Monday, September 29, 2008

Raya Fever

The house is shiny and clean.
Bags are packed neatly.
Baju raye ironed and hanged beautifooolly.
Kuih raye for kampungs wrapped nicely.
All set to go, to have a happy hari raya with all the families.
And I'm down with flu adoiii...

Aaanyhoo, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri everyone!
Maaf Zahir dan Batin~ careful on the road!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Farewell No. 2

*Sigh* a lot of goodbyes plak this month. This time, a colleague of mine who's leaving for a better opportunity out there. We've grown so close to each other since the project execution started even though some of us just joined the company for few months only. These are among the few people I socialize with nowadays, besides my family. Since I have to work on weekends now, I rarely had time to meet my high-school friends, college friends, etc. Nantilah, maybe we'll keep in touch again mase raye ke...

We had dinner/buka puasa at The Apartment, KLCC yesterday for our last chance to lepaksss as colleagues. Main topics of conversation - our "beloved" madam (who walked by the restaurant while we're talking about her shaitss! Nasib baik she was too engrossed with her phone call that she didn't notice us. If not, "Hah why you all didn't invite me for WP's farewell?!!" Blooodeyyyy who's gonna give the OBVIOUS answer to that hahaha!) and ghost stories in BDC hahaha! Memang tak habis aa satu malam if nak citer semua. Good times peeps, good times =)

Now tinggal us 3 girls only under The Crazy Lady. Oh tidaaakkkkk!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Lil brother left for UK last night - it's the end of his 3-month cuti-cuti Malaysia. So naturally, mom held a small buka puasa family gathering yesterday so all of us can send him off - to the front gate that is hehe. The usual crowd (aunties and uncles in Klang Valley area) turned up, with lots and lots of food as usual.

Rasa mcam raye plak hehe syokkk! Sate, bubur lambuk, murtabak, ayam percik, tepung pelita, air cincau...semua ade. Me wanted to take pics of how meriah it was when all of us ate - with tangan bersilang sane sini to take the food, but I myself was busy eating hehe. Gue terlepas sahur that morning beb, so lapars gilerss!

Borak-borak about our raye plan and yeay yeay we're gonna have the annual raya BBQ at Kg. Batu Pahat again this year. I thought it's gonna be canceled this year coz mcm tak cukup korum, but nope, it's still on bebeh! So I'm excited to balik kampung alreadyyyy!

After the table has been cleared and most of the food sudah liciiin, picture time!

Then it's time to go. Abang, mom and dad sent him off to the airport while the rest of us said our goodbyes at the front gate jek hehe. Sedih aa plak tibe2 kan...

Bye-bye Pojie...have a safe journey and jangan nanges ye di hari raye nanti hehe. Maybe next year you'll get to join the most happening BBQ kat kampung =)

Monday, September 22, 2008


Was looking through my long-forgotten Friendster account yesterday to salvage the softcopies of some of my treasured pics which were mostly gone now together with my stolen laptop aritu. And tadaaa...I found this picture of me and my old "boyfriend", Joey G hehe:

We looked cute together kan kan? Big, wide, iklan-Colgate smile bebeh hihihihi! Met him accidentally in Cineleisure Damansara last year when he was one of the judges for some's singing competition or something, dah lupa. Ape lagi, starstruck abis aaa! But you should see this:

Wawawawaahhhhh...terlebih mesra nampak! Nasib baik I was too excited and distracted by Joey G's hotness at the time, so okaylaaa dimaafkan hehe. But yup true, she's really pretty in real live even with minimal make-up on.

Also on my 'hot' list nowadays are:

Qushairi or Qi from 8TV's Destinasi Bajet. He's cool, funny and sgt comel in that show, I LIKE!! He's soo cool and sempoi that even my brother likes the show so much cos this Qushairi guy is in it. If you guys don't watch that show, ok korang tak cool hahahah!

Robert Buckley from Lipstick Jungle. The first time I saw him in that show, I'm like "Whoaaa hot gile mamat ni!". Even SRB admitted (reluctantly) that yup, he is hot. Okay, maybe I was biased at the time coz he was topless, but he looks good with a shirt on as well whatttt - see above. Hehe.

