Monday, May 31, 2010

The Help

"Mississipi is like my mother. I am allowed to complain about her all I want, but God help the person who raises an ill word about her around me, unless she is their mother too."

Aduhhh! Uhuk uhuk termakan cili di situ uhuk uhuk =p

Fajita Craze

Favourite food at the moment: homemade chicken & veggie fajitas. Been eating it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes even as snacks. Sorry dear, you just have to bear with this fajita craze till it's over coz you know you have no choice but to eat whatever I put on the table hehehe.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IKEA Inspired Home

You can never say I didn't try, IKEA hehe.

I tried to display books that will show that I only read materials with substance instead of the shallow, superficial chick lits, chewahhh! Sorry Marian Keyes, Candace Bushnell, you have to stay in the cupboard upstairs hehe. Maybe I should buy like a whole set of encyclopedia and put them here. Or or or better yet, buy different kinds of dictionaries to show how 'smart' and 'knowledgable' I am. Hahaha AS IF!!! Poser giler =p

Fact is, I already lost so many points by having the Twilight Saga books there. (Eclipse is still missing in my collection though, anybody nak kasi birthday present? No dear, not you. Tu tak aci hehe.)


To a great mentor, colleague and most of all, friend...
Sad you're leaving but happy for the better opportunity ahead.
We'll definitely miss you, especially the ikan bakar trips in the packed Livina.
Hopefully there will still be more FRIM and BBQ sessions together yah!

P/S: I blame the tudung lembut for the ketembaman melampau in this pic.
Always blame the tudung people, always hahah!

Monday, May 24, 2010

One Day

'Just kidding' was exactly what people wrote/said when they meant each and every word.
So true isn't it!

Friends were like clothes: fine while they lasted but eventually they wore thin
or your grew out of them.
So mean but unfortunately and unintentionally, this holds true for some of mine =(
But hopefully (I pray) not YOU GIRLSSS, you know who you are =)

You MUST read it simply because you MUST read anything that managed to get a good review by Nick Hornby. Hehe biased gilerrr but can't help it.

(Fatma, somehow I thought of you while reading this book thehehe. Try and read it then you'll know why =P)

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Very the COOOOLLL!
Google, you rawkkk~

Monday, May 17, 2010

Overcome with Love

I was feeling a bit down and emotional about getting a year older for the past couple of days that I turned into this quiet, moody, unpredictable person at home (sorry babe). Somehow, somewhere, something's bothering me but I couldn't quite put my finger on just one thing. So naturally, I woke up this morning with a feeling of dread at the pit of my stomach and felt pretty lousy bout myself. Drama queen giler I knowwww, tapi memang emo gile beb tak tau apsal.

Celebration with dear SRB has been postponed to the upcoming weekend due to his work busy-ness (boohoo!), so I didn't have anything much planned except for a little birthday lunch with the girls at work. Went to the super cozy DELIcious at the Marc Residence, very laid-back and relaxing I likeee, so I started to feel much better already about this whole way-too-early-mid-life-crisis episode hehe. Plus I'm the youngest in the group, so memang nak kena tampo laa if komplen pasal terasa diri tua =p. But nevertheless, they assured me that it's normal to feel crappy about being in the late 20s - Goddd, it sounds AWFUL! - but 'this too shall pass' bebeh! Thanks babesss, I had a great time, you guys are awesome, good job for picking the nicest place, let's do it again soon!!!

After lunch, we walked back to the office, totally bloated and sleepy, then guess what I saw lying on my desk? A surprise rose bouquet from dearestest husbanddd OMG!!! Straightaway the perempuan-gedik mode was switched on, meloncat-loncat kegembiraan, couldn't stop shrieking, they had to yell at me to open the card NOWWW, then I had a sudden urge to laugh, cry, shout all at the same time, then they had to yell at me again to call SRB to say thanks NOWWW, oh my God memang kecoh gile and just when I was required to actually talk & say something, I was suddenly speechless. I literally went "Dearrr...ngehengehengehe I dunno what to sayyyy ngehengehengehe" memang cacat giler! I couldn't stop smiling, my tembam cheeks stretched out the to max. Then I just sat at my place, quietly, dreamily adoring my bouquet hihihi~

