Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Tomorrow peeps from Udani Carpet are gonna come to install a new wall-to-wall carpet in our master bedroom. The old one is kinda, well...old hehe. You guys should check out the rest of Udani carpets at their store in Chow Kit area - very chick and contemporary some of them. Apparently they sold their in-store RM220 carpets to IKEA for RM500. Untung siottt!

Omg, am I beginning to sound like an old, retired woman talking about carpets? Tidakkkk!! Well, to put it in a more hip & happening way, maybe sounds like someone who's very interested in interior designing hehe.

Anyhoo, since we're only paying them to remove the old carpeting, we need to move the bed, side table, segala harta karun under the bed, etc out of the bedroom ourselves by tonight. Nasib baik our bedroom cabinets/closet are built-in. If not, separuh mampos lah nak angkat semua sekali adoiii.

Aaaaa just the two of us to angkat the katil and all? Aaaaaaa I am so dreading this. Sakit pinggang in-the-making niii aaaa! But am looking forward to sleep on the bed betul2 depan TV, in the living room. Heaven beb!!! Hehe.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunny Sunday

After being lazybums most of the weekend, we decided to 'amalkan cara hidup sihat' by going jogging on sunny Sunday afternoon. KLCC park would be too crowded with tourists and Taman Tasik Titiwangsa would definitely be full of couples dating and kids running around. So we picked Taman Tasik Perdana instead.

From our last experience, Tasik Perdana doesn't have a lot of visitors and agak sunyi. But not this time man. Apparently there's a Festival Landskap & Taman going on, so there was quite a huge crowd there. What to do, too late to turn back anyway so redah ajelah.

We managed to jog one full round of tasik and then decided to walk (hehe) and enjoy the landscape festival. There were mostly landscaping miniatures, with all the kolam and mini air terjun. Some were very unique and absolutely beautiful actually.

The place was also filled with colorful, blooming flowers and memang ramai makcik2 membawa pulang bunga-bungaan bought from the exhibition. Sanggup diorang bawak dengan pasu2 bunga sume sekali and jalan all the way to car park. Jauh woo...

Our souvenir from the lanscape festival? Kebab ayam and burger ayam muahahaha! Cara hidup sihatlah sangat kan. Kehkehkeh! Lapar maa lepas jogging hehe.

Headed back home after driving around the lake and Parlimen area and made a promise to come back and visit the Butterfly Park & Bird Park nearby soon. Lama tak pegi.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Omg it's Friday already! So I am now in 'malas' mode at work hahaha! Seriously, by Friday otak is already tepu and feelings are already numb by all this work crap.

A lil recap of what I've been doing. Last Wednesday had the usual futsal session with the girls. We're short of people that day and it so happened that there were a bunch of Chinese-looking kids wandering outside our court. So we invited all four of them to play with us. Turned out, they're Korean kids who were on a holiday here and they're sooo cute aku nak culik diorang!!!! They're kinda small for thirteen-year-old kids, but they wore branded shoes and clothes and one of them even had blond hair. Biaselaaa...mestilah anak orang2 kaya ni. Pastu when we high-fived them after they scored goals, they blushed and senyum malu2 and seriously comel nak mampos aaaaa! And oh, I left my 1-month-old black shoes there and by now I think I won't be seeing them again huwaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Yesterday, had to go to Pulau Indah all the way in Port Klang for some work stuff. Mak aiii didn't know that tempat tu hujung dunia giler! We got lost at first sampai dah nak masuk port where all the trucks checked in their goods for export ngaaa. If you don't live around Klang or Shah Alam area, seriously bankruptlah bayar duit minyak if you work in this area. But the meeting went well, so it was quite a worthy trip to hujung dunia hehe.

And tonight, I just wanna chill and relax with my 'boyfriend' hehe. It's gonna be movie night tonight and we're watching The Dark Knight oo yeahhh. Been hearing that the movie is soo cool and awesome. Let's see for ourselves, shall we?

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I Bet U Think This Song Is About U

Everybody's got problem. Be it financial problem, career problem, family problem, relationship problem or even health problem. Bottom line is, everybody has issues. Everybody needs time to deal. Everybody needs space. Everybody needs to be left alone at some point. Agree?

