Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Historic Moment

Again, I never thought that this day would come but today, I finally tendered my resignation after almost 5 years of working in the company fuhhh! Do I feel completely liberated, like I can finally exhale after holding my breath for far too long? Not so much, as I'll still be stuck here for another more or less 2 months to serve my notice. And I still have some incomplete, menyakitkan-hati tasks that I can't just drop and ignore.

But at least one task can be checked off the list. Now, moving on to the next hundreds of TO-DOs. Being adults suck okayyy! Except for the 'having-your-own-money-hence-can-do-anything-you-like' part hehe.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Life-changing News

I never thought that our lives would come to this, but as chanted by PCD in their once upon a time over-played song, Be careful what you wish for coz you just might get it, You just might get it, You just might get it hehe. All these while I've been telling dear SRB, "Let's cross that bridge when we come to it kay?". And it seems like we have reached the so-called bridge. Now what?

Well, I know that I have been putting up ambiguous entries lately (lately or since ever?), but too much changes have been happening/about to happen in my life that I could not even begin to write about them and express my emotions/thoughts properly. And today, we received an even bigger news that will alter the course of our lives forevaahhh! Okay, a bit dramatic di situ, but seriously peeps...this IS a life-changing news!

A BIG BEAR HUG to those of you who have called/smsed/emailed me personally, behind-the-scenes, to find out what's actually been going on, after the past vague little blog updates. I am truly touched that you care enough and know me well enough to acknowledge that it's not my style to share (too) personal stuff in this blog. You are such a treasure! I have more in store though hehehe.

Will try to detail it out once everything is sorted out. Good night =)

P/S: This entry doesn't help much at all huh? Hahahaha!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Offer

The offer is finally in front of me.

More than anything, I AM EXCITEDDD!!!

Is that a sign?

Is the grass really greener on the other side?

Oh God, lead me to the right path amiiinnn...

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dear Everybody

Dear Sara,
Since we are really divorced now, I think that we should split up our memories too. I want the time when we met and the time when we went to the Grand Canyon. You can have our first date and the day we got married. You can also have the day when you left me, which I have no use for. I want when we moved in together and when we bought our house, and I want all of the times that we sat on the couch and watched television together. You can have the times we ate breakfast together, but I want most of the dinners. There are a lot more. Maybe we should talk about them.
- From one of Jonathan Bender's unsent letters to his ex-wife

To Sara Olson, my ex-wife, I leave any other money remaining in my bank accounts after the rest of my wishes are fulfilled, and do so with the hope that it can purchase some kind of happiness for her. I further leave to Sara any love that I may have had left inside of me when I died, as well as many of the things that we did not do together, the places that we did not go together, and the things that I did not say to her even though I thought them inside my head.
- From the Last Will and Testament of Jonathan Bender

The next great book about suicide that I can actually 'hafal' most of the paragraphs, after Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down. It's sad, heartbreaking but soo beautiful at the same time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

At the Crossroads...

Wish it can be more straightforward.
Wish life can be much simpler.
Ya Tuhan, tunjukkanlah jalan...amiiinnn.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Julie & Julia

The current read: Julie & Julia - My Year of Cooking Dangerously

"Today, when we blog about our weight-loss problem and our knitting and our opinion on the president's IQ level, we do it on the blithe assumption that someone gives a shit. But the surprise is that, for every person who's got something to say, it seems there are at least a few people who are interested. Some of them aren't even related."

"What I think is that Sam Pepys wrote down all the details of his life for nine years because the very act of writing them down made them important, or at least singular. Overseeing the painters doing his upstairs rooms was rather dull, but writing about it made overseeing the painters doing his upstairs rooms at least seem interesting."

Yup, true! But the rest of the book is kinda depressing actually. Oh well, let's see how it ends.


The vegan diet. Honestly, I can't remember now what exactly I ate for the past week (daily report my ass hahahah!). All I know is, yup I did manage to become 90% vegetarian for 1 whole week. The rashes seem to be better now, but maybe that's also due to me taking pills prescribed by the doctor. So am not sure whether being a vegetarian actually helped, but just to be safe, I'm gonna swear off seafood, eggs and nuts for now.

The used-to-be-weekly-but-now-monthly futsal. Lately, whenever I play futsal, I somehow tend to injure my fingers. One by one jari bengkak. But futsal is supposed to be all about kicking balls. So, apekah??? (I hope I won't get struck by lightning or something coz mom has actually requested me to stop playing for a while in an effort to take "better care" of my reproductive system. But oh well, when it happens, it happens lah.)

The over-played song. I am now officially obsessed with Justin Bieber, particularly him singing and dancing in 'Baby' video. Sangat comel okkkk? Can't stop humming that song. I don't care if you think he's lame, can't really sing, a wannabe or whatever, he's still the current apple of my eye hehe. And I was, baby, baby baby, baby, baby nooo...I thought you'd always be mine, mineee...

The AG Team. As per my normal practice with American Idol - pick one favourite contestant and stick with him/her through thick and thin. Once he/she is out, stop watching the show altogether. Unless he/she ends up to be the American Idol lah. This year, I'm rooting for Andrew Garcia woohoo! Usually, once I catch Ryan Seacrest's "Up next...Andrew Gracia!" announcement, I'll stop flipping the channels and wait for AG to sing. Once he's done performing, I'll either switch the channel again or turn off the TV teros. See how "loyal" I am? Theehehehee =p

Right, I'm off to fight my depression. Or wallow myself in it. What to do, can't expect things to go right all the time in life. If anyone tries to cheer me up with the "When things don't go right, you go left" joke right now, memang silap aah weyyy!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Little Parasites

I was not feeling sociable this weekend so I opted to stay home most of the days while dear SRB went to the office for his weekend duty. And that's when I came across some of the creatures that have comfortably made themselves at home around our lawn - our neighbourhood friends, harmless little parasites. They make the house feel a bit more homey, don't they babe? Or should we get rid of them due to some health risks that I'm not aware of?

So cutee! Reminds me of The Smurfs =p
A gorgeous natural orange, isn't it?

This just looks pretty. Sayang nak buang.

There're actual bird eggs in it! Saya sgt jakun hahah!