Monday, June 30, 2008


Too much curry, too much Nasi Lemak, too much fried food, too much acidic food and too much very very pedas food for the past week. All due to lunch group to bid farewell to colleague resigning, anniversary celebration (who in their right mind would want to eat just salad on wedding anniversary, you tell me?!), lil brother coming back from oversea hence food food and food available at all time at home and also due to just plain 'makan ikut nafsu' occasions hehe.

I've decided to detox myself via the traditional method - fasting. Am fasting today and hopefully for the rest of the week ngaaaaaa.

Hence must refrain self from bitching about stuffs hehe. Must focus on positive feelings, positive remarks, positive outlook ngaaaaaa.

Friday, June 27, 2008


Planned to go to Tioman on 5th-7th July, but due to the "wrong timing", it has to be postponed to 12th-14th July. Arrrgghhh BUGGER!!!!! I hope boss would lemme have the 1 day leave even though the date is near to our execution. Ok I refuse to think about the possibility of my boss rejecting my leave application. Can't wait for tonight though!

We're having 'The Celebration' yeayyy!

And lil brother is coming home from UK and his Euro 2008 trip. Double yeayyy!

Happy Friday people~

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Warning: I will sound like a total snobbish, obnoxious bimbo for what I'm about to write, but I'm willing to sacrifice my dignity coz it still need to be said hehe.

This morning SRB had to go to work very early, like 6am early, so memang there's no waylah I'm gonna follow him. Sorry babe, you know I'm not a morning person hehe. I asked him to take the car coz I'm too lazy to drive nowadays and told him I would take a cab to work instead.

Went down to the lobby
and saw there were already like 2 groups of people before me waiting for cabs oh shitesss. After about 15 mins of waiting, satu bayang taxi pon tak nampak. So it's time to give up and move on to the next option - the trains. I decided against taking STAR LRT coz I know transit to PUTRA LRT at Masjid Jamek is gonna be brutal. My plan was to take commuter to Kuala Lumpur Station and change to PUTRA LRT in Pasar Seni instead. I honestly thought that not many people are taking the commuter because of its notorious 'lembab'ness but I was very WRONG indeed!

The train was jammed pack more than tin sardin ok and seriously I could not breathe! Tu nasib baik it was morning, so people tak busuk sgt lagi hahaha but still, suffocating giler. Dahlah people in the train refused to move and give way to incoming passengers sheeeshhh!!! Then I dunno, I think the train driver decided to play around with us by yanking the emergency brake on each station that most of us who were standing terumbang-ambing mcm kartun ok. People (including me) had to hold on to strangers to prevent themselves from falling urgghh grosss. Stupid driver! Thank God KL Station is just 2 stations away from my place.

Then I had to cross jejantas and one busy road from the commuter station to Pasar Seni LRT station - by that time dah berpeluh sikit2 dah. Dahlah pakai baju kurung today. But I was glad that I'm into flat shoes nowadays so no need to panjat tangga and all with heels.

I thought at 8.30ish am, there'd be fewer people in Pasar Seni LRT station and the train would be less packed, but again...I thought WRONG! I let 2 trains passed coz tak sanggup nak menyelit2 dah. But I guess the next train would still be the same so 3rd train masuk jugaklah. At least the air-con was fully functioning so it made the 'himpit2' process tolerable a bit. At Masjid Jamek station, pergghh panjang gile the queue, so more himpit2 happening there adoiii.

Finally when I got out at KLCC station, I seriously thought of jumping up and down coz at last, I was out of the miseryyyy fuhhhh and yeayyy!

So this is what Ms. F meant when she said she had to 'bertarung nyawa' pegi keja everyday via train hehe. I totally SALUTE all of you who are able to go through that everyday. This is the first time I took train to work after the longest time and boy, I'm traumatized! Maybe it's worse now that the oil price has been increased.

Whatever it is, the government better be darn sure to use all those extra money to improve public transportation! At times like these, I don't think people can stand having dysfunction trains and what not.