If you're lucky enough to lead a problem-free life, well good for you. Seriously, GOOD FOR YOU. But if you have a little bit of self-respect, you should stop being retarded and back off. Celebrate your own auspiciousness with humility and utter gratitude at your own sweet time and your own bloody space.

Do not flaunt your oh-so-fortunate life in front of the unfortunates, especially if you are very much aware of their misfortune. And if you are lacking in the 'communication skills' department, do not force-feed overrated spirit-lifting speech or any kind of rubbish talk. Just, you know, take 2 or maybe 100 steps back and shut the F up.

And to those normal people whose lives are currently inflicted with pain and worry, just hold on tight to God and loved ones. Be strong and you WILL rise above it all.

*** Oh relax, this is just a reminder to me own self. You don't have to be all Carly-Simon-You're-So-Vain-I-Bet-You-Think-This-Song-Is-About-You on this. ***

Friday, July 18, 2008


I am miserable.
Am down with fever + flu since 2 days ago.
One by one of us in the office is getting sick.
Macam everyone ambik turn to take MC.
Mom called and hung up
the first time around
coz she thought she dialed the wrong number.
Didn't recognize my ultimate sengau voice. Funny~

Dear, I apologize in advance if you're infected as well lepas ni hehe.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Island Retreat

The Tioman trip was beyond awesome! Couldn't truly describe how HEAVEN it is to get away from the busy'ness' of work and lazying around the beach, just the two of us. Totally love love Berjaya Beach Resort.

Arrived at Tekek Jetty after about 2 hours of ferry ride

On the bus ride to the resort. Love the open-air shuttle bus!

A 'jiwang' sunset hehe
Bright, colorful morning. Rainbow soo pretty I wanna cry
Snorkeling at Renggis Island - gorgeous corals
Long walks by the beach

We're having the best time bebeh!
Now, back to the real world.
First day at work after a vacation is the WORST feeling ever!
But sleeping on our own comfy bed makes everything alright again.

Balik Kampung

The road trip began earlier than planned due to the news we got on Thursday evening. Our grandmother (dad's mom) has passed away that evening of old age. She was 85 (officially ikut IC. Tapi org dulu2 umur kat IC mcm bukan umur sebenar. So she might be older than that). Semoga roh Nya'i dicucuri rahmat...Al-Fatihah.

Stayed for a night at Embah's (kampung on mom side) since jenazah dikebumikan on Friday morning. Alhamdulillah...semuanya selesai dgn selamat.

Since it's durian season right now, after everyone got back from kubur, it's time to 'balun' the king of fruits. I didn't eat though coz wasn't really in the mood and tgh pening2. So I just sat there, menyebok and took pictures hehe.

Fresh from the oven

Pojie bertungkus lumus mengopek the durian

SRB juge tidak ketinggalan.
Full of concentration & precision huh dear? Haha


To Iwan in OZ, if you're reading this, jangan jealous!
Balik kampung byk durian wooo! Hehehe.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Blue Sky

2 more days before the 'clear sea, blue sky'.
Time for road trip babyyyyy~

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pamper yourself

Congrats dear SRB for taking the leap to become the new Palm Centro user! No worries babe, no need to feel guilty whatsoever. You've paid all your dues and obligations. There's nothing wrong with pampering yourself once in a while (I will use this statement for myself jugak later ok muahaha!).

You EARN this. You DESERVE this!

Now throw away the guilt and focus on the thrill (new phone yeayyy).
Am happy to see you happy =)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Artsy Fartsy

I think I tend to write long posts and somehow it irritates the hell out of me. **Don't ask why. I think it's the time of the month or something.** So from now on, will try to write shorter posts with just important highlights. Or better yet, maybe I'll just post pictures and not write a word.

Monday at work - Tender Room. Pagi-pagi lagi was held "imprisoned" dalam tu urgghhh sucks giler. That room somehow makes me feel like we're a bunch of lab rats that need to be monitored all the time.

Last Friday - Drum Show at KLPac. Was quite okay. Am not an artsy fartsy kinda person, so half of the time I didn't understand what the choreographs meant. But the performance combining gamelan, percussions and shadow dance was very COOL. And people dancing and obsessing over their drums, wearing creepy masks? Am sure there's an artsy fartsy (heyy I love this phrase - artsy fartsy hahaha) explanation to it but to me, it's just plain creepy.

