Saturday, May 30, 2009


Congratulations Peng!
You've found your happily-ever-after =)
And as you said, our Ipeng has grown up now hehe

Friday, May 29, 2009

Queen of Rap

A colleague celebrated his **th birthday by treating us to a karaoke session at Redbox, Pavilion last night. Ehehe if it were me, I want other people to belanja me on my birthday, but this was the other way round plak. Hanya orang banyak duit je boleh buat camni nih hehe.

Was hesitant to join at first, but after they sweet-talked me into doing it, I ended up being the Queen of Rap for the night hahaha! Tak percaya? Jom karok, I'll prove it to you chewaahhhhh~

Buruk gile rupaaaa ek? Don't tell me YOU don't look like this when YOU karok kehkehkeh!

Thanks again to Chong for the laugh-till-you-pee singing session hihi.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This face is like saying...
"Sorryyy, I just broke a very expensive crystal vase.
Jangan marah yeee hihihihi."

Who could be mad looking at this cheeky little face?
Alalala comelnya niece saya ini =D

Fire Drill

Menara Perak had its first fire drill exercise today. Dalam banyak2 hari, time hari aku pakai baju kurung yg kain jenis panas jugaklaa diorang ni nak buat fire drill kan...adoiiilaaa~

It was not really a "Hah? Fire drill ke? Eh betul ke ni? Jgn main2! Eh betullaa. Oiii fire drill oiii!" kinda thingy coz we've already been informed by our secretary/floor marshall at 9 AM that the drill's gonna happen around 10-ish AM. So, relax sajeee.

Walking down the stairs from 15th floor was not so bad. Sampai kat baw
ah, siap polis stopped the traffic to make way for all of us tuuu. Somehow rasa mcm bangga siot and to all of you who got stuck in the traffic jam waiting for us to cross the road, take THAT suckaaa! Hihihi~

Thought the fire drill was gonna take at least half-a-day (just like the one we had in tower dulu). When we reached our assembly area which was the empty space located right beside convention centre, we're already busy discussing early lunch plans hehe. But after about 1 and a half hour later, it was all over mannn! Baru nak escape meeting and pegi lunch straightaway cisss.

So meeting resumed and we ended up having a late lunch instead. Hahaha, tulaa orang tamak selalu rugi ;p

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chillax on Sunday

Started off our Sunday with a 3-round jog and 1-hour aerobic session at the MPSJ track today. Sungguh sihat sekali, bagos!

After weeks of jogging 'dalam mimpi' je, this morning we finally berjaya bangun awal2 pagi and did it for real - syabasss hehe.

The free aerobic session was particularly fun. They have this session every Sunday, I think around 8-9am. And ohooo, jangan underestimate aerobic okayyy. It might seem so simple and relax je, but sangat penat and semput gak actually! After like half an hour, my cha cha cha was all over the place and out of beat coz my legs were trembling and I was out of breath.

After a 3-hour of nonstop exercise, treated ourselves with some roti canai and teh tarik at a mamak stall nearby oh yeahhh. Then went for groceries shopping and cooked lunch.

Now, my whole body dah start rasa sengal2, so I'm off to lepak depan TV for the rest of the afternoon. Ahhhh...what a chillaxing Sunday =)

Friday, May 22, 2009

BBQ at Min's

Had a blast with rakan2 sekerja during BBQ at Woei Min's house last night. Today is the day that the old routine of working on weekend nights starts again. So we thought, let's have one night of fun before everyone turns into sleep-deprived zombies again hahah! Hence last night's BBQ lah.

It was kinda last minute, tapi kalau event untuk bersukaria memang semua orang pun sanggup bertungkus-lumus buat apa saja, so it turned out pretty great!

I am so grateful that I live in masyarakat majmuk Malaysia where everyone respects each other's religious belief and sensitivities. Our Chinese colleagues bought a whole new set of BBQ equipment to ensure that everything adalah dijamin halal. Can-opener pun beli baru semata-mata for us. Pots for steamboat and segala senduk were borrowed from Muslim colleagues. We also bought some meat imitations specially for a colleague who's vegetarian. So yeah, masyarakat majmuk ROCKS~

We girls of courselah jadi tukang makan je, sambil tengok American Idol Results Show hehe (Kris is sooo adorable aaaaa!), while the men bakar or pretend to bakar ayam, hotdog, ikan, udang, kerang for us. Kerang bakar - YUMMYYYY!

Perut sudah kenyang, American Idol pun sudah habis, so it's picture time!

Thanks Woei Min & Priscilla for hosting! Perhaps next time will be my turn to become the host pulak (IF saya rajin hehe).

