Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Girls' Night Out

Had a girls' night out last Sunday as sort of the Bachelorette Party for dear Eejay who's getting married next January. Nothing fancy schmancy sgt (unlike Nedd's Hen Night which we heard, Alep got a "dancer" to strip down to his spandex for Nedd hahaha kinky bebeh!), just had dinner with the girls at Pavilion and later a sleepover at Eejay's lovely home. The dinner was at a fine-dining Korean BBQ restaurant and I had no idea what were the names of the food we ate, all I know is, I had an ox tongue for the first time that night - sounds yuck but it taste like thin-sliced meat je actually.

It's been a while since we girls hung out together, so it was fun - laughing soo hard to our obscene jokes, Idd's accidental X-rated act (HILARIOUS I tell ya!) and 'aaawwww'ing to Eejay+Rudy's love stories. We were soo loud that the waiter had to close the door to our dining area. Well, biaselaa...when us girls got together, total havoc maaannn hihi. Even met Kerk who I haven't seen since we graduated!

Since SRB and I had our 'Moving Day' earlier during the day, my body started to give up on me by the time we finished dinner. So decided to join Pitis to catch a movie - The Spirit (if you're not into comics, not recommended. Agak sucks jugaklah) while some of us went to melalak at Red Box.

We reached Eejay's place in Bandar Utama at around 2 AM, ate some yummy chocolate cake baked by my sis-in-law, and later borak2 till 4.30 AM before finally dozing off.

The next morning, went for another makan2 and borak2 session at a mamak restaurant in T
TDI. Balik rumah Eejay, makan chocolate cake lagi and gossip some more hehe before we finally went our separate ways.

I had a great time girls and we should do it again babes!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Salam Perantauan

This entry is specially dedicated to Pojie yg berada nun jauh di UK hehe. I just viewed all his Euro Trip pics and they are all breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL!!! Maklumlaaah...SLR camera bergantungan jek kat leher masing-masing hehe.

Little brother looked sooo grown-up and gotta admit, not bad looking hehe with the new hairstyle (okay jgn kembang sgt haha) and more like Babah, I'm shocked and tersyahdu at the same time.

I haven't got the chance to go to Paris yet but THIS is just gorgeoussss!

Perhaps we can go to Europe for our XX-th anniversary later dear? Insya Allah...Aminnn~

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Monsoon Trip

What?!! It's Saturday already? Tidaaakkksss...we still got so much to do before going back to work!

Anyway, had a little family trip to Dungun a couple of days back for Abang's sis-in-law wedding and to visit little Khayra. Uuuu...tak sabar nak tgk baby dah besar ke, dah tembam ke hehe. Knowing my mom, of course we had to start our journey so early in the morning while the kabus still lingered along Banjaran Titiwangsa and my brain was still not fully awake yet. But it's not my turn to drive yet, so masuk keta tido balik haha!

Stopped at R&R Temerloh for some home-made breakfast. Oh, one thing you need to know about my family mom memang sgt suka prepare food as bekal for travelling. I'm not talking about just sandwiches or nuggets. We got the whole macaroni goreng, nasi lemak and lauk pauk going on - memang sgt meriah and best!

After Temerloh, just when it's my turn to drive, it started to rain heavily and it didn't stop until we reached Dungun adoiii. Monsoon season just "rocks" mannnn! In Dungun, we drove along the beach sikit, bought some food at the nearby pasar malam, then hung out in the hotel room
and ate and ate and ate like there's no tomorrow hahaha! This is what we do when the family get together hehe.

Anddd...little niece looked cuter than ever, sudah boolat sikit and she has a double-chin already hehe but she sleeps all the time. Alaaa...bukaklah mata sikit babyyyy.

Neymind, will wait till you get back to USJ & play with you all the time k?

Alamak, sudah lama daku membuli husbandku dan membiarkannya pack barang dapur sorang2 hahaha. Gotta go peek and MAYBE help a little hehe. Chow~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(Un)domestic Goddess

Aaahhh bahagianye waking up in the morning knowing that you don't have to go to work, seriously syok gilerrr woot woot!

