Friday, January 30, 2009

The Latest Casualty

One of the PMs in my dept had decided to leave the company after 5+ years of service (in this company, 5+ years = forever haha) and yesterday was his last day in this "awesome" building hehe. He's the one responsible for making us work on weekend nights, messing up our sleep routines and turning us into a bunch of crazy, bubbling zombies. Just kidding...he's one of the good people to leave so it's considered a casualty jugaklah to us =(

My zombie buddies

As usual, we all kumpul duit to buy those resigning a gift - which selalunya will be a set of Parker or Sheaffer pen with their names engraved on it. Okay aa tu kan. Come to think of it, since they got better offer out there, they are the ones who should give us a treat man hehe!
Ok ok, he did belanja us lunch yesterday, so it's all good kehkehkeh~

So to Mr. A, selamba ditch kitorang to kerja malam2 sendiri cisssss! All the best dude~

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pondok Bujang No More

Went to Villa Putera last Monday to pick up our remaining stuff and to perform the very last check-up before handing it over to our tenant on Wednesday chewahhh. The place looked clean (thanks partly to mom-in-law) and new (thanks to father-in-law who helped paint the walls) and sooo tenant-ready and somehow, it felt like some sort of achievement. Suddenly rase cam sayang plak nak kasi org lain duduk.

Since we're renting the condo as semi-furnished (although by now, I think it can be considered as fully-furnished dah actually), had to keep a list of every single thing we prepared for the tenant. Also took some pictures, you know, just in case we need 'before-and-after' pictures for evidence ke later wakakaka!

So, Dear Tenant...this is how we remember the place before you turn it into your home.

Hopefully, everything will still look almost the same by the end of your tenancy. Do take care of it as if it's your own.

Mannn...I'm missing our 'pondok bujang' already isk isk isk.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Movie Night

Went to watch 'Bedtime Stories' starring Adam Sandler last night.

After a looong, tiring day (in fact, I think it's been weeksss) of cleaning and tidying up the house, we just wanted to relax, have a normal life and watch movies that can make us laugh like there's no tomorrow. And this movie was H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S - unlike the slapstic 'Don't Mess with the Zohan' at all. Awesome movie night babe!

Now am really really really looking forward to Pink Panther 2!!!

Saw the trailer and whoa the gorgeous Aishwarya Rai is in the movie as well! Since GSC Summit is just like 5-minute-drive away from home, watching a midnight show on working days will not gonna be a problem yeayyy hehe.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Doa Selamat

Had a small kenduri doa selamat on Sunday night with the family, to sort of build a 'pendinding' to the new house with Surah Yasin and hundreds of Ayat Kursi. The in-laws also came to join in the fun. When the Chinese were busy having yam seng dinner with their families, we're also having our own version of yam seng dinner hehe.

Cooked ayam paprik, some sayur campur and pasta goreng coz aunties dah bising nak rasa my 'air tangan' hehe. Awal2 lagi dah pesan - no outsourcing to Mama yee? Cissss! But I made it! It was my first time cooking at the new house (previously before our new fridge arrived, all makan2 sessions were at mom's house hihi), and I berjaya cooked for more or less 30 pax fuuhh. Mom and mom-in-law also brought some food to add variety to our menu that night. Sampai tak muat mejalah jugak hehe.

Since most of the family were there that night, cousins took the opportunity to surprise their mom,
who turned 43 last week, with Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence Cake (sedap gilerrrr, lame tak makan). Suprise berjaya jugaklah coz aunt said she has no idea they forked out money to buy her a cake aaawwww so sweeett~

And now, sakit badan like crazy adoiiii. Next house-warming with friends, we're definitely gonna get caterer mannnn!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Another one down

Last Friday, me and the girls curi tulang a bit and went off from work earlier than we're supposed to hehe. Rushed back to USJ, makan goreng pisang and got ready to go to Eejay's nikah ceremony. Majlis akad nikah is my favourite part of a wedding, so was really looking forward to go all 'aaawwww' and 'waaahhh' with the girls. And 'waahhh' indeed! Eejay babe, you looked GORGEOUS that night period.

The next day, reception on the bride's side. Met some tkcians as usual, was asked the bonus question as usual, SRB performed his duty as the unofficial-photographer-in-charge-in-a-wedding for us as usual hehe. Everything was beautiful, I might be a bit biased coz I LOVE purple too hehe.

Congrats Eejay & Rudy! May you live happily ever after...aminnn.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


What excites me at the moment? Hmm...

The crying-clown make-up on Lan in AJL 23 was just cooler than cool dude!

Robert Pattinson's new haircut - I likeeeee!
Previously his hair was kinda a mess.

I suddenly have the hots for Ewan McGregor oolala~
Must go find 'A Life Less Ordinary' and watch it tonight!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

All About Khayra

The family held a little majlis aqiqah for the one and only cucu in the house yesterday. Since we usually do in-house cooking for small kenduri-kendara (besides weddinglah, gile ke), all of us had our hands full last weekend. Sakit pinggang I tell ya! All for baby Khayra tersayang hehe.

Baby Khayra was being soo baik by sleeping through most of the proses potong jambul. Well, as long as someone's holding her tight, she can fall asleep easily anyway. Manja betul anak buahku ini hihi!

