Monday, February 22, 2010

First Few Steps

On Sunday, mom hosted yet another makan2 as majlis doa selamat for mom & dad upcoming Umrah trip. Mom invited her marhaban group for Yasin sekali. Seriously kelakar dengar makcik2 ni discuss about their next high-tea event masa tengah makan - memang macam ahli mesyuarat tingkap campur rombongan Cik Kiah ke Sukan Komanwel kehkehkeh! Imagine you and your girlfriends, excitedly discussing your next trip "Eh jom kita pegi xxxx hujung bulan ni nak? Jomlaa jomlaa!" but the old ladies version of it hahaks! Which makes we wonder, who's gonna be my ahli mesyuarat tingkap to discuss high-tea events when I grow old nanti? Borang keahlian bolehlah diisi dari sekarang yee =p

Since everything was home-made and self-catered, agak penat hangkut meja, kerusi, pinggan, mangkuk, periuk, kuali, carpet, etc out of the store early in the morning, and back into the store again at the end of majlis in the evening. Menu of the day included nasi dagang, soto, roti jala, as well as delicious traditional doughnut (Fat? What fat? Living in denial is much more awesome peeps hehe) and mom's finger-licking-good choc cake. The preparation was tedious and tiring, but it's more fun that way I think, the semangat togetherness and gotong-royong to pull everything off bersama2, chewahhhhh~

The highlight of the event was not the marhaban itself but the spotlight was more on little miss Khayra who jeng jeng jeng...made her first more-than-one-step crab walk!!! It just happened out of the blue while the rest of us tengah selawat2 and baca doa after Yasin. It was soo hard for me to contain my excitement and to supress my laughs while doa was being loudly recited sampai dah rasa nak tertonggeng2 ok!

She was like someone high on sugar-rush or laughing gas, the harder she fell, the harder she baby-laughed. Memang lawak giler. Agak attention-seeker jugaklah makcik sorang ni ek coz selama ni macam malas nak belajar jalan, even after our endless "Khayra uppp, uppp" encouragement. But when half of the neighborhood was around to watch her, she cutely premiered her baby-walk, while giggling and tumbling all over the place.

And true enough, my hypothesis on the 'attention-seeker' part was validated. According to a report by Tok Chik, she didn't make a single step on Monday, when not more than 2 people were in the room watching her.

"You ain't gonna get no free show without my cheering squad bebeh hihihi"

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It Doesn't Exist Unless...

"To some people, love doesn't exist unless you acknowledge it in front of other people." -Alphonso Valentine's Day.

It's ridiculous, sad, pathetic, with a hint of narcissism in it. But most often than not, it's what we believe to be true. Dangggg...did you feel it? Did you feel that slap in the face? Hehe I surely did - ouchhh!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sepagi di FRIM

After a few gluttonous days spent at home, we decided to go outside (outside means out in the nature, not out to the shopping malls =p) and get some fresh air into our inactive, dormant brains. The easiest and workable last-minute plan would be of course, jungle-trekking at FRIM, since we had an awesome time the last time we're there. After a few phone calls, berjaya gathered up the male-dominated crews which consists of kanak2 remaja sekalian - lil brother and nearby cousins. Rasa macam bawak rombongan sekolah hahaks!

Agak pancit yang rasa dah nak pitam jugaklaa, tapi buat2 macho haha! Well at least I'm not like that 'someone' who led the way up the hill dgn sgt laju, sekali balik rumah migraine hohohoho =p

Then...FUN timeeee! Setelah penat mencari air terjun ala Amazing Race chewaaahhh, we finally found a nice spot dengan menaiki kereta hehe. Yelaa penat panjat sana sini tak jumpa2. Last2 naik keta jelaa, abis citer =p

Drove home around noon, then went out again for an all-girls outing with a couple of dear friends.

Girlsss, if you ever considered me as someone qualified enough to give some life lessons, here's one I'd gladly share (which you've probably already read from one of those mass-forwarded emails) - no matter how great or bad your life ends up to be, always always have your girlfriends around for some healthy girlie talks or bitching sessions. Seriously, in this rough adult world where all kinds of shits will be thrown at you, that's one of things that will keep you sane. Sekian, terima kasih...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Weekend

Valentine's Day weekend was all about homemade cooking for us this year. Even SRB got his hands dirty in the kitchen this time and I'm not talking about just washing dishes hehe - thanks dear! Perhaps we're both still deeply inspired by 'Julie and Julia'? Hmmm I don't know. But I'd like to think that couples who cook together, stay together Insya Allah amiiiinnnn =)

Started off with a simple garden salad

Followed by heart-shape garlic breads - corny I know hahah!

