Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Had a girls' night out last Sunday as sort of the Bachelorette Party for dear Eejay who's getting married next January. Nothing fancy schmancy sgt (unlike Nedd's Hen Night which we heard, Alep got a "dancer" to strip down to his spandex for Nedd hahaha kinky bebeh!), just had dinner with the girls at Pavilion and later a sleepover at Eejay's lovely home. The dinner was at a fine-dining Korean BBQ restaurant and I had no idea what were the names of the food we ate, all I know is, I had an ox tongue for the first time that night - sounds yuck but it taste like thin-sliced meat je actually.

It's been a while since we girls hung out together, so it was fun - laughing soo hard to our obscene jokes, Idd's accidental X-rated act (HILARIOUS I tell ya!) and 'aaawwww'ing to Eejay+Rudy's love stories. We were soo loud that the waiter had to close the door to our dining area. Well, biaselaa...when us girls got together, total havoc maaannn hihi. Even met Kerk who I haven't seen since we graduated!

Since SRB and I had our 'Moving Day' earlier during the day, my body started to give up on me by the time we finished dinner. So decided to join Pitis to catch a movie - The Spirit (if you're not into comics, not recommended. Agak sucks jugaklah) while some of us went to melalak at Red Box.

We reached Eejay's place in Bandar Utama at around 2 AM, ate some yummy chocolate cake baked by my sis-in-law, and later borak2 till 4.30 AM before finally dozing off.

The next morning, went for another makan2 and borak2 session at a mamak restaurant in T
TDI. Balik rumah Eejay, makan chocolate cake lagi and gossip some more hehe before we finally went our separate ways.

I had a great time girls and we should do it again babes!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Salam Perantauan

This entry is specially dedicated to Pojie yg berada nun jauh di UK hehe. I just viewed all his Euro Trip pics and they are all breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! Maklumlaaah...SLR camera bergantungan jek kat leher masing-masing hehe.

Little brother looked sooo grown-up and gotta admit, not bad looking hehe with the new hairstyle (okay jgn kembang sgt haha) and more like Babah, I'm shocked and tersyahdu at the same time.

I haven't got the chance to go to Paris yet but THIS is just gorgeoussss!

Perhaps we can go to Europe for our XX-th anniversary later dear? Insya Allah...Aminnn~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monsoon Trip

What?!! It's Saturday already? Tidaaakkksss...we still got so much to do before going back to work!

Anyway, had a little family trip to Dungun a couple of days back for Abang's sis-in-law wedding and to visit little Khayra. Uuuu...tak sabar nak tgk baby dah besar ke, dah tembam ke hehe. Knowing my mom, of course we had to start our journey so early in the morning while the kabus still lingered along Banjaran Titiwangsa and my brain was still not fully awake yet. But it's not my turn to drive yet, so masuk keta tido balik haha!

Stopped at R&R Temerloh for some home-made breakfast. Oh, one thing you need to know about my family mom memang sgt suka prepare food as bekal for travelling. I'm not talking about just sandwiches or nuggets. We got the whole macaroni goreng, nasi lemak and lauk pauk going on - memang sgt meriah and best!

After Temerloh, just when it's my turn to drive, it started to rain heavily and it didn't stop until we reached Dungun adoiii. Monsoon season just "rocks" mannnn! In Dungun, we drove along the beach sikit, bought some food at the nearby pasar malam, then hung out in the hotel room
and ate and ate and ate like there's no tomorrow hahaha! This is what we do when the family get together hehe.

Anddd...little niece looked cuter than ever, sudah boolat sikit and she has a double-chin already hehe but she sleeps all the time. Alaaa...bukaklah mata sikit babyyyy.

Neymind, will wait till you get back to USJ & play with you all the time k?

Alamak, sudah lama daku membuli husbandku dan membiarkannya pack barang dapur sorang2 hahaha. Gotta go peek and MAYBE help a little hehe. Chow~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(Un)domestic Goddess

Aaahhh bahagianye waking up in the morning knowing that you don't have to go to work, seriously syok gilerrr woot woot!

Yesterday, spent most of the day supervising the electrician replacing the lights in the whole apartment coz apparently according to our agent, some of the lampu that we previously had were kinda dim and old-fashioned. They kinda made the place lost its appeal, she indirectly said haha. Whatever dude. We were happy with whatever lights we had. While the electrician worked his magic, I myself was busy watching marathon of E! True Hollywood Story hehe, heaven giler! Some of these rich & beautiful people of Tinseltown, woww...they had quite a sad, tragic life man.

Today was a bit more productive though. I did the laundry. Vacuumed the whole place. Sorted all baju kurungs and SRB's work shirts according to color scheme (haha psycho tak) and wrapped them up in some of those plastic covers. Packed and emptied most of the cabinets' contents in the master bedroom, the second bedroom and the shoe cabinet. Now tinggal dapur. Huwaarggghhh I hate packing stuff made of glass! They're heavyyyy and then you gotta wrap them with newspaper first bla bla bla...aargh sgt leceh.

Progress of the new house. Hmmm...had a pretty busy weekend driving here and there surveying furniture, discussing the tiles pattern, choosing paint colors for exterior of the house (my favourite white-picket-fence is about to become brown-picket -fence isk isk isk), picking out the suitable pebble wash flooring and some other 'adult' things that I never thought I'd be doing. Fuuhh...time really flies so fast and soo much changes have happened that I'm not sure I can catch up.

Well, here's hoping that all our ideas will turn the new crib into the loveliest home ever. Of course it's gonna turn out great. We are people with good taste chewahhh hehe.