Now, some of you might think that "Alaa...normallah for a husband to send his wife flowers", but you don't know Mr. SRB that well so you wouldn't know that it's sooo not him to do something like this. He's more of the 'just tell me exactly what you wish for your birthday, in which color, which design, and I'll go get it for you, no problem' type of guy, y'know what I mean. Surprise2 ni is just not in his blood, which I can live with, for better or worse right. So THIS ladies and gentlemen, is indeed a very very rare hence precious moment that I shall cherish for the next at least 2 days by making stupid, disgusting, happy faces =D

For the bday dinner, Mom cooked some seafood olio (yesss peeps, my family has been swept by olio-mania since I re-introduced it to them a couple of weeks back. Dad loved it so much he requested mom to ask me for the recipe. Imagine that! The Iron Chef learning from the amateur chef muahaha saya sungguh berbanggaaa). SRB even said that he thought mom cooked it better than me cisss ini sudah lawan tokey ni =p! But in my defense, I'm now allergic to seafood so I can't put all kinds of udang+sotong+ketam, which actually makes everything tastes lebih lemak manis, in my olio like my mom did. Tapi sebab dah dapat bunga punya pasal, I terima jelaa whatever he said for now hehe.

So all in all, it turned out to be a pretty good day to turn a year older. And exactly as the card says; I AM overcome with LOVE =)


[Colby] It's your birthday so tell me what you wanna do
[Mizz Nina] It's my birthday I really wanna get with you
[Colby] Drop the beat now and baby we can get it started
[Mizz Nina] We'll go insane and take it to the after party
Mizz Nina feat. Colby O'Donis - What You Waiting For

And what did SRB make me, the ultimate 'un'morning-person, do today? Wake up extra early to come to work extra early, I'm talking about 6.30 AM early ngaaaaaaaaaaaa~

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thomas Cup's BBQ

Last Friday night, me and the workmates gathered at Min's place for a little Thomas Cup's BBQ. As I said before, we could really come up with many kinds of reasons for a makan2 get-together hehe. But unlike last year's BBQ, this time we kept it simple and easy; bought readily-marinated chickens, ordered siap2 some food to eat while waiting for the burnt chickens and to really save time, relied heavily on technology (thank God for electronic fan =p).

Included on the menu that night were oyster-marinated chickens, black pepper chickens, black pepper lamb, udang + sotong bakar, steamboat with a variety of fishballs and veggies, mihun goreng and nasi lemak ada umppphhh!

Most of us stayed till half past midnight, watching silly TV series in Astro, having iPhone vs. Blackberry debates, making up conspiracy theories behind the company's strategic plans and what not, memang mengarut di malam buta.

Mannn...I'm really gonna miss all these huwaaa! Ok ok I'll try to stop being sentimental about everything. But I'm getting older hence more emotional, I just can't help it.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The Blues

Upon leaving Convex Hall after the CEO Address last Wednesday, I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness, knowing that in less than 2 months, I'm gonna be leaving this company (and the love+hate relationship I've developed with it) as well as the great friends made over the years. First time rasa sedih after I handed in my resignation letter. Before this rasa macam tak sabar je to leave this hell hole hehe.

I'll try to reserve the rest of the blues for the last few days nanti. In the meantime, better enjoy the lunch gossip/bitching plans, the lunch movie plans, the karaoke, futsal, bowling, FRIM, BBQ and all kinds of excuses for makan2 sessions.

Empat gadis pingitan =p

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to Cope

"In my country we say that ignorance is the warm bath
in which it is comfortable to sit but dangerous to lie down."

OUCHH to me self =p.

When your life is about to change 180 degrees, perhaps the wisest thing to do is to conduct all kinds of research to prepare yourself before stepping into the new, unfamiliar world. But it's also at this time that the one thing you wish the most is for everything to remain the same - the usual morning traffic jam, the regular lunch dates, the silly conversations/arguments on the car ride home, the late-night visits to the local burger joint. Suddenly all those boring, ordinary routines seem so precious now huh?

So what do you do when you're torn between holding on to the current cozy, comfortable life and venturing into the unknown but exciting future? You shut the door, close the curtains, switch on the aircond, empty your mind and get under the duvet with a good book. The best coping mechanism ever I tell ya hehe.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


After our shopping trips to IKEA and Mid Valley Megamall today, dear SRB suddenly requested Spaghetti Aglio Olio for dinner. So okaylah, we straightaway bought the ingredients required then headed home. On the way home, got an sms from lil brother saying "Mama masak. Datang rumah makan." (Fyi, this happens a lot. Most of the time, we feel too guilty to refuse. Hence the increased weight lah kan =P). So we had an early dinner at mom's place instead.