Dear, please don't go back so late today and pick me up after work!!! Huwaaaaa!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Arrrggghhhh PRESSURE!!!!!
To hell with work and everything!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Still Standing

We made it!
Happy Anniversary dearie =)
You know my love for you is BOTTOMLESS.
Here's to our first and to forever...Insya Allah.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

He's Just Not That Into You

I dunno why exactly I read this book since I already found The One. But I was kinda intrigued when a colleague told me how this book has helped her went through a 5-year-relationship breakup (yesss, the guy is an asshole!) and some of the excerpts she shared were actually kinda true facts about men.

I actually started to get all emotional (with a bit of swearing hehe) about men and their "brilliant crafts" on women when we're discussing this book. Oh well...I guess I've been hanging out with single women too much lately hehe (I feel you, girls. I was once there too).

Plus, there's a movie coming out which is based on this book and somehow I like reading books that I know will be turned into a movie hehe.

One of the writers of this non-fiction book (Greg Behrendt) is a consultant for Sex and the City and I LOVE him coz he's a straightforward, no-bullshit kinda guy and he's pretty funny! I also love that he's got a very conventional stand on relationships and marriages (for a mat salleh, I think that is very rare hehe). He truly believes that all us women are so great and fabulous in our own way that we deserve only the best in life.

I think all single women out there who just had a nasty breakup and feel like it's the end of the world should definitely have this book. It will change your outlook on love and self-worth, really. And to all women who are currently 'out in the field', in search for the love of their lives, should also have this book as a guidance to differetiate between The One and The Crappy One. As Greg would say, don't waste the pretty!

- He's just not that into you if he's not calling you. Men know how to use the phone. Don't you want the guy who'll forget about all the other things in his life before he forgets you?" -

- Sadly (and most embarrassingly), men would rather lose an arm out of a city bus window than tell you simply, "You're not the one." –

- To girls who tend to be attracted to bad boys, take it from a former bad boy: Bad boys are bad because they're troubled, as in having little self-respect, lots of pent-up anger, loads of self-loathing, complete lack of faith in any kind of loving relationship, but yes, with really cool clothes and often a great car. So beware. –

- There will never be a good time, financially to get married unless you're Shaq or Ray Romano. But somehow people manage. If your man is using money as an excuse not to marry you, it's your relationship that's insecure, not his bank account. -

- I believe in love the verb, not the noun. –

- You already have one asshole. You don't need another one. -

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh Cherating...

Whenever I'm feeling suffocated or stressed out about the crappiness of work, I'll start thinking of how much I'm in need of a vacation. Then I'll start to browse old percutian pictures and feel even more desperate for a vacation, far far away from this part of life. And then all those wishful thinking will quickly start flooding my mind..all those "kan best kalau..." arrgghh! And for me, this happens every month hehe mengada tak. Does this happen to you often too? It's only right for you to look back on fun, happy memories once in a while so you can be reminded of how un'sucky' your life actually is kan?

Whatever it is, I am feeling all that now. Enough of all this rat race madness lah! I want to be a sloth for a while and put my brain to rest so it doesn't have to think or care about anything at all.

I'm looking back at our impromptu Impiana Cherating getaway last year, but feels like it happened ages ago already. *sigh*

The waves

The swing swing

The blue sky - gorgeous!
The calmness
The soothing candles
The beauty of our culture 1
The beauty of our culture 2
The beauty of...well, this is just SRB pura2
tak tau how lempeng tastes like hahaha!

I want to go again!

Brothers & Sisters

Jason McCallister: You're an idiot, d'you know that?
Kevin Walker: Yeah, I know. But I'm YOUR idiot =)

Now, how CUTE is that?! cairrrrr! I know, I know. They're a gay couple so it's ewww yucks whatever. But I still think those lines are so simple yet soooo sweeeeet aku rase nak gigit die! So even if a heterosexual couple are saying it to each other, I would still find it totally comel and it deserves a BIG awwwwww. Hehe...jiwang sekejap. (SRB, you cannot use that line coz itu sgt meniru ok? Be original and find your own lines babe hahaha!)