More pictures can be viewed here.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dine With Nature

On Friday, SRB announced that he finally found a new place for us to have my customary birthday dinner. He said, it's really quiet there, which he knows I love, that even the sound of cengkerik would be louder than us. I was starting to get nervous. I taulah we have became really outdoorsy lately, tapi tak payahlah sampai nak dinner pun kat tgh2 hutan kan hahaks!

I didn't know until on the Sunday night itself that he's actually bringing me to a little sanctuary amidst the city bustle called Subak. Chewah konon surpriselaa, tapi memang a surprise jugaklaa coz I haven't got a clue hihi.

He actually stumbled upon this place while driving around Sg. Penchala area, to get a closer look at those huge mansions that can be seen from the Penchala Link highway. Orang on MC patut dok umah diam2, tapi if you keluar sebab nak carik hadiah I, takpelaa dimaafkan ekekeke!

It was drizzling that night, so the sound of raindrops psychologically made the
place even cozier and romantic awww. Other than that, all you could hear was the laughter coming from the guests and sure enough, lovely songs from the crickets hehe. The manager shared a funny story about bunyi2 cengkerik ni - one of the guests once requested him to turn down the volume of the crickets sounds, thinking that it came from a hidden speaker somewhere hahah! Well sorry mate, this is The Nature speaking, so you can't really shut me up hehe.

They serve a mixture of Asian and Western cuisines. Among them are:

Ibu Yati's Gado-Gado a.k.a pecal.
They said Raja Nazrin once had it - as if we're supposed to be
impressed by this fact and feel the need to try it too.
But yeah for the fun of it, we did and gotta admit,
sambal kacang itu sedapp!

Fresh Water Prawn Tom Yam.
Y'all know we are hantu tomyam. So this is a MUST!

Fettuccine Carbonara with Fried Salmon
Quite delicious tapi since I've eaten a bit before dinner,
I tak larat nak habiskan the whole plate.
Rasa guilty gila when the waiter asked at the end of the meal,
"Kenapa tak habis ni kak? Ada yg tak kena ke?"
Apparently they make it a habit to ask so they can improve the menu.

Considering Subak has just been opened 10 weeks ago, business is looking quite good for them. They didn't even advertise in newspapers or any printed media. They depend more on word-of-mouth and blogs sahaja. So, I'm kinda doing my part here as one of those 'mouths', spreading the word hehe.

It's a great place for a romantic rendezvous, an intimate celebration with friends & family, and even a reunion. But errr, maybe TKCians tak boleh kot. Nanti cengkerik lari hihihi.

And of course, thanks to SRB who accidentally found this place. I had a great time babe! Thanks for the double pressies too =D

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Year Older

I turn 27 today hihi =D

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Of Men and Their BS

Hung out with girlfriends after work yesterday and the results:

Guy A: Yeah, you're pretty.
But you would look even prettier if you're thinner.

Girl A: WTF?

Guy B: Your hair ni macam nipis sangatlah. Dah nak botak
dah I tengok.
I think you should go for a treatment.
Bagi rambut you tebal sikit.
Nanti you nampak laaagi cantik!
Girl B: Ok =(

Guy C: I'm sorry but I'm leaving you. I've found another girl.
When I was with you, I just ikut whatever you want me to do.

But with this girl, I feel like I WANT to do everything for her.

Girl C: ......

Seriously, what the hell is wrong with all you MEN????

Even though I have never been Girl A, B or C but these real-life stories memang made my 'blood go upstairs' jugaklah. I don't know whether this is a delayed effect of watching HJNTIY or because am reading Lipstick Jungle at the moment, but my semangat GIRL POWER tu mcm ada lebih sikit laa hahaks!

Yes, we girls are crazy sometimes, but only because you guys drive us insane hehe.

P/S: Don't worry, you're OK dear. You're not the rule, you're the exception chewaaahhh wakakaka =p

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wall of Fame

After 5 months living in this house without a single nail on the wall (even jam pun sandarkan kat dinding jek before this - pemalas giler, I know hihi), we finally unwrapped all those picture frames today and hung them nicely on our blinding white wall.

Yeah yeah, I know it would be nicer if some of the feature walls are painted with a different color. But hey, it took us 5 months to drill holes in the wall, how long do you think it will take to get us to actually paint it? Muahaha! Takpe, slow and steady bebeh hehe...

We have been talking about creating our 'Wall of Fame' - inspired by the stairwell in the Walkers' lovely house in Brothers & Sisters - for quite some time already.

