Monday, April 27, 2009

Rafting at Sg. Kampar

This is gonna be a long one. Because I want to able to read this in the future and feel as if I'm really there again, doing all these fun stuff =)

So, next activity after caving was white water rafting at Sg. Kampar. After eating our lunch (lapar giler wehhh after keluar gua!), we're all set for the next adventure chewahhh. Aris, the organizer kept on telling us that we will be transferred to the starting point of rafting (which was 5km from the cave) via a lorry, not a bus, a van or something like that. We didn't believe it until we saw the lori pindah rumah waiting for us at the car park hahaks! Seriously, memang macam lembu beramai2 dlm lori just like the ones you'd usually see in the highway lawak gila! But because most of us jakun naik lori camni, memang rasa best giler kehkehkeh~

Sampai on the starting point, we all got suited up with life jackets and helmets. At this time nampak sungai je memang dah tak sabar nak terjun dah hehe.

The first thing we had to do was body rafting. This is when they will just lepaskan you dalam air, facing up, and you just have to paddle yourself in the water using your arms and legs. This is actually to familiarize yourself with the water condition and as an overview of how it'd be like bila raft terbalik nanti jeng jeng jeng. But no worries, the guide will throw you a rope for you to hold on to and pull you up to the riverbank at the end of this activitylah. Takdelah dia biar jek kita terlepas sampai KL gile ke haha!

See, this was not the first time I did this. The first time was during my sort of "Bachelorette Party" me and the girls had in KK and we did white water rafting at Kiulu River. Memang we had a whole lot of fun there and masa body rafting kat situ, the rapid was not so roughlaa so we just let the riverflow moved us while we could lalala happily enjoy the beautiful scenery.

So I wasn't really nervous this time around, although I realized that the rapid was a bit rough jugaklah for body rafting. Punyelaa excited cheer for everybody else who went before me and even 'woohooo' my heart out during my turn - chewahh berlagak giler aa kan haha! Sekali tu, bila sampai je on the rapid yg agak ganas - blu%^*&$#@%^&*$#assshhggrhh!! Air masok hidung, mulut, telinga, anak tekak, paru2 and all mannn arrrkkkkk!!!

I couldn't even see a damn thing, apetah lagi nak enjoy the viewlah kan. Siap bontot terlanggar batu adalah, blardy hell! By the time I felt the rope pulling me out of the water, memang I couldn't really breathe and was choking my guts out and start menyumpah seranah dah
hahah buduh giler! Tulaaa Rina, lenkali jangan berlagak okkk kehkehkeh. Now I know how it feels to get drowned man, Na'uzubillah. But all of us survived, so rock on bebeh fuhhh~

After the traumatizing experience (tapi everybody memang buat2 cool and tahan macho laa hihi)
, barulaaa one of the guides gave us the the safety briefing. How to hold the paddle, how to pull up your friend yg jatuh dlm air back into the raft, what to do if the raft capsize, etc.

All 15 of us were divided into 3 groups, 3 separate rafts, with at least 1 guide in each raft. There were 10 rapids we had to go through and do I even begin to explain the experience. Even some of the rapid names pon dah freaked us out - Paddle Breaker Rapid, D
ouble Dekker, What Happened (so what actually happened? Raft capsized aaa dohhh haha!), Kiss Rapid (bukan org kiss sesama sendiri ok, this is batu besar2 kissing the raft ngaaaaa), etc.

When our raft went through the Paddle Breaker, memang satu paddle bengkok and satu lagi patah. Masa Double Dekker, dearest SRB got thrown out of the raft huwaarrgghh! It happened so fast, I didn't even realized when it happened coz I was probably busy screaming my lungs out that time hehe. Tiba2 jek, aikkk mana husband aku kat depan ni? Arrrkkkk Juzzz (our guide), ade org terjatuh dalam sungai toloonnggg!

