Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Aidilfitri @ Batu Pahat

This entry is dedicated to Iwan di OZ dengan ucapan, "Oitsss nanti tahun depan make sure buat 400 keping roti jala yang habis licin tu kat sini yee? Cakap je lebih tak guna beb. Kena tunjuk proof hehehe!"

Hari Raya Pertama at Kampung Batu Pahat (night)

Easiet way to hidupkan bara api - kipas elektrik hihihi

Yaaa mari2! Udang bakar, ikan pari, ikan kembung,
ayam panggang, daging panggang semua adaaa!

TV telah diangkut ke luar khas utk
match ManUtd vs. ManCity
Hari Raya Kedua at Kampung Batu Pahat

Aidilfitri @ Segamat

It's time for tales of Aidilfitri 09. As usual, convoy beraya beramai2, makan banyak, followed by sakit perut cirit-birit and massive traffic jam hehe. I'm too lazy to write a long entry on raya coz am feeling a bit sick at the mo, so I'll just put up some pictures and let them tell the story hehe.

Raya Eve at Kampung Segamat

Pagi Raya at Kampung Segamat

Monday, September 28, 2009

Too Soon

It's the first day back at work today. So I'm feeling a bit %$#@^*#! And what made it worse is that my go-to girl for post-cuti-raya stories/gossips is not around anymoreee huwaaa!

Aida if you're reading this, please know that I'm really SAD you went to Oman too soon sampai tak sempat nak borak2 panjang before you go aritu. I have lots of stories to tell niiii and I'm sure you do too. Aaaaa sangat sedihhhhh =(

No more whispering phone calls at the office gossiping about "dearest" people in our lives, no more frantic phone calls complaining about shitty people in our lives. Not for at least another month kot ek?

Hope you're settling in well there and call me sometimes!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Have A Great Raya!

This year's Ramadhan felt macam sekejaaap sangat. Perhaps due to the fact that SRB's missing for a whole 10 days of it or perhaps due to me having to work on weekends. But it's a pretty meriah Ramadhan for me this year. Managed to hold a few series of mini house-warming/makan2 with some close friends, after what, about 9 months living in the house? Hahah, better late than never bebeh! The proper house-warming for the rest will have to wait sikitlah coz a bigger crowd requires a more detailed planning chewahhh =p.

Am taking leave starting tomorrow yeayyyy for some last minute raya preparation. Plus, memang dah takde mood nak buat keja pun hehe. Korang semua jangan nak tipulaa tengah rajin buat keja time2 camni hihihihi~

So to all, minta maaf zahir dan batin and have a great Hari Raya! Please be safe on the road too yah =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Is It Such A Bad Thing?

Larry: Ever make one of those lists, George? One of those bucket list? A list of all the things you want to do before you kick the bucket?

Can't say I did.

Me neither. The reason I never made one is that all the stuff I wanted was right in front of me. You know, the ordinary stuff. To grow old with my wife...

No skydiving? No climbing Mount Everest? You call that a bucket list?

Larry: Enough for me.

Currently, at this very moment, I'm feeling content with the life I have, personal life that is. Work-wise, well...we always have things to complain about work, it's never-ending. So I'm gonna ignore that part of my life for a bit =p

I'm grateful that I can just walk into my parents' house anytime and straight away sit down at the dining table and always find food to eat hehe. I'm content with having little Khayra to play and guling2 with once in a while. I'm happy that I can throw last-minute family/relatives get-together whenever there are things to celebrate, since most of them live nearby.

I'm happy that I can still have the girls over and have a little slumber party at our lovely home. And be able to have woman-to-woman talk about life and relationships and gorgeous guys (in TV or in real life hehe).

I'm content with having SRB to share everything with. Happy that we can just sms each other and spontaneously decide, hey let's watch a midnight movie tonight? Or hey, let's have dinner at Chili's tonight? Or hey, let's mandi air terjun this weekend? Glad that we can have animated conversations/arguments in the car, driving home from work. And then blissfully sit back & relax for some quiet reading time and peacefully enjoy each other's company in comfortable silence.

Hmmm...I dunno, but right now I am selfishly happy with a family of two. Is that such a bad thing?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Buka Puasa With The iPs

Side Note: Helloooooo 09 09 09! =p

Last Saturday hosted another makan2/buka puasa, but this time with some of the office gang. The girls came a bit early to help lonely me (but now no more hehehe) prepare some of the main dish and set out the table. The guys came later with kuih 'tunjuk' masing2 hehe.

Maybe becoz it was sooo hot during the day or becoz I didn't sahur that morning, but I felt like last Saturday memang puasa paling dahaga in my adult life that I drank almost 10 styrofoa
m cups of orange cocktail non-stop for the first 15 mins of buka. Uuuu agak bloated but I just couldn't stop myself.