I am in love with Brothers & Sisters right now that I started watching their Season 2 clips in YouTube again and again. Seriously, the scriptwriting is sooo good, they deserve a gazillion awards. Sally Field's acting is also damn great that I NEVER fail to cry at the end of each episode. But I still scream and shout in disgust here and there jugaklaa during their mildly obscene gay scenes hehe.

On another note, a big shoutout to Mr. Bon - WELCOME BACK DUDE! Gotta say, seeing you again reminds me of those times when Kirah and I came to LA and crashed at your place. And those times when you used to be my 'driver' who even sent home my laundry from Uniten hahah kejam gile! How awesome and crazy it was to be kids ey? Good times, good times.

Aite...the new, permanent "driver" is already downstairs hehe. Laytahhhh~

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lazy Saturday

Think I'm having a headache for being a lazy ass today...but aaaahhhh best gile being a bunch of couch potatoes once in a while. We had a long, tiring week so this weekend we just wanna stay dormant hehe. Plus my shin tgh bengkak which will turn into a bluish + purplish bruise soon, so not really in the mood of going out.

The futsal tournament didn't have a good start yesterday. Ampang Sports Planet had a blackout that lasted for almost 2 hours. We had to wait till 10pm for the power to be restored back. Memang what the hell aa kan. Our goalie memang dah gave up and went home before the game.

Apparently, there have been a few series of blackouts there lately. And I was kinda pissed off with the Sports Planet management. You've got a steady income from the endless demand of court rentals right? And if
you use some of that money to upgrade or maintain the place betul2, things like these wouldn't have happened!

Anyway, GASTRO UTD didn't win the tourney that night. Kelakar gile, in the first game our bidan-terjun goalie was given a red card for touching the ball outside the D twice. Obviously she tak sengajalaa and all of us were so dumbstruck that we actually got a real red card haha! Dahlaa the ref showed the card dgn penuh perasaan and sgt emo - as if we're in a national championship or something. Rilekslah pakcik! After that, I had to be the goalie for a bit. Nasib baik takde yg bolos. In fact, during the whole tournament memang tak bolos langsung. Good job team!!!

We only made it till the quarter final and lost by penalty shoot out. Goddd...I hate penalties. We didn't even practiced on that pon. Lupa plak hehe. But I had a good time screaming for the team from the side mase penalty kick tu.

Despite the loss, I enjoyed myself and I think everyone showed a great sportsmanship throughout the tournament (since there was no girl-on-girl cat fight whatsoever hehe). So pat yourself in the back girls!

Now...back to the warm couch again hehe~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gol & Gincu

Life has been hectic. I hate to bring work home, but lately has been working like crazy up till midnight. 24 hours just seem not enough anymore. Tak bagos utk kesihatan, I know.

Fortunately, I've got my Wednesday futsal as the source of proses pembakaran lemak and maintaining physical fitness jugaklaa chewahhh. Had a 2-hour training with the team and coach semalam. And my body is sooo sore today but it feels sooo good to sweat my ass off. the spirit of Euro 2008 (go Portugal!), we're joining a tournament in Ampang Sports Planet tomorrow. It was supposed to be a MINI tournament but now I heard that 10-11 teams are joining. WTF?! Takotsnye! But we'll try our bestlah, no pressure to win pon.

Also, somehow, somewhere, my geoscientist friends chose to name our team GASTRO UTD. I don't know what the hell that means, must be some fancy geological term, but who cares? I just wanna play ball man! Hehe.

To those of you who's free tomorrow night, come to Ampang Sports Planet, from 9pm-11pm and scream your support for my team okeh? And oh, we'll be wearing neon green jerseys. Yes, the one yg mcm kaler polis trafik tu. Impossible not to notice hehe. Again, not my fault - majority of my team chose the color =p

So come come all of you! It's gonna be another Gol & Gincu drama yooo! Wakaka! Okay you can go barf now hehe...and wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hey YOU!

I want YOU to know that YOU are my
LEAST favorite person on earth right now!!!
So stay the HECK away or I'll freakin' kill YOU ok?!!!