Ok, I know it seems like I keep on drooling on other unattainable guys when I've already got my own man. But rilekslah's Monday and I'm still groggy coz didn't use my time-off today (save for cuti raya hehe), so gimme a chance to unwindlaa. Ini adelah hiburan semata-mata. Tiada kena-mengena dengan yang hidup atau mati hehe.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Raya mode

Last year's raya pic at kampung Batu Pahat (kurusnyee gue di waktu itu hahaks!):

Our last project execution before we break for raya holiday ended succesfully today. So I'm in raya mode already lalalala!! Baju raya - bought. Kuih raya - ordered. Kerepeks - ordered. Duit raya - adoiii ni yg sakit ni hehe.

This year's raya eve and first day of raya would be at Segamat pulak. Gulppp...that's gonna be a first. Uh oh, I'm suddenly nervous!

How's your raya prep going?

Friday, September 19, 2008


Been feeling very, very tired lately. Working on weekends at odd hours, during puasa month proved to be sgt sgt memenatkan ok. 1 day time-off is just not enough man, especially when your sleep routine got all messed up and there's just not enough time for you to recover from the 'hangover' before the cyle starts all over again. Ngaaa...

It's also becoming harder and harder to wake up at 4-ish AM to prepare and eat sahur lately. I've been cooking with my eyes half-opened and with no sense of taste or smell at all. Semua main campak and belasah jek. Even while waiting for minyak panas kat kuali pon, I can still go baring sekejap on the couch hahaha terok betul! But thanks dear, for willing to eat whatever food, be it edible or inedible, I put on the table at sahur hehe.

SRB and I have also been dozing off while watching TV more often nowadays and terbongkang on the couch tak sedarkan diri until like 1, 2 pagi baru masuk bilik. Omg we sound like a very grey, old couple tidaaakkksss!

Anyway, it's 2.25 AM now and am still berkampung in BDC doing work stuff arrgghh. Seb baik laa Mr. L, crush pujangga hatiku (who - I just found out - likes to eat nasi goreng ikan masin when eating out, same as me sumpahhh I'm not making this up) is here kehkehkeh! But of course I hope the job finish in time so I can come home to SRB for sahur.

Brought 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall' DVD for my entertainment tonight but bloodey laa...this movie is 18SX big time. Memang sume bende nampak tak censored langsung. Belakang aku ni dahlaa ade mamat pakai kopiah sume. Takkan aa aku nak tgk movie with people wearing the "birthday suit" kot Astaghfirullah...hehe. So I'm left with no entertainment now.

*Sigh* very the ngantooookksss~

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I've been robbed!

Where do I begin? Hmmm...

Last Friday, decided to go to Pasar Ramadhan in Kg. Baru after work. Saje nak pegi coz we haven't been there for puasa this year. But somehow SRB got stuck at work and could only got out around 6-ish PM. By that time, the traffic jam was already building up and has turned from bad to worse. Sampai area Kg. Baru tu around 7PM, so had to kinda rush to make it for berbuka lah kan.

Parked our car in front of a sekolah in that area and went ahead to buy wutever yg berkenan di hati. Came back when azan berkumandang and bammm!!!! Found out that our rear-left passenger window was smashed completely, kaca bertaburan sana sini and FUCK, my bagpack with office laptop inside it was nowhere to be seen. Mase tu baru realized that I forgot to put it in the boot mase rush2 tadi. My heart mcm dah nak stop and SRB started cursing hehe. I would too if I wasn't in such a shock. This is fucking Murphy's Law mann..the one time that I forgot to put the bag in the trunk, and that's the time I got robbed. Babissss!!!!

Then rushed to the nearest Polic Station in Dang Wangi to report the incident since my ofismate said that I might need to show the report to the company. By that time, I dah completely lost my appetite and mcm dah blank and numb. A young policewoman took notes of the incident and wrote the report for us, and bloody hell, lame gile die tulis a simple report yg ade like 5,6 lines jek. Nak kutuk, bulan puase plak huwarrgghhh!!!!

Reached home, SRB called Toyota people and our car was set to be fixed the next day at noon. I was a bit quiet coz was still in shock. See, this is the first time this kind of shit happened to me. I finally had the emotional breakdown when I called my dad to tell him what happened. I was overwhelmed with so many kind of feelings - marah, sedih, terharu, rase hopeless - so I cried once & for all lorrr. Better to let it out than simpan dalam sampai jadi psycho kan? Hahaha...

