Friday, April 29, 2011

Far Away Friends

*** Friends-sick mode ***

I wish I'm hosting a Royal Wedding Viewing Party today so you girls can come over, and we can all laugh at those crazy hats the wedding guests are wearing, fall for the dashing prince/groom, gush over the bride's wedding dress, all the while telling ourselves, "It should've been me!" hehe.

I miss you peeps!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Momentary Weakness

Store-bought caesar salad...

Homemade baked fusilli...

Dinner in front of the TV while watching American Idol...HEAVENNN!

That's right people. The vegetarian diet is out of the window, kabooshh!
And the high-carb diet is now in the house yoo! I'm weak, I know huhuhu =p

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Come Back!

*** PDA Alert ***

I usually try not to portray myself as a needy person. Who likes to be seen as needy or clingy anyway? We usually like to think of ourselves as strong, independent women (which we are most of the time - girl power bebeh!). But the truth is, once in a while, we just want to let our guard down, peel off that 'I'm-a-woman-of-steel' mask and just be a helpless little girl.

And since I am in touch with that 'girly' side of me right now, I'm just gonna go ahead and say...


Friday, April 15, 2011

So today I...

Went to the gym. Felt a bit like a loser running/dying on the treadmill beside a pakcik who was so much faster. Got home. Showered. Grilled some veggies.

(What you didn't see in the pic is a side dish of 2 slices of toast with butter
theehehee. And you wonder why I can't shed those extra kgs off hahah!)

Planted myself on the couch with my somewhat vegetarian dinner. Got all psyched up for AI results, only to find out that PAUL IS OUTTTT??? WHAT THEEE!!! AAARRGGHHHH BENCIIIII!!!

If Scotty, who keeps holding the microphone like it's a bloody flute, wins this season, I am SERIOUSLY gonna boycott the show for years to come mannn!!! Well, I say that every year, every time the person I root for gets booted off hehe. But like a tragic car wreck on a highway, I just can't stop myself from watching hahaks!

P/S: Isn't it lame to write the first 2-3 words of your sentence as the title and then continue the rest in the blog entry like that? Hahah I always thought it's lame. But my favorite AI contestant just got kicked off the show tonight, so let's just embrace the lame-ness this time peeps =p.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Real Life

After more than a month of togetherness, I'm now back to being a stay-at-home-alone wife, boo to the hooo! Dear SRB is now in Iraq and, according to his SMS, is currently walking around the desert, with some ex-British army as his bodyguards, trying to 'cari minyak' hehe. He has not been there for almost 2 months, ever since we got back from Istanbul - the longest he has gone without making his regular trip to Iraq. Which was totally awesome for me, but I guess not good for his 'hands-on experience' points and also our air miles collection =p.

Since I'm home-alone this week, I'm using this opportunity to do a bit of detox. (When dear SRB is not around, I don't usually do any fancy schmancy kind of cooking, as in lauk pauk, nasi, etc. Bak kata orang tua, dapur tu tak berapa nak berasap laa hehe.) My version of konon2 detox is eat less whites and more greens, reds and yellows chewahhh. So less rice, and more fruits and veggies. It's been a looong time (or is it more like, never? =p) since I eat only fruits for dinner. So far, so good. Tapi bila lapar giler tu, rasa macam setandan pisang pun boleh habis huhu! I dunno, I guess it's always easier to 'diet' when you don't have to cook for other people and actually sit down for a proper dinner, with homemade food terhidang in front of you. Yelaa, bila dah penat2 masak untuk husband baru balik keje, takkan lepas tu kita nak nganga makan buah je while dia sedap2 makan nasi, ayam masak merah? Uuuuu mungkin tidak beb! I am not THAT strong hehe.

