Monday, August 24, 2009

Selamat Berpuasa

Selamat berpuasa everyone!

The first weekend of puasa this year has been quite tiring coz somehow my 'mengemas mood' suddenly took control so I cleaned, moved some stuff into the store, rearranged the furniture in the house, etc all by myself coz dear husband had to go to the office for his weekend duty. Masa tak puasa, boleh makan minum semua takmo buat. Time2 tekak kering tu jugaklah nak angkat2 semua barang kan hehehe. I am excited to sort of prepare the house for raya, even bought the little pelita stands already hihihi. Is it too early to light up the pelita now? =p

Our first sahur this year was at mom's house and first buka puasa was at the in-laws. On the way back to KL from Seremban, dropped by Nilai 3 di tengah hari panas terik to buy more deco items to be stuffed into the house. What to do...once the 'Deco Bersama Eric' punya mood datang, memang semua nak beli hehe.

Thanks for bearing with me and tolong angkat carpet time2 puasa dear =). I'll surely miss yah when you're off to Houston next week huwaaaaa!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009


I've been watching the latest season of One Tree Hill for the past few weeks (yeah I know, this series is still around? Unbelievable!) and I just gotta say...I AM IN LOVE with Julian Baker - played by Austin Nichols!!!

He kinda looks like the younger version of McSteamy kan?

I am definitely rooting for him and Brooke Davis. Brooke + Julian = Brulian foreverrrr hahaha! Okay, I found out about this Brulian thingy from YouTube, so please don't think that I came up with the lame moniker hehe.

And I heard that Lucas + Peyton are not gonna be in the next Season 7, YESSSS! I'm sick of their love drama anyway. Let's explore Brulian's love drama plak yeehaaa~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Oh Awana!

Had a small break from work by lazying around Awana Kijal past couple of days. For most people who works or ever worked in Oil & Gas industry in Malaysia, Awana Kijal is like mehhh. Almost everybody stays here when they go for meetings, trainings, seminars in the east coast region.

Anyhow, it was my first time there. It's not much, just a hotel by the beach, but it was exactly what I needed during this stressful time. You know me and beaches are great buddies - we enjoy each other's company very much chewahhh.

After having Tganu's traditional nasi dagang for breakfast, I headed straight to the beach to finish up Maeve Binchy's Scarlet Feather (thanks again for the book Aida!) and as I mentioned before, to chillax my ass off hehe. Listening to the sound of waves and seeing the vastness of the ocean always bring me a feeling of serenity and peaceful joy. And time seemed to move sooo slow there, I just didn't want to leave EVER.

When it's noon and the sun was getting more fierce, I moved and parked myself under the shady coconut trees at the nearby pool instead. Saya bukanlah mat salleh yang nak sangat tan gile babeng...tangan saya ni sudah cukup berbelang dan hitam, thank you very much.

Wished I didn't have to come back to KL *looking at the beach pictures with a longing look...sigh*

And now...snaps back to reality, oh there goes gravity better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you own it, you better never let it go! Hehehe tiba-tiba lagu Eminem plak =p

Monday, August 10, 2009

Work is a Bi*tch

After one year of working on my current project, I am finally starting to REALLY hate working on sleepless weekends, and I really mean sleep-less okkk. I just couldn't stand it anymore! I am tired of feeling tired and I am tired of having throbbing headaches due to lack of zzzz. And nowadays, we don't even get to take time-off on Mondays (or ever!) coz there will always be unresolved, urgent issues that require follow-up on the next working day. So the headache stays on till the end of the week coz you don't get the chance to rest properly and qada' tido. And then without you realizing it, bam! the week ends and you have to do it all over again arrghhhh!!!

And no offense, but please spare me the mothers-of-newborn-babies-do-this-all-the-time speech okay? I mean, on the losing sleep bit lah. At least they are doing it for people they love and get rewarded with priceless little gifts like, I dunno, the babies' sweet smiles or their first laughs, first words or something like that - you get the drill.

But what about us - the corporate slaves? Do we really get rewarded with say, extra extra allowance or HUGE bonuses or free vacations? Heck NO!

We're asked to spend sooo much time working that all we get in return are deteriorating health and ever-decreasing social circle! Okay fine, Facebook helps a little in the social-networking part, but you know what, virtual friends don't really count haha!

And when you request for some time-out so you can go somewhere remote, enjoy the nature and be sane again, suddenly they start asking you to submit work that's not really due till 3-4 months from now. WTF?! As I said, work is such a bi*tch!

So if I tell you that I want to take a couple of days off to chillax, quietly read books by the beach or the pool at the free hotel which my husband is staying for his work thingy, you better be sure to back off and not guilt me into doing any more work or I am REALLY gonna lose it!

Do I sound emotional? PMS maybe? NOPE. Women are allowed to be angry you know, without people blaming it on hormones.

P/S: Dear, don't forget to wait for me at the airport kay? I am a bit nervous of flying on a relatively small commercial plane, alone hehe =p

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Futsal Datang Lagiiii!

My regular Wednesday's futsal session has been invaded by some 'trespassers', it's just not fun anymore. So, me and a friend decided to form another team so we can play with no rules, no pressure, no questions asked hehe. Siapa lagi kalau bukan playing with the crazy officemates hahaha.

Yesterday was our first session together and it seems like everyone had a really great time that they want it to be a weekly activity yeayyy! Majulah sukan untuk negara woohoo~

Of course, main mixed with guys memang semput giler and what made it worse was the 'ketawa pecah perut' part. Serious perut memang cramp tapi syok giler!

It was all in a day's fun, so boys and girls, next Tuesday the game is ON!

Bolot bola sorang nampak cik kak? =p

Collision of the day. Luckily, there's no casualty.

Eh berapa lama nak tunggu before masuk goal daaaa...
Gaya Ultraman main bola by Joey hahah!

Monday, August 3, 2009


...of my Auntie who just moved to USJ 1 was held last Saturday. Hehe you thought it was mine ke? Hahaha...when it comes to my house-warming, just follow what a friend told me recently - don't ask, just wait for the invitation =p.

Of course, there were a lot of food and I ate sampai bloated giler - nasi beriani dia sedap giler! Tambah lagi makan masa Baity's engagement - sambal pecal dia sedap giler!

After that much amount of eating and the inevitable weight gain and the unsuccessful attempt to run 5 rounds non-stop at the MPSJ track (I only made it to 3 before giving up and started walking instead hehe), it's only natural that I detox myself by fasting today.

So pakcik cepatlahhhhh, nak balik niiii! Nanti tak sempat nak buka puasa kat rumahhhhh!

Beddy's Engagement

A BIG congrats to Ms. Beddy Boo on your lovely engagement!
You looked very the gorgeous babe =)