Saturday, October 31, 2009

She and Him

A morning with the nature at Bukit Cherakah.
Check out the song by She and Him
(Zooey Deschanel from 500 Days)!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Sometimes you feel that life is unfair.
Or perhaps it's just you forgetting to count your blessings?

**Currently in jiwang and syahdu mode huuu**

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rock On

Auntie's open-house. A guitar. A mic. A PS2. Singing...I love rock and roll! So put another dime in the jukebox babyyy!

Bila nak karaoke for real niiii. Need a break from the shitty-ness at work *sigh*

Monday, October 26, 2009

Little Hen Party

Another one in the group (Pitis) is getting hitched soon, so we all got together for a little 'Hen Night' last Saturday. Subak was the restaurant of choice, so off we went, on a drizzling Saturday night, to 'bikin havoc' di Sungai Penchala hahaha ~ lame =p

Bought a small cake to celebrate the bride-to-be sambil menyelit Kirah's belated birthday celebration too. The cake became our appetizer instead of dessert coz we're just too hungry to wait for the main course. So balun ajelah apa yg ade hihiks!

I noticed that they have added many more new dishes in their menu, so memang boleh datang sini banyak kali lagilah to try them out yeayyy! I really love it there...the instrumental Balinese music, sounds of crickets chirping, frogs croaking, water flowing from the mini waterfall into the pond - coziest place ever lah.

** Dalam gambar eksyen je pakai slr, tapi sekali tengok somehow ntah camane pics corrupted arrghh! Thank God point and shoot cameras are still not obselete hehe. **

The restaurant closed at 11 PM, but we're not ready to wrap up our cerita-ceriti session yet, so sambung lepak kat Pappa Rich, Kota Damansara till about what, 12.30AM? 1AM? Definitely not exceeding 1AM lah coz that's wayyy past our bedtime already hahaha! Makin tua, makin tido awal, oh tidaks~

No sleepover this time coz some had to fly back to Bintulu the next day, some had to work, etc so we parted ways while we're still awake enough to drive home safely.

So, whose Hen Party's next? Jeng jeng jeng...


Who is this toothless, cheeky little baby?

None other than the happiest little kid in the world...
cik adik Khayra kita =)

She's turning 1 next month and I haven't done anything on my plan for the perfect birthday gift ever from the coolest auntie ever hehehe!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Brunch on a Saturday

Friday, October 23, 2009

500 Days of Summer

THIS IS A MUST-WATCH CHICK FLICK OF THE MONTH! Saw it with the girls at lunchtime today and left the cinema feeling very much in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (After a bit of Googling, found out that he can speak French too, oooohhh 10 bonus points for you dude!)

This cute little boy from 3rd Rock from the Sun and 10 Things I Hate About You is all grown-up and playing movies' leading man now. Is it just me or he actually does look like Heath Ledger when he smiles?

I thought his portrayal of the hopelessly romantic, heartbroken Tom Hansen in 500 Days was soo good that I just felt like hugging him and telling him that everything's gonna be okay awwww...In other words, dia memang hebat buat muka seposen hahahaha!

Definitely gonna get the DVD ciplak of this movie lalalala~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't Snatch

Snatch: 2000
Tommy: Who took the jam out of your doughnut?
Turkish: You took the f***ing jam out of my doughnut, Tommy. You did!

Best movie ever made. Coolest man on earth that Jason Statham. And EXACTLY how I'm feeling right now.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Si Bangau

Hello there! I'm Si Bangau 1. I recently moved to a lovely house in a nice neighborhood at USJ 9.

I came here with a friend - that's Si Bangau 2.

And this is where we chill and hang out all day/night long.

Muahahaha...amacam, toye gile tak introduction? Kehkehkeh ;p

Actually tengah excited gile ni, sebab tu tulis pun mcm ade sedikit weng hehe. Excited why? Well, at last...after buying stacks of Laman magazines and after spending 5 hours, dehydrated, wandering around Sg. Buloh, we finally got our very own mini fountain oo yeahhhh baby!!!

