower'less one for me isk~

Monday, July 6, 2009

Lazy Bum Weekend

I was such a lazy bum last weekend that it's no surprise if moss actually grew all over me hahah! It's just one of those times when you feel like shutting yourself out from the world and eat, sleep, watch TV in your own quiet shell.

Did practically nothing productive besides finishing up Season 5's Desperate Housewives, watching old episodes of Friends and a marathon of Michael Jackson's awesome video clips on MTV...ohhh bahagianya kehidupannn. Other people join actual running marathons, and what did I do? Duduk depan TV, makan kacang goreng, tengok marathon of video clips. And then I complain that I am such a fat-ass, what a biatch eh? Hahahaha!

And we also watched Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, twice. Once in 3D hehe. It's pretty funny, you should watch it.

Eddie: There! There's Sid! Let's go there and save him!
Buck: Okay, roger!
Eddie: No, it's Sid. Not Roger.
Buck: Yeah, I know. Roger that!
Crash: Huh? Okay, how about we save Sid first,
and THEN we come back and get Roger?

HILARIOUS, I tell yah!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Annie Are You OK?

I know this will sound a bit lame and pretentious, but since MJ passed away, I fell in love with his songs all over again (bila orang tu dah takde, barulah nak adore semua kan, ape cerr haha).

Me and some workmates just couldn't stop singing/humming his songs all over the office since his passing. So we thought, ini tak boleh jadi ni. It's time for a session of 'Karaoke: MJ Special Edition' sh'mon now bebeh!

The plan was to pick only songs by MJ, as our tribute to the King of Pop. Tapi tak tahan beb, 'ter'nyanyi gak lagu2 lain hehe. Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life' is a MUST dude!

But the Best Song for last night had to be 'Smooth Criminal' - we truly screamed/laughed our guts out mannn, puas hati giler! So come on and sing it with me people~

Annie are you OK?
So, Annie are you OK?
Are you OK, Annie?

Annie are you OK?
So, Annie are you OK?
Are you OK, Annie?!