The next day, went to Toyata Service Center in Segambut to get our car fixed and whaddaya know...the spare part guy showed us a left side-mirror which he thought we need. WTFFFFFF???? Orang ckp rear-left windowlah bangang huwarrgghh! We were speechless by that time and let our beloved Toyota wingman to argue with the spare part guy. Nak kate otak die slow sebab die puasa, die orang India. *Sigh*. So we had to wait for 3.5 hours for the window to be fixed when actually the work can be done in just 1 hour if somebody really listen and pay attention to our freaking simple request!!!! Sheeshhh...

Funny thing about this whole mess is, when I told people what happened, it seems like for most is more unacceptable for me to put the bagpack in my car than it is for the stupid pencuri to smash keta org & curi barang2 dlm keta, you know what I mean? Like...first reaction I usually get is, "You letak bag kat dalam keta, memanglah kena pecah." Apsal takde sape ckp, "Ehh, sial gile aah pencuri tu pecah keta org suka2 hati and curi brg dlm keta!"

See? We are living in an era where we kind of accept all crimes and bullshits happening around us that when something bad happens, people tend to blame the victim rather than the asshole who should not be going around fucking things up in the first place. Crime is soo rampant nowadays that we all tend to think that it's all our fault - which is bad actually!!! I'm not saying that I'm not one of those people, I'm just saying that I only realize it now.

But oh well...everything's ok now. The car is fixed, clean and shiny. I'll probably get a second-hand laptop from the company later.

To the stupid pencuri, well...I'll let God deal with you ok?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


...the day seems to be moving sooooo...

Cepatlaaa...I wanna go hooommmeeee~

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Paper 1 got approved.
Insya Allah, we'll be going to the land of...

Paper 2 got approved.
We're half-way to our white-picket-fence home...

syukurrrr Alhamdulillah =)

Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm currently addicted to...big time.

Bought the Garlic Peri-Peri Sauce about a week ago when decided to tapau my Nandos chicken. And ever since then, almost everything I eat at home, I 'cicah' the sauce - sedap gila!!! You should try it. If makan dgn roti jek pon I don't mind. And I'm not even paid to say this mannn hahaha!

Previous puasa, serunding was my pembangkit selera (cheyyyy bahasa baku giler haha), especially for sahur. As long as there's serunding, I'll have the appetite to eat. But this time, Nando's Garlic Peri Sauce definitely does it for me. Fishball cicah garlic sauce? Gooooood. Telus dadar cicah garlic sauce? Gooooood. Nasi putih with garlic sauce? All gooooooood =p

Selamat berbuka peeps~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

This year...

This year, alhamdulillah puasa so far is okay. Although, out of habit, I almost termakan mentos on the way to work yesterday. Luckily SRB stopped me. I was even thinking to offer him the mentos lagi tu actually haha!

This year, our first sahur was in USJ and our first berbuka was in Seremban. Mom packed lots and lots of food as bekalan sahur/buka for days to come, and MIL also gave more and more food. Heavennnnn! I didn't need to cook anything pun for sahur & buka yesterday. Semua re-heat sajaaaa hehehe. But today, made
Ayam Merah Madu specially for SRB chewaahhh. Sungguh enak sekaliiiii nyuummmmm!

This year, I feel like time flies really fast at work so tak sempat to rase penat or sleepy, alhamdulillah. But in terms of kesabaran or kemarahan or %$#@^&*#, hohohoho...memang agak tercabar jugaklah with people at work punye 'peel'. Semoga Tuhan memberi daku more and more patience this Ramadhan aaamiiinnnn.

This year, we berazam to berjimat (yelah...unlike some people, we didn't get a 6-month bonus maaa) by having as much home-cooked meals for berbuka as we can. Unless, vendor belanja buffet lah of courseee hehe. And unless, we got a craving for a certain impossible-for-rina-to-buat-sendiri kind of food lah ahaha! far, we berjaya! We'll see how it goes.

This year, I actually plan to go to sleep by 10pm everyday, kononnye laaa. If not, waking up to prepare sahur the next morning will be a big challenge woooo - I must express here that I am definitely NOT a morning person hehe.'s already 11:20pm. Gotta go to sleep now. Nawaitu sauma ghadin....