Now, off to cook dinner peeps!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't sweat the small stuff

I was feeling kinda restless, a bit down and perhaps mentally & physically tired while browsing through the books in MPH, Subang Parade a few weeks back. I dunno...maybe this whole new world of house-renovating and apartment-renting has taken its toll on me and my pockets and I kept on wishing that I have more money to do a lot more things that we'd dreamed of *sigh*.

And I think that was why I was drawn to read this book.

Because I needed something to knock some sense into me, to remind myself again that I should be grateful for whatever I have right now. And not to sweat the small, trivial things in life. And yup, this book kinda did it. Now it's SRB's turn to read it. Come on babe, you can do it. Nipis je buku tu hehe.

"The humble improve."
- a quote from Wynton Marsalis, jazz musician, published
on the side of a cup of a Starbucks Double Tall Skim Latte.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I AM ...

(Watched Twilight for the 2nd time and
now am in love more than ever hihihi~)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life is Drama

It's funny how one minute you're sitting in the car, happily singing along to your favorite tunes on the radio. And laughing at each other when you got the lyrics completely wrong. And suddenly the next minute you're sitting there with a cold, bitter, deafening silence. Oh well, life is such a drama.

Favorite past time at the moment? Googling all news related to the movie-making of Twilight saga hehe. There are a lot of obsessive (wayyy more than me ok) and psycho fans out there, it's funny, seriously! And will someone decide on who's gonna play Jacob Black already? Poor's not his fault that he's too cute okay?

Am in the mood of listening to some of the latest songs by Butterfingers right now - mereka kata ku samseng, tapi ku tak ambil pusing, pedulikan semua, fikir apa yang penting...

Finally, after almost one-month hiatus, futsal is on again today yeay. Maybe some sweating and screaming will help to make me be in a better mood.

Our WWR trip is canceled due to the raining season. Alaa...all of us dah excited to konvoi beramai2 and all. But better be safe than sorry huh?

Two more days of working, then will be off, leaving all these CRAPola behind wooohooo! See you all next year suckaaaaa~

And ohhh, am missing little niece very much.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch List

Okay, just finished watching the latest season of Desperate Housewives and mannn...I just realized that the grown-up version of Porter and Preston Scavo - played by Max & Charles Carver - are totally HOT! They're like the boyish version of Matt Damon, sgt cute!

Pretty hot huh? Hehe

Also seen recently: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

The verdict? I didn't read the book, but the movie's kinda boring and soo predictable. I'm sure there were a lot more bad things done by the main character (Sidney Young), hence the title lah kan. But somehow they failed to portray that in the movie. And Megan Fox? I'm sorry but she's just another pretty face who can't really act.

I also watched: Eagle Eye - hello Shia dearie hehe.

This is the typical fast-paced, action-packed movie which is definitely his style. The storyline's quite interesting jugaklaa - how too much of technology can bring more harm than good to humankind. They tried to make Shia looked all macho and more adult-looking by giving him beard and stuff, but somehow to me he still looks like a young teenage boy. The attraction between him and Michelle Monaghan seemed more like a crime haha!

I know it looks like I watch way too much TV, but hey I do some other stuff too. We've got a house on renovation, an apartment which needs to be tenant-ready, and a whole lot of packing to do. So a lot of mess going on there. I'm just too lazy and too tired to talk about it. Maybe next timelah.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good TV

Watch THIS:

It's been a long time since a TV show was able to make me laugh my ass off tahap naga sampai terguling-guling. Most of the time, all it can get out of me is just a chuckle or two jelah.

But last night, SRB and I laughed & laughed & laughed soooo hard, that our stomach hurt so bad (I think I can still feel the cramp till now haha) and actual tears came out mannn. This is just one of those funny moments that even thinking about it makes you wanna laugh no matter where you are.

'How I Met Your Mother' is just legend...wait for it...daryyyy hahaha!

Aaahhh...I LOVE good TV~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aidil Adha

Spent the beginning of our weekend packing and cleaning the apt. Penat giler, I hate moving argh. Our place Iooks a bit empty and sort of 'clear' now and I LOVE it! Minimalism is the way to go man! Why didn't we think of it while living here all these while babe? Sheesshh rugi betul...

The rest of the long weekend was spent eating, sleeping, watching 'How I Met Your Mother' marathon and eating some more. Heaven gile dude!

Had a BBQ party with the family on the eve of Aidil Adha. As usual, ikan bakar with kuah asam was among the favourite menu - sampai hari ni tangan aku still bau belacan haha! Entertained ourselves by comparing creative ringing tones with the cousins, some of them are seriously hilarious tak tipu. Manelaa budak2 ni dapat, resourceful betul. And also watching a cousin did some 'shuffle dance' kehkehkeh! Do you know that the dance is kinda famous among kids and teenagers nowadays? My standard-five cousin immediately requested me to post his 'shuffle' video to youtube as soon as I finished recording it. Tak sabar nak tunjuk kawan2 lah tu. Ish ish ish budak2 zaman sekarang hehe. Ni yang aku terasa tua ni muahaha!

Come Aidil Adha, we makan lagi
with pot luck food brought over by the aunties and uncles. An uncle from Johor cooked beriyani kambing yg sangat sedap sampai my mom awal2 dah booked him for little Khayra's aqiqah in January haha.

So now you understand how I become a fat ass huh? At this rate, who wouldn't? Hehe.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Caterpillar

Ok ok, I don't wanna be one of those kid-obsessed bloggers coz heck, I don't even have one of my own yet pun, but I just couldn't resist THIS cute little 'caterpillar' - my niece:

Kiut miut, aku rase nak gigit hihiks. But now she's gone to Tganu for her mom's pantang. Alaaaa jauhnye. Have to wait after Christmas baru can see her again =(.

Ok, obsession stops now (jangan benci aku Pitissss hehe).