P/S: This is my space to rant, so I can write whatever cryptic
message I want without needing to explain, capiche??!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


Be prepared for some mystic and kung fu-ey awesomeness!
This movie is super hilarious, it's mind-blowing!
You definitely NEED to watch it.
Jack Black, you're so much more than awesome mannn...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Swim & Splash

Since we got married and moved to Villa Putera, it's sort of becoming a routine for my aunts, uncles and little cousins to come here on school holidays to have some splash and fun in the swimming pool. The last time they came, we had a pot-luck BBQ by the pool with some home-made chicken marinade (my very own 'hantam sajalah' recipe but tak sangka jadi sedap muahahaha!). But this time the plan was kinda last minute, so no home-made recipe whatsoever, just the old original recipe from KFC hehe.

The funny thing was, this time all of them decided to come via the commuter train coz takut sesat carik jalan to our place and to have the first ever experience of riding the commuter hehe. Macam kelakar plak excited nak naik komuter ahaks!

At around 8-ish AM I was awaken by an sms from my aunt saying they're arriving very soon and oh shooot, SRB was still snoring muahahaha! It's weekend maa, what do you expect kan?
Luckily my aunties brought some nasi lemak and mee goreng for breakfast, so no need to panic to find breakfast for everyone =p

So the kids (cheewahhh macam aku ni tua sangatlah kan haha) berendam in the pool while the rest of us chilled under a white tent, enjoying the breakfast, baca paper sambil borak2. Gotta tell ya, the only time we come down to this pool is when they're here. If not, memang takdelah. Inilah dinamakan 'taking things for granted' kot hehe. My 4-year-old cousin tu even said that dia nak sewa rumah kat sini coz she wants to mandi swimming pool everyday. Pandaiiiii...

Mom also dropped by to send us some dessert, on her way to kenduri kawin. Around noon, went to The Mall to buy KFC for all of us and when we got back, the kids still refused to come out off the pool. Here are the biggest contender for staying in the water for the longest time:

Hehe bila tangan dah kecut2 and bibir dah biru sebab sejuk sgt, baru finally they got out and changed clothes. After that, off they went to Subang Jaya from the train station right in front of our place. I bet those kids will sleep through the whole journey back.

So now, we're off to IKEA for some window-shopping (hopefully it will maintain as window-shoppinglah hehe).

Thai Feast

Had the belated birthday dinner with dear SRB last night at Amarin Heavenly Thai restaurant in Midvalley. This place is one of the Sea Cuisine chain restaurants which also include Bangkok Jazz, Bangkok Jam, Basil and even Thai Accent (the place we went to eat in Vivo City, Spore previously).

Taken from

Since we've been to a number of Thai restaurants under the same chain and were very satisfied with the service, food as well as ambiance, we've decided to give Amarin a try and hoped that it could live up to the quality of its brothers and sisters restaurants.

Ordered their seafood tomyam, stir-fried chicken with basil leaves, fried cuttlefish and kerabu mangga. Also had steamed tapioca with coconut milk and sagu for dessert.

The verdict? I absolutely LOVE the food! The tomyam - a bit pedas but totally yummy! Just the right amount of masin, manis and masam. LOVE IT! The chicken, cuttlefish and kerabu mangga - delicious! But the best of all was the sweet tapioca with coconut milk - very menjilat jari! Macam 'high' sikit eating it hehe coz it's sooo sedap I can't really describe it. Would totally come back again just to eat this dessert.

The service was also quite good - the waiter was very polite and we didn't have to wait that long for our food. The restaurant also offers
quite cozy/romantic setting with some authentic Thai decorations.