And of course, it's only natural that almost every other guest posted the bonus question to me lah kan - when are we gonna procreate hehe (I bet most of you readers have been wondering about the same thing too hahaha). Takpe, I'll make them as part of doa I guess. Dad got my back and answered "Takpelah...diorang tengah seronok hidup berdua tu. Bagi dia enjoy dulu." Thanks Bah! You really spoke my mind =)

Anyway, as requested are some pics. Kak Ina tak sempat nak amek banyak sgt gambar sebab busy giler keluar masuk dapur beb.


Marhaban continues

Potong jambul

Friends and families

Khayra when it's all over

Last but not least...gambar syok sendiri hehe

Friday, January 16, 2009

PDA Alert

To that special someone...

For the past couple of months, throughout our journey of building a home together, we argued and disagreed on a LOT of stuff. There were many, oh-so-many times when you thought I was ridiculous, and I thought your suggestions were just plain stupid hehe.

But whatever it is, please know that...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I want to remember these while everything is still clean, shiny and new. And before the place starts to 'menyemak' with things we buy but don't really need hehe. Few months from now, God knows how the place will look like ahaha!

On a another note, Taylor is STILL Jacob Black in New Moon wooohooooo!!!! You better buff up good dude, coz I'm still on your team =p. And Vanessa Hudgens (possibly) as Leah Clearwater *BARF*? Let it not be true, please?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Settled Down

We are officially unpacked wooohooo! Not a single box left anymore yeayyy! My whole body ached like crazy, I would KILL for a whole day of massage session right now.

Welcome to our humble crib y'all!

Now gotta focus to baby Khayra pulak coz we'll be celebrating her this weekend. Someone's getting her first haircut, a.k.a potong jambul daaaa hehehe.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Tenant

Looks like we got ourselves a tenant, Alhamdulillah. I really hope we won't be having any landlord vs. tenant drama like so many other stories I've heard from friends and family. Kinda glad also that the tenant and family will be staying at the condo on business-trip basis. So they won't be staying there like ALL the time. Hence, less mess and less vandalism, hopefully.

Since we're renting out the place as semi-furnished, we had to leave some of our furniture/electrical appliances behind and even buy some new ones for the tenant. But one of us yg extra baik sgt ni (you guess who it is lah haha), offered to "prepare whatever you think you need to be in the house". So now they're asking for few more extra, extra things but with the same rent GGRRRRRR.

Heard the saying, "nice guys finish last"? Boy, I do hope that's just bullshit mannn!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pagi yang gelap, Kini sudah terang

I'm soo exhausted I can't even speak *sigh*. I see boxes still lying around the house and I just went speechless ngaaaa! Wish I'm still on leave for at least another week so I can clean everything up, big-bang style haha.

Last night marked the first night we slept in the new home, on our own sweet bed. What a relief!

Been going to work from USJ for a couple of days now. Have to make sure we leave the house before hari terang though, to avoid the infamous Subang Jaya's traffic jam.

So far so good. Bahagianyaaaa ade orang hantar and jemput balik keje everyday ni hihihi. SRB's still on leave till Thursday, so in the meantime, he has to be my beloved driver lorrr - send me to work every morning (as a practice hehe), pack and send whatever crap we have left in the apt to the new crib, then come pick me up after work. Bile lagi nak pamper saye kannnn...lalalala. Ok ok, I promise to help you angkat our super heavy TV tu nanti, don't worry babe =p

Will show you (those interested jelaa hehe) pictures of the new home that I can actually called mine, Alhamdulillah, after most the furniture are here lah ye. Right now the place still 'bergema' lagi coz it's quite empty hehe.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here Comes 2009

The first entry for the brand new year of 2009 wow! I didn't think I could last this long when I first decided to start blogging. Bravo to self for this tiny little accomplishment. Tak sempat to write down my recollection of 2008 before 2009 quickly came. But I'll make sure to do that later coz I want to remember all the important things, all the 'firsts' that happened in 2008.

So how did we spend New Year's Eve last night? Usually, just for fun, we'd go to places where they had concerts and fireworks display - KLCC, Dataran Merdeka, The Curve, Putrajaya. etc. But our energy is pretty much used up this December 2008 due to house renovation & moving activities, so we decided to just lepak at home, snuggle in front of the TV watching Ladder 49 - SRB's movie choice. I wanted to watch Cheaper by the Dozen 2 cisss.

We got to see some fireworks from a distance though, I guess that's good enough. Come to think of it, I didn't know why we even bothered to go to all those crowded places, filled with smelly & sweaty people be
fore just to see a 15-minute fireworks display. Darah muda kot mase tu haha! Now I just feel OLD daanggg!

New Year's resolutions? As usual just like every year hehe, number 1 is to lose weight hihi. Number 2, to try and change the way I dress & pakai tudung - nak try pakai tudung with 'kubah keras' (as the girls call it) and tudung lilit2 plak hehe. The rest of my resolutions, well...they're too private to be discussed here =p

Aight, we're off to ship yet another batch of boxes to the new home. Aaaaa I dunno how we accumulate all this stuff, padahal I think we had quite a simple, bujang life jek while living here iskk.

Happy New Year 2009 everybody!
May 2009 be the year where your dreams shall
flourish and hopefully become reality...Insya Allah~