Yesterday, spent most of the day supervising the electrician replacing the lights in the whole apartment coz apparently according to our agent, some of the lampu that we previously had were kinda dim and old-fashioned. They kinda made the place lost its appeal, she indirectly said haha. Whatever dude. We were happy with whatever lights we had. While the electrician worked his magic, I myself was busy watching marathon of E! True Hollywood Story hehe, heaven giler! Some of these rich & beautiful people of Tinseltown, woww...they had quite a sad, tragic life man.

Today was a bit more productive though. I did the laundry. Vacuumed the whole place. Sorted all baju kurungs and SRB's work shirts according to color scheme (haha psycho tak) and wrapped them up in some of those plastic covers. Packed and emptied most of the cabinets' contents in the master bedroom, the second bedroom and the shoe cabinet. Now tinggal dapur. Huwaarggghhh I hate packing stuff made of glass! They're heavyyyy and then you gotta wrap them with newspaper first bla bla bla...aargh sgt leceh.

Progress of the new house. Hmmm...had a pretty busy weekend driving here and there surveying furniture, discussing the tiles pattern, choosing paint colors for exterior of the house (my favourite white-picket-fence is about to become brown-picket -fence isk isk isk), picking out the suitable pebble wash flooring and some other 'adult' things that I never thought I'd be doing. Fuuhh...time really flies so fast and soo much changes have happened that I'm not sure I can catch up.

Well, here's hoping that all our ideas will turn the new crib into the loveliest home ever. Of course it's gonna turn out great. We are people with good taste chewahhh hehe.

Now, off to cook dinner peeps!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Don't sweat the small stuff

I was feeling kinda restless, a bit down and perhaps mentally & physically tired while browsing through the books in MPH, Subang Parade a few weeks back. I dunno...maybe this whole new world of house-renovating and apartment-renting has taken its toll on me and my pockets and I kept on wishing that I have more money to do a lot more things that we'd dreamed of *sigh*.

And I think that was why I was drawn to read this book.

Because I needed something to knock some sense into me, to remind myself again that I should be grateful for whatever I have right now. And not to sweat the small, trivial things in life. And yup, this book kinda did it. Now it's SRB's turn to read it. Come on babe, you can do it. Nipis je buku tu hehe.

"The humble improve."
- a quote from Wynton Marsalis, jazz musician, published
on the side of a cup of a Starbucks Double Tall Skim Latte.

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I AM ...

(Watched Twilight for the 2nd time and
now am in love more than ever hihihi~)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life is Drama

It's funny how one minute you're sitting in the car, happily singing along to your favorite tunes on the radio. And laughing at each other when you got the lyrics completely wrong. And suddenly the next minute you're sitting there with a cold, bitter, deafening silence. Oh well, life is such a drama.

Favorite past time at the moment? Googling all news related to the movie-making of Twilight saga hehe. There are a lot of obsessive (wayyy more than me ok) and psycho fans out there, it's funny, seriously! And will someone decide on who's gonna play Jacob Black already? Poor's not his fault that he's too cute okay?

Am in the mood of listening to some of the latest songs by Butterfingers right now - mereka kata ku samseng, tapi ku tak ambil pusing, pedulikan semua, fikir apa yang penting...

Finally, after almost one-month hiatus, futsal is on again today yeay. Maybe some sweating and screaming will help to make me be in a better mood.

Our WWR trip is canceled due to the raining season. Alaa...all of us dah excited to konvoi beramai2 and all. But better be safe than sorry huh?

Two more days of working, then will be off, leaving all these CRAPola behind wooohooo! See you all next year suckaaaaa~

And ohhh, am missing little niece very much.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch List

Okay, just finished watching the latest season of Desperate Housewives and mannn...I just realized that the grown-up version of Porter and Preston Scavo - played by Max & Charles Carver - are totally HOT! They're like the boyish version of Matt Damon, sgt cute!