But actually the heart shape tu secara tak sengaja =p

Then some bruschettas - OMG I can soo eat this for bfast, lunch & dinner!
Byk sgt appertizers, finally the main course - creamy seafood marinara
And last but not least, SRB's very own strawberry banana smoothies

Now off to continue being a couch potato on such a relaxing long weekend hehehe. Camane tak gemok camni? Takpe...tomorrow Insya Allah lemak2 akan dibakar di FRIM hihik~

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Yee Sang

A special Chinese New Year dish, Yee Sang is made from thin slices of raw fish, shredded vegetables, herbs, spices and oil. In Malaysian Chinese culture, Yee Sang is believed to bring good fortune and wealth in the upcoming year to those who toss and mix it while shouting "Low Hei," which symbolizes liveliness, prosperity and longevity. It is said that the higher you toss, the greater your fortunes. (Source:

I had my first taste of Yee Sang yesterday during a group lunch hosted by IBM at Saisaki Japanese Buffet. Looking at the pictures, all I can is
, as lame as it might sound...inilah semangat 1Malaysia!!! Wakakakaka~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Desserts Spelled Backwards is Stressed

Stress level for today is 9/10! Dah nak meletup tapi masih bole bertahan sipi2. I know it's cliche to say that you're stressed about work. But we spend 5 days of the week working, how can you not be stressed out at some point? Sometimes it takes the life out of you that by the time weekend comes, you just wanna have your peaceful Duvet Day, reading books, watching 'Friends' re-runs or just sit quietly and stare into space (I prefer sitting quietly at a balcony overlooking the beach, but you can't always get what you want kan).

To those who have a job that you really love, that you are really passionate about, the kind that you can't wait to get out of bed in the morning to go to, 2 words from me - shut up.

Am also having withdrawal symptoms due to the temporary hiatus of Glee. No more devilish grins from Puck, no more hip hop kecepop dances by Mr. Shue huwaaaa! My days are empty...I have no reason to live anymore uhuk uhuk! Okay itu adalah over hahah! This is what I hate about obsessing over a TV series. First you get all excited when a friend sent the whole season for you to watch. Then you stay up all night, greedily watching every single episode from A to Z. After that you're
straightaway left with NOTHING and all you can do is waaaait for the next season to start hoping that it won't suck *sigh*

Okay better go to sleep now before the bitter me start to write things that I'll regret later on. Oh shitsss, before that kena gosok baju keja dulu aaaaa. Of all house chores ever invented, I hate ironing the most!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Movies and TV

Did not understand a single shit out of this movie.
Why Ewan McGregor, whyyyy?

Truly, truly inspiring.
When Julie's husband said something about her blog
turning her into a self-centered bitch - ouchhh!

Another truly inspiring couple - well, to me at least.
I know it's kinda lame that they went into this whole reality TV business,
but they are such a cool, selamba and loving couple - it's just too cute!

Oh oh oh the adorable Mr. Shuuuuee...
Ok I admit he looks a bit cacat here, but ohhh my adorable Mr. Shuuuee...
Am officially a Gleek now~

Monday, February 1, 2010


In one of my earlier postings, back when we finally managed to unpack all of our boxes and fully settled down in our new home in USJ, after burning a huge hole in our pockets on renovation, new furniture, and stuffs, I remember saying..."Goshhh, this place looks great. And since we don't have much money left for vacations, we can just sit at home and enjoy all the coziness right here instead." Or something along that line. And true enough, on this Federal Territory 3-day weekend, we did just that.

I was a truly 'domesticated' housewife for the past 2 days - tending to sick husband, cleaning the whole house, entertaining & cooking for the visiting in-laws, taking notes of new recipes to try from Asian Food Channel, lounging around the house reading chick lits, etc. Wahhh never in my life did I imagine that I could be such a Stepford Wife hahah!

But I guess 2 full days of being the old fashioned domestic goddess is enough for me hehe. So today, here I am at my favorite place - The Curve's Borders, being grateful to the government who agreed to make 1st of Feb a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur, enjoying the free wireless in Starbucks, trying to do some work but ended up finding out from the net who's wearing what in the 2010 Grammys and updating this stupid blog instead =p

Okay, so now, for the 10th time, let's be serious Rina and get back to the still blank presentation slides! Oh how I hate preparing those bloody slides! Buuut a consultant gotta do what a consultant gotta do
*sigh* adios peeps~