Previously berangan nak beli fountain ni by raya, hence the search should've been done during bulan puasalah kan. But thank God for giving us the sanity not to do the hunting while fasting, if not memang confirmed boleh pengsan. Panas gile wehhh kat situ~

I know soon, this will get old but what the heck, we are the kind of people who like to live in the moment. So babe, let's do our happy dance again and then let's put up our feet, relax and stare adoringly at our very first D.I.Y fountain for another hour, JOMMM :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The company held a Raya-Vali celebration at Crown Plaza last night. Now, I appreciate their effort to promote the spirit of togetherness or 1Malaysia or what not, but lemme just say this: THE FOOD SUCKED!!! Many of us were very very disappointed with the limited choices (come onnn, sate pun takde!) and the quality of food a.k.a tak berapa nak sedaplah. Okay okay, no further comment before you people start telling me what an ungrateful bi*tch I am.

Good news: I still fit into my first-ever baju raya bought with me own moolah, scholarship money that is, 9 years ago hehehe.

A week before the dinner, there was a 'Floor Decoration Competition' that all of us were supposed to participate in. Given the fact that most of the occupants of my floor ni memang busy and takde kat ofis manjang, I think we did quite okay. We didn't have pokok pisang (memang beria gile...tak tau camana they all bawak pokok2 tu naik ofis, siap ada setandan pisang lagi!), atap rumbia, kuali masak dodol, rumah kampung miniature or wutsoever like other floors...

But we've got our very own 'shisha corner' muahahaha! Tak taulah ni konsep Raya ke Deepavali, tapi hantam sajalaaa kehkehkeh~

Naturally, the floor with HR team on it won first place - because they have nothing else to do at the office? Hahaha!

All in all, I think it could've been a great night if the food didn't suck oh-so-bad and if I actually won the lucky draw (there was a winner named 'Shazali'. Bloody hell, I was nervous halfway thinking it's gonna be 'Shazatul' cisss!!!). No more Crown Plaza pleaseeee iP?

Monday, October 12, 2009

Young and Free

Every once in a while, when one of the far-away girlfriends comes over to KL for trainings, meetings and stays at one of the posh hotels around KLCC area, the rest of us would also datang menyebok (hihi) and tumpang tido on their heavenly hotel beds. This is by invitation of course...we all ni takdelaa tak tau malu sgt sampai datang tanpa diundang hehe. The sleepover is basically a chance for us to catch up, meluahkan perasaan and gossiiiippppp, be it gossip tempatan ataupun antarabangsa - gossip Fasha Sanda pun ade =p

Last Wednesday, we had one of these sleepover sessions at Renaissance Hotel hosted by a 'makcik' *ehem ehem* from Kerteh. Had dinner at Chili's before that then walked all the way from Suria KLCC to the hotel - nampak cam tak jauh tapi bila jalan berpeluh ketiak gak aa hahah!

Somehow that night we ended up looking at old pictures when we were young and free - oh indahnyaa zaman remaja lalalala!

Some people have changed a lot since graduating, some changed just a little bit and some still remain the same. Me, personality-wise, don't think I've changed that much but physically...OMG SGT DEPRESSING OKKK!!!

Now, look at THAT! No sign of double-chin at all, nope, none whatsoever, absolutely ZERO beb! But now, XX kg later, double-chin is like my best friend huwaaa~

But weight-issue aside, it was nice reminiscing about some of the great times we had back then. Wish I could live it all over again *sigh*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nak Gigit!!!

Khayra's favourite hangout place - the sofa.

Main peekaboo kat sini memang best!
Comelnya budak niiii, rase nak gigit =p

Monday, October 5, 2009

Aidilfitri @ KLIA

On Hari Raya Ke-4, had to send off lil brother and cousin who're heading off to UK on the same night. Both had a different flight, different timing and different purpose though. Lil brother went for his final year in Sheffield. And lil cousin went for his TESL program in Portsmouth - OMG memang I can't believe THIS guy is gonna be a teacher kehkehkeh!

He's gonna be either the students' damn funny & favorite teacher, or he kena buli coz he looks more like a counterpart than a teacher hehe.

Until that night, I have never seen KLIA's departure area filled with as many people as these:

Macam concert bebbb! But if I may put my 2 cents in, I don't think that it's a good idea for Jabatan Pendidikan Negara's representatives to conduct briefing to 45 TESL students at the airport, like 10 minutes before they went in for boarding. Who's gonna care what you say man? People are either too nervous or excited to really listen to you babbling about how to behave, where to keep the passport, etc.

But anyway, good luck to all future teachers/lecturers!