So that's it for today. Till later artsy fartsy haha!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mini Reno

Ohhh thank God it's Friday! Am mentally tired already to do any real work. The past week has been quite arrgghhh in the office as soooo much energy was spent arguing, debating and defending points. It's a dog-eat-dog world in here and if you don't get aggressive, you'd be eaten alive *sigh*. Am I turning into a Madam K? OH NO.

Had a mini renovation work in our kitchen last Wednesday. We're finally re-installing part of our cracked kitchen tiles. Since we're a bunch of amateurs in renovation work (yelah, before this dok umah parents mana amek tau pasal renovations maa), we didn't cover up any of our stuff in the kitchen with old newspapers or anything hehe. Akibatnya, the whole dapur was layered with habuk simen when we got home bloodeh!

Never thought such simple work could produce a whole lot of mess man! Bukannya ganti tiles the whole dapur pon actually, just 1/4 jek adoilaaa. So we had to cuci the whole dapur and utensils yang exposed during the reno sampai 12.30am jugaklaa baru habis ngaaaa nak nanges!

Maybe it's about time for us to clean everything up in the kitchen pon hehe. We even found a mysterious container with unknown contents tapi none of us berani enough to open and check - "You bukak". "Eee takmau. You lah bukak." Hahah agak kelakar jugaklah. Mane tau ade tikus mati ke ape ke ewwww. Or worst case, some human body parts left by the previous owner ke yikkkessss!!! In the end, the lid accidentally opened mase tgh tolak2 barang, and the container was actually filled with the old tiles yg dah pecah tu hahaha budusss! Maybe mom-in-law put them in there dolu2.

Now our kitchen looks kinda bigger and new yeayyy. Should take pictures of before and after reno to actually see the difference hmmm, tapi lupa plak. Speaking of that, in fact, should take pictures of the whole of our crib to keep as kenangan before we move to the new place (Insya Allah). So far, I have this pic as the only memory of our current place - a cute lil ikea rack, a wedding gift from girlfriends. Hmmmm...must take more pictures at home.

Anyhooo, we're going to KLPAC tonight to watch the Drum Slices III - some percussions show kot. SRB wanted to go, so SRS ikut sajaaaa hihi.

And Tioman trip is confirmed for next weekend wooohooooo!!!! Beautiful beach, beautiful corals, beautiful fishes, beautiful people of Tioman, here I come!

Have a nice weekend peeps!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Thai Feast

Went to Basil Leaf Restaurant at Jalan Damai last Friday night for our first wedding anniversary dinner. Been wanting to try this place since we discovered it few months back, but due to the expensive'ness' hehe, we reserved it for a very special occasion onlylah. And anniversary is indeed the very special occasion hehe.

It has quite a cozy environment, surrounded by bamboo trees, very quiet (but that might be because not many people come to this place alsolaa haha), with the sound of running water and soothing, traditional Thai music.

SRB booked a place by the garden, so we sat outside facing a beautiful expatriate house with a see-through living room. Seriously, diorang tak conscious ke people can see what they're doing in the living room? Or they purposely wanna show off their big screen TV? Hehe.

outdoor sitting area was very dimly lit, I assume to create a more romantic ambiencelah kan. But you know what, the lighting was too dim that we couldn't even see the engraving on items we bought for each other. Sampai kena pakai lampu handphone budusss lawak betul! Maybe they saje buat the lampu terang enough to read their menu but not to read any other things hehe.

The food was in general quite good - but also quite expensive. I mean, we can get food of the same quality with a cheaper price elsewhere. But I guess we're paying for the environment as well, coz I must say, the place is sooo nice and relaxing. It's like a piece of heaven in the middle of KL city chewahhh. The service also I must say is first-classlah (the way it should be for places like these).

Since the lighting in our sitting area was like lampu from pelita, I didn't manage to capture decent pictures from my non-SLR camera. So if you wanna take a real look of Basil Leaf Restaurant, please visit their official website at

But I managed to snap a pic of the 'Flower Boy' muahaha don't kill me babe!