On a completely unrelated note, my latest hobby nowadays is renting movies from iTunes. Yelah, sini takde kedai DVD murah maa. So, with $3.99 per movie for standard def. and $4.99 for HD, iTunes jelah the cheapest source I can get over here. Downloading movies from internet for free is out of the question because I just don't have the patience. When there's no good programs on TV, I'd rent a movie from iTunes, wait for about 15-30 minutes for the movie to finish download, hook the laptop to TV, then hoorayyy - movie night is all set baby!

And oh, it's been raining every night for 4 days straight over here. Siap kilat sabung menyabung. At first we thought it was someone's camera flash from the hotel across our house, rupanya kilat beb! It was my first time ever dengar guruh kat sini so masa tu memang jakun and homesick gilerrr. I stood by the sliding door for quite some time to watch and listen to the raindrops, huhu syahduuu! I've been told that usually it only rains like once or twice a year in Dubai. Tu pun hujan acah-acah je. But lately it's been raining real rain like in Malaysia and I so so love it! The news said this 'unpredictable weather' will last the whole week, so hopefully I'll be sleeping with the sound of rain, just like back home, every night, for the rest of the week.

I don't know why I write about these things. They are silly and trivial, I know. But I guess I'm just trying to include the ordinary, mundane things in life in this blog. There's this new illness/condition that doctors warn about, called 'Facebook Depression', where people get depressed because they thought other people are always having much more fun in life compared to them. (Facebook or no Facebook, we all feel that way sometimes, don't we?). Well, I'm here to tell you that I do lead a boring life sometimes and I believe, so does everyone else. There are days when you go out with friends, go skydiving, swim with the dolphins, travel around the world and what not, but there are also days when you just sit at home, do laundry, makan maggi and watch crappy TV shows.

I think it's called real life.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Lesson

So here's a new lesson. One of the tricks to motivate yourself to go to the gym? Lots of self-loathing; you gotta really insult and harassed yourself to the point of abuse I guess hahah! Hilarious!

And now that he's lost some weight, Jerry Ferrara a.k.a Turtle from Entourage looks good bordering on gorgeous yo! Too bad Season 8 is gonna be Entourage's last season. Ari Gold is definitely one of my favorite assholes on TV (besides Glee's Sue Sylvester) hehe. Hopefully the rumor about turning it into a movie ends up to be true.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good Times

Good friends. Good conversations. Great time =)

P/S: I DID manage to go to the gym last Wednesday, at last huhu! Syabbass inspektor sahabb!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Random Achievements

It's getting hotter and hotter everyday here, about 36-37 degree Celsius, which is beginning to make my usual 10-min walk to the nearby mall totally insufferable (hohoho someone sounds like a puteri lilin biatch =p). It feels like I'm walking in a hot, burning oven and it's not even summer yet huwaargghh!

Managed to randomly find 2 books with good reviews from Nick Hornby on the covers at Kinokuniya yesterday. I hope this means I'm getting back my 'book-selection' mojo. I used to have the ability to find good books (for my taste) by chance, but lately, almost all of the books I picked turned out to be rather disappointing and well, crap. (There's one where the whole book turned out to be the story of an imaginary friend's life. WHAT THEEE? Ngarut aah!)

Also, managed to, for the first time ever, successfully buat begedel from scratch, all by myself, to complement my soto yesterday. Maybe it's lame to most of you, but I still consider this my personal cooking achievement. I remember there's one time, it took 3 of us girls, each with a specific task, baru berjaya buat begedel ni; sorang gaul and buat bentuk bulat, sorang celup dalam telur and sorang lagi goreng hahah! Back at home when my mom made them, I was only involved in the buat-bentuk-bulat process and makan je hehe.

Tomorrow, I hope I can write here that I manage to go to the gym and do some exercise today. So I am heading upstairs now to change and hopefully I won't somehow end up being 'held captive' by my own bed, lured into some reading and afternoon nap =p.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Love and Other Near-Death Experiences

'You can't stop yourself from having terrible, cruel thoughts about other people. It's simply the way we're made. It's probably even a good thing that we have them - that they come from within us, to disgust us, to make us actively claw ourselves back towards what it means to be decent.'