Pretty hot huh? Hehe

Also seen recently: How to Lose Friends and Alienate People.

The verdict? I didn't read the book, but the movie's kinda boring and soo predictable. I'm sure there were a lot more bad things done by the main character (Sidney Young), hence the title lah kan. But somehow they failed to portray that in the movie. And Megan Fox? I'm sorry but she's just another pretty face who can't really act.

I also watched: Eagle Eye - hello Shia dearie hehe.

This is the typical fast-paced, action-packed movie which is definitely his style. The storyline's quite interesting jugaklaa - how too much of technology can bring more harm than good to humankind. They tried to make Shia looked all macho and more adult-looking by giving him beard and stuff, but somehow to me he still looks like a young teenage boy. The attraction between him and Michelle Monaghan seemed more like a crime haha!

I know it looks like I watch way too much TV, but hey I do some other stuff too. We've got a house on renovation, an apartment which needs to be tenant-ready, and a whole lot of packing to do. So a lot of mess going on there. I'm just too lazy and too tired to talk about it. Maybe next timelah.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Good TV

Watch THIS:

It's been a long time since a TV show was able to make me laugh my ass off tahap naga sampai terguling-guling. Most of the time, all it can get out of me is just a chuckle or two jelah.

But last night, SRB and I laughed & laughed & laughed soooo hard, that our stomach hurt so bad (I think I can still feel the cramp till now haha) and actual tears came out mannn. This is just one of those funny moments that even thinking about it makes you wanna laugh no matter where you are.

'How I Met Your Mother' is just legend...wait for it...daryyyy hahaha!

Aaahhh...I LOVE good TV~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Aidil Adha

Spent the beginning of our weekend packing and cleaning the apt. Penat giler, I hate moving argh. Our place Iooks a bit empty and sort of 'clear' now and I LOVE it! Minimalism is the way to go man! Why didn't we think of it while living here all these while babe? Sheesshh rugi betul...

The rest of the long weekend was spent eating, sleeping, watching 'How I Met Your Mother' marathon and eating some more. Heaven gile dude!

Had a BBQ party with the family on the eve of Aidil Adha. As usual, ikan bakar with kuah asam was among the favourite menu - sampai hari ni tangan aku still bau belacan haha! Entertained ourselves by comparing creative ringing tones with the cousins, some of them are seriously hilarious tak tipu. Manelaa budak2 ni dapat, resourceful betul. And also watching a cousin did some 'shuffle dance' kehkehkeh! Do you know that the dance is kinda famous among kids and teenagers nowadays? My standard-five cousin immediately requested me to post his 'shuffle' video to youtube as soon as I finished recording it. Tak sabar nak tunjuk kawan2 lah tu. Ish ish ish budak2 zaman sekarang hehe. Ni yang aku terasa tua ni muahaha!

Come Aidil Adha, we makan lagi
with pot luck food brought over by the aunties and uncles. An uncle from Johor cooked beriyani kambing yg sangat sedap sampai my mom awal2 dah booked him for little Khayra's aqiqah in January haha.

So now you understand how I become a fat ass huh? At this rate, who wouldn't? Hehe.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji everyone~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little Caterpillar

Ok ok, I don't wanna be one of those kid-obsessed bloggers coz heck, I don't even have one of my own yet pun, but I just couldn't resist THIS cute little 'caterpillar' - my niece:

Kiut miut, aku rase nak gigit hihiks. But now she's gone to Tganu for her mom's pantang. Alaaaa jauhnye. Have to wait after Christmas baru can see her again =(.

Ok, obsession stops now (jangan benci aku Pitissss hehe).

Friday, November 28, 2008

On Graveyard Shift

I'm here yet again in BDC, working on Friday night *sigh*. At some point, I wish I don't have to drag myself all the way to Bangi to work when everybody else is enjoying the start of weekend. But at some other point, I know I'm gonna miss all these operations people who keep us entertained while coping with our graveyard shift. I mean, if it's not because of this project, we wouldn't be hanging out together at all man!