All in all, it was a great dinner with a great companion and great conversation. I highly recommend you to come here if you are craving for some Thai feast.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Diary of a Stressed Out B*tch

So everybody now knows that the oil price will be
officially hiked up to RM2.70/liter starting tomorrow. And it has caused some kind of horrible traffic jam chain-reaction, it was fucking crazyyyy!!!! Everybody is sooo bloody selfish to save up RM30-RM40 and starts to himpit2 and block the road just so they can fill up their gas before midnight. I mean, come on people! I don't fucking care if the world is in a damn crisis or what, but yellow box IS a fucking yellow box okay?? Back up your damn car and get out of the way! And YOU who drives a 6-series BMW, what the fuck do you care about saving up RM50 on fuel??? Are you kidding me?!! Do you have amnesia and forgot how much you spent on your car in the first place or do you just wanna irritate the hell out of me for RM50?!! S.T.U.P.I.D I tell ya!

I know I was among those people who immediately alerted her friends and families on the news, but you know what? Now that SRB has helped me to understand the bigger picture, we refused to succumb and join this refueling-before-midnight MADNESS!!! You people are too selfish, you don't even care that you're causing inconvenience to other people! You makan jalan, you himpit to cut queue, you stop in the middle of a simpang-empat traffic light just so you can move an inch in the queue. A freaking inch!!! Unfuckingbelievable~

Don't you think queuing up the long line will also cost you money? Don't you think you can also save up money from some other things (i.e. cut down on having meals in Dome, buying cups and cups of Starbucks or even shopping for the 100th pair of shoes!) and the amount will actually be the same as what you try to save from refilling your gas by end of today? This is not like rokok naik harga and you buy sejuta kotak rokok today so you can avoid buying rokok tomorrow with higher price. This is car fuel and the max you can buy today just depends on how big your tank is, which definitely not gonna last that long anyway. It is inevitable - you will need to fill up your gas again with the new, higher price tomorrow or days after!

So just embrace the fact that we are now living in a freaking ridiculous world where everything is ridiculously expensive and bitch about it to your friends or to your loved ones or in your fancy blog. And stop causing traffic jams!!!!

'Nuff said.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Weekend Wedding

It's the school holiday now, which also means it's the peak of wedding season too. You can see little signboards with bunga manggar terpacak at almost all junctions and colorful canopies blocking almost all roads in taman perumahan.

If this doesn't show that it is indeed the
wedding season, I dunno what does haha!

We also have our fair share of wedding invitations this time around, but unfortunately can only make it to just a few and priorities are of course given to close relatives, then only friends. Oh well...

So on Saturday, we headed to Kuala Pilah for SRB's cousin's wedding around 10-ish AM. Driving through Bukit Putus yg berbelit and bergaung was quite challenging especially if you're stuck behind the super heavy-weight lorries and buses. (Can't they make a rule for 'kenderaan berat' not to be on the road during school holidays the same as they do during Raya?).

While we're searching for a place to eat dinner that night, we came across this:

See, I have seen people wearing 'Cafe Batu Keras' (a.k.a Hard Rock Cafe) T-Shirts for quite a number of times but have yet to see the real cafe bearing this name, until now hehe. It's actually a 2-in-1 shop where they sell landscaping stuff (pasu, statues, etc) and also lauk-pauk Melayu. You can enjoy your food sitting under a shady hut or duduk bersila on a wooden plank, surrounded by mini waterfall and mini kolam. It's quite cozy actually with the suasana kampung and all, but they don't serve tomyam (how can they not?!!). So, we cancel lah to eat there hehe.

Sunday, went to Kelana Jaya for my cousin's wedding pulak. I just realized how big her house is when I saw that they managed to pasang 8 big canopies inside her halaman rumah hebats! No need to block the road at all, leaving ample space for people to park. When we got married, we had to use the padang for our canopies and they used their halaman rumah sahaja? Seriously, for me that IS big.

Anyway, congratulations to all brides and grooms! Let's raise our glasses to all the lovely couples and to the beginning of the beautiful adventure they are about to embark together. Cheers~

Birthday Boy

The biggest birthday shout out today goes to SRB y'all!
Please be reminded that you are 27 this year dear, not 28.
Don't grow up too fast babe, I won't be able to catch up =p.
Happy birthday my dearest!

Birthday boy looking so cheeky hehe

Too bad you're going offshore today.
No worries, I'll be waiting for you on Wednesday
with arms wide open and we'll celebrate then =)