And then I thought, "Shitsss, he's gonna kill me for dragging him a
long to this thing uh oh!" haha! But luckily, he thought it was one heck of a GREAT experience and just couldn't wait to do it again huhu~

Our boat didn't actually capsize where we were supposed to (at the What Happened Rapid), another boat did. But the whole adventure wouldn't be complete without capsizing, so at one point tu our guide instructed all of us to sit on
one side of the boat purposely so that berat sebelah and eventually terbaliklah kan. So yeah, another air masok hidung, telinga, tekak, paru2 experience there. I was just glad that we got over the capsize part hehe.

At the Kiss Rapid, while the boat gedebung gedebang berlanggar dengan batu2, sekali gedebuk! My front teeth tercium siku SRB aaaaaaa sakittt cam siottt! It felt like my two front teeth cracked and fell off coz the pain was excruciating! But Alhamdulillah, since teeth are the strongest bones in a human body, my teeth were still at the right place but still sakit berdenyut gak for few ho
urs later.

Besides minimal bruises here and there, I didn't really suffer any other kind of visible injuries. Unlike a friend, who fell off the boat like 3,4 times. Probably because she's soo kurus and ringan. Oh how I'm grateful that I'm fat and heavy now hahaha!

One of her falls -
jatuh backward summersault into the water tu! Tak tipu, I kinda saw that she's actually gonna fall off based on the weird angle of her boat but didn't think that it's gonna be a full backward summerfault. Very the tragisss! And the results:

A swollen shoulder (which kinda looked like a dislocated shoulder iskkk) and a swollen cheekbone aduusssss! But she was still in good spirit even when she's in pain, so BRAVO Amilia! We're so proud of you gal!

We also stopped for few swimming sessions along the journey. Best giler mandi sungaiiii! Seeing all these pics just makes me wanna go there again aaa~

And finally, just when we couldn't paddle anymore and suara pun dah hilang due to all the screaming and laughing, we got to the end point of our rafting adventure fuuuhhh...

When we reached home around 9.30PM that night, I just dropped everything and straightaway went to bed and teros pengsan. The next day woke up feeling sore all over my body sampai I asked dear husband, eh babe I ni kena demam Chikukunya ke? Sakit seluruh sendi siottt haha!

All in all, it was a SUPER AWESOME experience. Up next, shall we conquer Kuala Kubu Bharu pulak? LET'SSSSS!

More pictures can be viewed here.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Caving at Gua Tempurung

Started our journey to Gua Tempurung, Perak right after Subuh on Saturday. If nak kena pegi keja liat gile nak bangun pagi, tapi if nak bersuka ria boleh plak kan? Hahaks!

Went to pick up Kirah in PJ before heading to Restoran Jejantas Sg. Buloh to meet the rest of the gang. Siap breakfast KFC lagi tu at 6.30am in the morning. If pikir balik, memang agak nak muntahlah jugak hehe.

Arrived at Gua Tempurung Car Park around 9am and dah start cuak with all the stories heard beforehand. Cannot panggil namalah coz takut "something else" will call you in the cave, cannot show that you're afraid coz "something else" is gonna know and it will follow you in the cave and the worst, there will be cockroaches on the cave floor coz bats' shits are their food, what the hell!

Before entering the cave, our tour guide, Michael, gave us some briefing on the dos and donts
while in the cave and provided each of us with a safety helmet with headlamps. I tell you, if not because of those helmets, some of us would probably have some brain damage kot by now sebab terhantuk kat all the stalactites and stalagmites while crawling/swiming our way out of the cave.

The first few hours in the cave were kinda like an easy-ride where we got to walk on build-in platforms, climb up some ladders and just enjoy the view. Michael, being a cave enthusiast, adalaa explain to us about the stone structures and history of the cave. One of the highlights of his stories was this:

Apparently Gua Tempurung was once the hide-out place for the Japanese Communists
during the Word War II. If you can see from the blurry picture, there's a clock showing it's 7 o'clock and 3 Rolls Royce cars (the last car tu nampak mcm halfway je dlm gambar ni hehe). This carving was later turned out to be the assassination of Sir Henry Gurney who was the first Inspector Gener
al of Police in Malaya. The communists were having their secret meeting to come out with the assassination plan in that exact spot in Gua Tempurung. Kuang hajaqqq punye komunis!