What happened to the Olio plan? Since we already bought all the stuff, I decided to still proceed with the cooking. But instead of having it for dinner, I planned to pack the Spaghetti Olio into 2 separate tupperwares, put them in the fridge and voilĂ ~ our bekal for breakfast/lunch to work tomorrow siap! Omg the last time I did this was masa mula2 kawin je dulu hahah!

Nak dijadikan cerita, while I was sautéing the garlic in olive oil, time tu laaa gas habis pulak dahhh - the same tong gas which has served us for close to 2 years (so korang kira sendiri laa how "often" it's being used in our dapur hahahah!). Called mom asking for the gas delivery guy's number but she said he only delivers during the day aisehhh. Asked her if there's any kedai runcit nearby that sells gas, no, none that she's aware of. Also asked if she has extra tong gas, she discovered nope takde, coz the one in the store was the empty one aduhhh.

So last resort lah nampaknye - tapau'ed all ingredients, walked for about 3 minutes and continued cooking at mom's house hehehe. All problems solved and tomorrow's breakfast/lunch is ready for serving =)

And THAT my friends, is one of the many many advantages of living just a stone's throw away from your beloved parents muahahaha~

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Happenings

Despite being almost demented with stress and worry for the past few weeks/months, I've actually also been doing some fun stuff on weekends. Turned out, I'm not just a plain, grumpy, increasingly fat cow. I am a grumpy, increasingly fat cow who has a life =p! Well...during weekends lah at least. On working days, I somehow manage to turn myself into the grouchiest b*tch ever. But let's not talk about that.

So what have I been up to? I went to FRIM for 2 weekends straight. The first trip was with the workmates - planned to hike then rest&relax at the waterfall. The hiking never took place hehe, instead we went straight to the waterfall, dipped our toes into the cold water, happily eating junk food while gossiping away. A colleague even brought his mini-fridge, comel giler! Boleh muat 8 canned drinks, sgt jakun!

The second was with the girls, after a sleepover at Fatma's new place. This time we did hike but I didn't make it to the end of the trail (shame on meee!) as I started seeing stars and vomitted half my guts out half-way through due to combination of lack of sleep + lack of breakfast + constipation. A miserable circumstances beyond words! But for the record, I did not 'melepas' di tengah2 hutan okkk. I went back down the trail and found a proper toilet - thank God. After that, I recovered myself enough to berendam dalam air terjun for almost 2 hours hehe. Had an awesome picnic spread complete with mihun goreng, ayam goreng, sandwiches, etc. Memang syokkk! Ade free fish spa lagi - ada ikan2 kecik yang asyik dok gigit2 kaki, harmlessly laa tapi geliii~

I also helped big brother and sis-in-law moved to their new house in USJ 11, then went to their pindah-rumah kenduri doa selamat and then got jealous with their nice kitchen complete with laminated floor and movable island hehe. Seeing people got excited about home-decorating, you know, buying new furniture to match the curtains, the feature wall, etc made me all hyped up about 'beautifying' our house too. Unfortunately, we don't have that much money to do a major revamp on any part of our house right now so what did I do instead? I bought a new bed sheet just to give a bit of a new look and color to our room. Bought a new shower head that could hopefully be something to look forward to when I wake up every morning (haha as if!). Moved around some carpets in the living and dining halls. Just some lame, minor changes that made a difference to my eyes lah, at least.

And oh, there were a couple of brithdays also this month. A friend from work turned the big ** this year and we commemorated the occasion by singing and dancing the famous "I want nobody nobody but you *clap clap point finger outward clap* I want nobody nobody but you" steps at Pavillion's TGIF. No, we're not a bunch of shameless drunks or anything. We're just shameless at times hahah!

Little brother turned a year older too 2 weeks back. As usual, we had cake and pigged out on a variety of finger-licking-good food; KFC, pizzas, sate, you name it , we have it all hehe.

Aight, it's getting late. Time to read myself to sleep and then get pissed off with myself the next morning for sleepily losing the last-read page =p. G'nite!