Monday, May 24, 2010

One Day

'Just kidding' was exactly what people wrote/said when they meant each and every word.
So true isn't it!

Friends were like clothes: fine while they lasted but eventually they wore thin
or your grew out of them.
So mean but unfortunately and unintentionally, this holds true for some of mine =(
But hopefully (I pray) not YOU GIRLSSS, you know who you are =)

You MUST read it simply because you MUST read anything that managed to get a good review by Nick Hornby. Hehe biased gilerrr but can't help it.

(Fatma, somehow I thought of you while reading this book thehehe. Try and read it then you'll know why =P)


awesome blossom said...

aaahh, totally gonna look for this book tomorrow, huhu. the 'just kidding' part totally got me - i did that lots of times :p

SRS said...

Okay, lepas ni sume org kena alert whenever Fatma says 'just kidding' hahahah!

aida said...

hahahah... btol la Rina... the 'just kidding' part... Beware of Fatms... hehehhe