Somehow actually seeing and touching it gave me goosebumps dude. This is where history was made mannn! But still, ada jugak some uneducated people who added their own "history" by carving more Rolls Royce cars on a wall nearby but Michael confirmed that those are just bullshits.

Now, the next part of our adventure memang the moments that I've been waiting for! This is when all of us will get wet and dirty muahaha~

We had to slide down a 5-meter high limestone (berdarah jugaklah siku daku ouch), climbed down a cave hole and swam through the cool but muddy water, with some sharp stalactites pointing down right above our heads. At some point, we even had to do some squat-walk and crawl in the water using our elbows ala2 tentera tu chewahh. Dahlah the ground was full of batu2, sakit gak aa but it's all part of the fun hehe.

By the time we got out, memang everybody was wet and glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel hehe. But the cool water in the cave just made me even more excited to start our next activity - white water rafting at Sungai Kampar wooohooo!

And oh, all those talks about bat shits dropping in your mouth, cockroaches running around and "something else" following you in the cave were either just talks or happened somewhere else. We didn't see a single bat (just their shits with awful smell) or cockroach pun. And there wasn't any 'kejadian mistik' berlaku, Alhamdulillah. So it's all goood bebeh~

More pictures can be viewed here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wolves of New Moon

Take a look at the Wolves of New Moon OMG!

Have never seen or heard of any of them before, but who cares - THEY ARE HOTTT! Yes yes go Team Jacob! New Moon is your time to shine bebeh (while Edward is busy being suicidal God knows where hahaha)!

Heard that the director, Chris Weitz insisted all of them to prove their heritage. He wanted to hire only actors with Native American ancestry and good physique, meaning having a six-pack abs is a must olala~

Niece is 5-month old

Little niece turned 5 months yesterday. She's still learning nak meniarap sendiri. Aaaa tak sabar nak tunggu the moment when she can actually walk (and make a whole lot of mess in the house) huhu~

Monday, April 20, 2009



A good friend from prep & college days is coming on board.
Welcome (in advance) to The Office dude.
Mari kita buli diaaa muahahaha!

Our WWR and Caving trip is really happening yeay!
Didn't want to say anything earlier coz I didn't wanna jinx it.
But the plan is definitely ON for this Saturday wooohooo!
It's gonna be wet,
it's gonna be rough, it's gonna be dirty.
I'M GONNA LOVE IT, can't waittttt!

The parents are finally back from their Euro trip.
We get to sleep on our very own lovely bed tonight.
All is right with the world now =)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

He's Just Not That Into You - The Movie

Favorite scene in the movie - it's hilarious coz it's soo true!

Things have changed.

If I would like to make myself seem more attractive
to the opposite sex, I don't go and get a haircut.
I update my profile (in MySpace).

That's just the way it is now.

The movie's AWESOMEEE! It's sweet, it's sad, it's funny - it's everything. One of the best chick flicks everrr~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

English Style

2 weekends ago, went for a small 'dinner party' at Aida's. First time sampai to her house and all I can say is, the whole English style decor you've got going on memang sooo YOU babe! And your home-made ayam tandoori memang standard kedai cayalah~

Check out the huge jelingan-manja potrait on the wall - besar ke tak besar tu? Hihihi. And check out my uncontainable ketembaman wakakaka!

Fun fact: Astro's otak-burung-unta-lebih-keciikkkk-dari-matanya little girl and Aida lives on the same floor hehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Malam Semalam Gundah Gulana

I'm feeling very very guilty coz I think yesterday I might have spread germs to Khayra which made her sick today uh-oh! Auntie is soooo sorryyy coz I just realized this morning that I got a bit of a flu myself. That explains the non-stop sneezing and the very sore throat I had since last night.

I thought futsal session today would help to alleviate the seram-sejukness of demam. But I'm still miserable adoiiii. Dear God, please make me feel better tomorrow coz I need the strength to stay motivated in order to conduct meetingsss esok. You can't sell an idea if you don't look like you truly believe in it, can you?