But sometimes all that's left between me and SRB on Friday nights are...

...some kind of notes I left behind as an attempt to console him a bit for having to spend the night alone hehe. Sajelaa, wanna be conventional once in a while ahaks. Lame - I know.

But tonight I think we're gonna finish earlier than planned, so I really hope SRB and I sempat to catch Twilight's midnight show malam ni! We're just gonna gamble pegi sana baru beli ticket, so GSC Pavillion, please save 2 tix for me pleasseee! Edward Cullen, Jacob Black...I will come to youuuuu~

Monday, November 24, 2008

Under One Roof

Despite the news that Pet has bought over iP to become one of its subsidiaries again, we still got kicked out of the tower due to insufficient office space for Pet's growing staff, cisss buruk sikut siottt hahaha! So all of us have moved to a brand new building called Menara Perak - located right across Convex, behind Impiana, beside Menara UOA. It's about 15-minute leisure walk from KLCC. So not that far - if the weather is nice. If it rains, bloody hell it's gonna be a mess!

The building looks very ordinary on the outside but kinda nice & modern inside. Yelah, everything still new and shiny so best aaa. But the smell of new furnitures, new carpet and newly painted walls kinda makes people dizzy by the end of the day. More reason to go back sharp at 5 PM hihi! But it's good to have everybody work in the same building - merapatkan silaturrahim sikit chewahhhh! Previously, some of us tercampak at L8, L10, L59, L60 that we don't even know our own shipmates.

I like my new cubicle, mainly coz it's further away from our beloved Madam haha. Plus she's sitting right beside the big boss. So she won't be able to use her unprofessional way of getting things done; i.e. shouting at people like a crazy witch, like she did before (I truly hope) coz she knows that big boss dislikes that very much hehe.

New place, hopefully comes with new work resolutions. Or maybe that can wait till the next New Year haha! In the meantime, let's take it slow bebeh hihi~

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Little Niece new little niece!!!!
Sorry Suri Cruise, you're officially kicked off
from my No. 1 spot for the most adorable baby.
My niece is on the top of the list now hehe.

Hello, my name is Khayra binti Shah Faezal.
This is me at my 3rd hour into the world.
My auntie says I'm soo very cute that she wants to
put me in her pocket and take me with her hihiks!

Welcome to the family little darling~

Ipoh Mali

Our day started early this morning, considering it's weekend and I just got home around 1-2 AM last night. Reached USJ at 8.30 AM to pick up my parents and off we went to Ipoh for Aini's wedding. After sesat seround dua, sambil sight-seeing Ipoh city unintentionally hehe, we finally managed to find the right place around noon. Met some familiar faces and some 'long-time-no-see' faces as well.

Congrats Aini & Eddy!
Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat =)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Work in Progress

Been driving back and forth from KL to USJ more often these days. Ngaaa...macam manelah nanti when we actually have to drive to work from Subang everyday. I love the new place, but I'm sure as hell gonna miss the current 15-minute drive to work *sigh*.

The renovation work is showing some good progress so far. This will be the only time I'll be very excited to see that someone has left a few big gaping holes on my dinding, the front porch tiles stacked on my lawn and some of my beloved white-picket-fence dah dicabut leaving my pagar 'rongak' sedikit.

Can't wait for the new roof to come up and for the whole exterior to be painted with a new color too - that would be the ultimate face-lift!

Since we're already paying other people to reburfish the new house, for the current house plak - all refurbishment or redecoration work for the new tenant kenalaa buat sendiri. Bankrupt aa dooo if semua benda bayar org buat. So next project is repainting the apartment. I'll let SRB take the lead on this since he's the one yg bersemangat sgt - I'm clueless on wall painting dude. And it has to be real SOON babe!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Pak Long passed away last Sunday due to heart failure isk. For those who came to my engagement and nikah ceremonies, you'd know him as the spokeperson for SRB's family. With his beautiful speeches - penuh dgn pepatah & peribahasa Melayu, we'll always always be grateful to him for making those events among the most memorable moments in our lives.