Things got heated up the most when the guys took out their PSPs and started racing cars. At first, the rest of us didn't get what's the fuss all about sampai diorang ni berpeluh2 main, until we got our hands on it. Lepas tu, haa main sampai terpusing2 tangan beb! Cheer sampai I was beginning to worry if the next-door neighbour would start complaining about the loud noise. Thankfully, it didn't get to that point lah hihi~

Then chit chat some more, gossip some more while stuffing ourselves with the delicious Baskin-Robbins ice cream (damn, now aku dah terliur). The guys went back around 11 PM, the girls stayed to help me kemas and left around 12+ AM.

Maybe next time, BBQ night plak. Di bulan puasa memang kebulur lah if nak tunggu ayam masak kat grill tu hehehe~

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Lawak Hari Ini

Okay, technically this is not Lawak Hari Ini as in 'today' lah coz this happened yesterday hehe.

Upon reaching the first toll booth at the PLUS highway on the way back from KLIA, while in the midst of having a lively conversation with dear SRB:

Jurutol: Ada tiket?

Me: (Suddenly in panic, searching for the ticket all over the driver's seat). Alamak dear! Mana tiket? Aaaa shitsss...takde pun? Bang, sorryyy tak jumpa tiket. Camane ni? (Dengan suara mengharapkan simpati).

Jurutol: Haaa...kalau takde tiket, nah ambik ni, saya kasi tiket (sambil menghulurkan tiket).

Me: Cissssssss! Buat orang panik je!


I dunno if this was one of the ways for the jurutol to entertain himself or the highway users, but come to think of it, it was such a creative and hilarious prank! We just couldn't stop laughing even after driving miles away from the toll booth.

Aaaa daku tertipuuuu! Syabas encik jurutol!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Dearie, I MISS YOU like crazy I want to cryyyyyy!
Bulan Puasa feels so empty without you here.

Please come back soooon =(

(Yes, I want to be the clingy lil wife this time, I don't care.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Little Crawly

This little girl is 9 months old now. She loves playing with the meowww and she can say 'mamamamama' and 'papapapapa' sekarang (I'm still working on getting her to say 'Auntie Nananana'. Now, THAT needs patience coz she's always more interested on reaching out for my glasses instead hehe).

She has also started crawling all over the place, so she requires supervision at all time. Tulaa...dulu masa meniarap, semua org nak dia merangkak. Now that dia dah merangkak, sapa mau tengok dia all the time? Hehehehe~

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

1st Dinner Party @ USJ 9

I would like to start this entry with a song. Lonelyyyyy...I'm Mr. Lonelyyyyy. I have nobodyyyy...for my ownnn. Okay, technically I have somebody but he's currently halfway across the globe huwaaaa! Yeah I know I'm a big girl so I should just suck it up and suffer in silence. But still, huwaaaa~

Since he's off to Houston for a week, it means...slumber party time with the girls! Hehehe. Well, not so much of a slumber partylaa. More of a little dinner party/buka puasa and a sleepover. It was the first dinner party hosted by moi in this house. Sakit pinggang gaklaa kemas r
umah sorang2 di bulan puasa - pakcikkkk I need youuuuu~

The evening of 31st August started off with the usual girl-talk: "OMG kau dah kurus!
Mana ada...aku tak kurus pun. Tipuuu, you look thin. Well, you look thinner. No, YOU look way thinner. I have big tighs! Kau nak rase lemak aku?" and what not hahaha.

I cooked the main dish - ayam paprik, steamed siakap, sayur goreng and outsourced some from mommy/kakne - pajeri nenas and sayur pecal hihihi. The girls brought appertizers - the best kuih cara berlauk in the world and home-made desserts yummeh!

After stuffing ourselves with too much food, watched the GORGEOUS Zac Efron in 17 Again sambil terkinja2, sangat hottt this guy! It was such a bummer when he transformed into his old self and turned into the un-gorgeous Matthew Perry urks. By midnight, our eyes just couldn't stay open any longer so we gave up and went to sleep. Definitely a sign of old age when you can't stay up past midnight ngeh ngeh ngeh.

Thanks for coming and keeping me company girls. Let's do it again some time soon =D

Another Birthday Get-Together's September already. Oh shoots, time flies so fast man! (Notice that I say this at the beginning of every month haha. Well, what to do. I honestly didn't realize how time passed by so quickly *sigh*).

So anyway, the remaining of August was spent with quite a few makan2 session. This is the danger of living close to your family and relatives. We tend to create all kind of reasons to hold sesi makan2, so forget about any slight bit of chance of losing weight lah ye hehehe. Oh who the end of the day, I'd rather be plump+happy with my family rather than skinny+depre

25th August was Abang's 29th birthday. After a few SMSes, voila~ I successfully gathered everyone for another birthday get-together. And again, I made Secret Recipe a few bucks richer when I bought yet another one of their insanely delicious Choc Indulgence cakes.'s not ur bday laa cayang. It's ur Papa's =p