In the meantime, mari berhibur with this mellow little song by Butterfingers - my fav tune at the moment. Awesome song, BRILLIANT videp clip.

Malam semalam gundah gulana
Hari ini hari mulia
Tak pernah daku rasa begini
Seperti mati hidup kembaliii

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Kellie's Castle

Dropped by Kellie's Castle on the way back from UTP last weekend. First heard about this place a while back when watching 8TV's The Hoppers & Ahli Muzik - the coolest show with the coolest soundtrack (it was in this show that we first fell in love with Yuna).

In the show, it was said that the place was supposedly haunted at night, but of course we wouldn't knowlah kan coz we came in the morning hehe. And we don't want to go to great length to verify it anyway eeeee tak berani aku!

I thought people used to live happily in the castle, but turned out it was actually unfinished coz most of the builders died of some disease while it's still under construction. No wonder people came up with all these ghost stories chettt!

I can imagine how lovely this place would be if it was actually completed kan?

Monday, April 13, 2009


Last Saturday, had to make an early and quick trip to UTP before heading back to Seremban, to send off lil cousin to PETRONAS EduCamp. Woke up very early in the morning like 4am okayyy to make sure we reached UTP by 8am. Poning kepala den bangun pagi2 sgt ni isk.

Nowadays, PETRONAS organizes a 2-day camp filled with various group and individual activities in order to carefully select their scholars. Thank God we didn't have this back in our day. If not, I think I could die of the pressure dude hahah! Ramai giler weyyy and everybody thinks they are better than the rest (especially budak2 koleq yg poser pakai tie sekolah beramai-ramai bluweks muahaha!).

Honestly, I was impressed kerana saya rasa UTP adalah university yg agak gempak di Malaysia. I think PETRONAS invested their money well on this place. The buildings and facilities are just fantastic.

Look at those gigantic buildings! Waaaa...jakun sekejap gue hehe.

And what I love the most - the library. Sungguh stylo-mylo gitu. Not quite the same with our dear old Folsom Library back in RPI huuuu syahdu~

PETRONAS VP of Education later officially initiated the EduCamp program
and presented the statistics for this year's intake. Around 8000+ applied for scholarship, 1500++ were shortlisted for interview. Only 595 will be offered - 175 for oversea universities and 420 for UTP. Again, thank God I didn't know all these statistics back then or else I'd die of hypertension or something hahah!

Jadi, selamat berjayalah Alip! Being a school debater previously, I know he can easily blow them away cayalahhhhh~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Bluaaeeeaarrgghhh! What an exhausting week!

Had a tough week at work till I had no time to eat properly. Had to deal with a certain species of people yg kaki auta and bullshit. So I was cranky the whole of last week at work.

Haven't been sleeping on my own bed coz we're currently house-sitting mom's house. Haven't even been to my own house for the past few days now. Aaaaa I miss my bedddd!

Saturday and Sunday had to gotong-royong tolong kenduri kawin in-laws' neighbor and family friend back in Seremban. Nak patah dah kaki ni adoiiiiii.

Aaaannnnd tidak lupa juga, tenant plak buat hal. It's unfortunate that we have one of those tenants from hell. What a piece of shit aah! I guess business sewa-menyewa ni is kinda like a gamble. No matter how selective you try to be, somehow you'd never know whether the tenant will turn out good or bad *sigh*

Friday, April 3, 2009

Left Behind

My 'everyday people' seem to be going off for trips all over the world starting from this week onwards which makes me feel like I'm purposely being left behind =(

Mom and dad are visiting lil brother in UK and of course, going for a little Euro trip after that. A team member is going for a 'jejak kasih' trip to China to meet her ancestors. Another team member is joining her mother's 'warga emas' trip to Korea. And oh, a friend is going to Mekah soon untuk menjalankan ibadah Umrah.

What is going on mannn??? Is April the 'get-out-of-the-country' month or something? Sungguh jelesss~

Well, life goes on as usual for me I guess...watching movies, attending weddings and playing with lil niece (who is starting to recognize faces now. Shite, I better not be one of those 'unfamiliar' people to her tidaakkkss!).