And I can't believe that we finally did it huyeahhh! Okay, our version is obviously not as homey as the one on TV or IKEA catalog, but it's a start right? Plus, these are about all wooden frames we've got in the house, so this will do for now. I didn't even have the energy to change some of the old pictures coz was too tired and berpeluh macam pegi sauna after this whole drilling business was done, that I straightaway went lepak dalam bilik yg beraircond tengok Gossip Girl hehe.

It kinda looks 'sparse' at the moment, but as our family grows one day, the Wall of Fame will be expanded too Insya Allah =)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Wolves on the Prowl

New Moon's wolf pack in civilian clothing looks GOOD too. The most left looks like a very boyish version of my ex-boyfriend - Wentworth Miller from Prison Break hehe. He's my favourite wolf chopppp! ;p

And this little boy is looking all MACHO now. He should maintain the extra pounds on him for good.

On another note, me and the girls went to watch Friday the 13th at lunch time today - yup, hari ini memang hari malas. It was either Friday the 13th, Star Trek (urrmmm too sci-fi & geeky) or Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam (are you kidding me?).

I know for all horror-movie fans out there, this version of Friday the 13th is quite laughable. But for a non-fan like me, BLARDY HELLLL I'm not gonna watch any kind of horror movies at the cineme EVER AGAIN! Sakit jantung mcm siot okkk. Nope, never again, no thanks. And I don't care if you think I'm such a baby or whatever. I value the health of my heart too much hehe.

Cutie Pie

Eh eh eh comelnya budak niiiii =p

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Cozy Corner

TV doesn't interest me that much anymore nowadays. Is it because there's nothing really good on TV or it's just another sign of getting old? I hope it's not the latter urrkksss~

Lately, I prefer to just hibernate myself in the bedroom and lepak, reading books. (Fatma, I decided to give Tara Road a second read before you lent me your Lipstick Jungle hehe. Thanks a lot babe!)

SRB even brought the study table into our bedroom so he too could hang around in the room doing some work - sometimes ideas somehow come to me at night, he said. What are you - an engineer or a poet? Ideas come at night siottt hahaha!

The study table was put riiight beside the bed, even though there was more space elsewhere. Senang nak teros jump to the bed and tido after buat keja tgh malam, he said. Hearing this, I shook my head in disgust at first - punyalaa "rajin" pakcik ni, nak jalan few steps to the bed pon nak berkira.

But now, I think it has become one of the coziest spots in the house and I LOVE IT! Anda memang seorang GENIUS, pakcik!

I too have become a sloth now, too lazy to walk even a few steps to get to the bed. Now THAT explains the chubiness hihihi~

Monday, May 4, 2009

High School Reunion

I felt like the last long weekend went by too fast. Am still in need of another day to just lay around, being a couch potato. But before you know it, it's time to go to work again *sigh*.

Our high school reunion went well, of course. Around 40+ of us came. Even though most were the familiar faces, it's still nice to just get together and bikin kecoh or some will say 'bingit' hehe.

Arrived in the beautiful Nomad around 3.30pm and straightaway fell in love with that place. Not too extravagant (except for the RM10k rent per month bit hehe) and soo peaceful. Of cou
rse once the party started, it's peaceful NO MORE muakaka!

Everybody was supposed to come wearing their house colors - in my case, it's red - to get extra points. I thought it was not really a big deal, until I saw almost everyone else came wearing red, blue, green and yellow. Ngaaa sorry rakan2 serumahku but you know I love black coz black is slimming hehe.

Played some Win, Lose or Draw on memorable events that happened during our 5 years in college - HILARIOUS as hell! There were Lucky Draws - I didn't win anything. I am NEVER lucky when it comes to!

Malam - watched a slide show of our old pictures masa semua masih budak hingusan hihi, sang some songs, gossiped around hehe and ended the night with '10 Things I Hate About You'. Pics at night semua censored, sorry yah!

It was a good weekend filled with laughter and great company, I must say. Thanks to the organizers - you know who you are. Next reunion, let's go to an island pulak jommmm!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Me and My 'Love Handles'

Am going for my 10th year (out of college) reunion tomorrow at The Nomad in Bangsar.

You know how in movies, people always make a big deal about high school reunion, especially girls? They go to great lengths to ensure they look their very best (by 'best' I meant slim and voguedevass muahaha) to sort of say to everyone "Hey, look at me! My life is awesome now! I am wayyy cooler and successful compared to my years in school!"

Well...doesn't apply to me I guess. Too late for any diet whatsoever now hahah! I'll be showing up together with mah 'love handles' bebeh kehkehkeh~