Went back to JB on Sunday night and Alhamdulillah...jenazah selamat dikebumikan on Monday after Zuhur. SRB even got his first experience riding in van jenazah to JB hehe. Reached KL around 11-ish PM Monday and both of us were too tired to get up for work the next morning that we sleepily decided to take half-day leave hehe.

Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Pak Long dan menempatkannya di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman. Al-Fatihah...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Heart of the Matter

Watched an old episode of Grey's Anatomy S4 recently and ohh, how I love Callie in that "The Heart of the Matter" episode.

Izzie: Callie, I'm sorry...about the cafeteria.
I didn't know that you wanted to talk to me.
I thought you wanted to kill me.
I'm sorry about everything.
With George, I'm really sorry. I feel terrible.

Callie: You feel terrible? You took advantage.
He was your best friend. I tried to trust you.
And then you pull that thing in the cafeteria today?
It's not bad enough that you humiliate me
by getting in bed with my husband.
You have to humiliate me at work, too.
George might be the one who broke his vows,
but you...we're women, Izzie.
You did this to another woman. You...took something from me.
You stole something from me like a petty little thief.
You are the one who should be humiliated.
You are the one who should be ashamed.
So don't you dare come to me for forgiveness, you traitorous bitch!

Pergghhh...YOU GO GIRL!! This is definitely my 2nd favourite scene throughout the whole GA series. 1st is of course Christina Yang's "I'm fine, I'm fine" nervous breakdown scene after her miscarriage in S2 - the one where she couldn't stop crying hysterically and was later 'ssshhhh'ed by Burke. Omg LOVE it!

But now, I don't even bother to watch GA S5 coz Mer&Der is like wuteverrr AND they turned Callie into a lesbian? Oh come on...such a cliche! But as Robert Downey Jr. said, everybody's gay once in a while in Hollywood hahaha so true!

With all the relationship dramas I witness around me currently - among friends, colleagues and even the Abby+Norman Hakim case (ohoo don't lemme get started on that!), this particular scene really knocked some sense into me. So to all women out there, don't be a thief! Whatever fishy business you're doing with somebody else's boyfriends/ husbands right now, please know that you're also hurting/betraying the other woman - who has feelings just like your-selfish-self. And if you don't care about that, well...that just goes to show that you are indeed a traitorous B*#%CH after all eh?

Goshh, all of this makes me feel like....babe, I'm just glad I found you wakakaka selingan jiwang sket!

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Night at the Movies

Everybody's got their own favourite place to get their DVD ciplak with top-notch picture quality aku sorang jek yg menyokong piracy here? Sorrylaaa, gue tak mampu nak beli RM60's original DVD maa. Well...our favourite place is a shop called Dot Audio Enterprise in TTDI, near the big Maybank on the corner tu (Nadiah, you'd know this place. Dekat gile dgn ur house hehe).

Seriously, best gile kedai ni. Old movies, latest movies - semua ade for RM10 each. And with very very good visual and audio quality. The owner will even tell you honestly if the picture quality is not soo good (I don't understand why he has to put the DVD out if he knows the picture is not great, kiasu punye case aa ni kot). And if you collect 10 stamps (1 DVD, 1 stamp), you'll get 1 free DVD - any movie of your choice. 80% of our DVD collections are bought from this shop and so far, it only has a 'disappointment rate' of perhaps 5% laaa - some of the English subtitles are absolute crap! But other than that, it's all gooood.

The latest addition to our collections are

Burn After Reading - omg you have to watch it. Brad Pitt's hilarioussss in it!

Nanny Diaries - my choice of chick flick this time around. Shed a tear or two at the end of it. Okaylaa.

Righteous Kill - SRB's attempt to neutralize our DVD collections (which are mostly cartoons and romcoms and love dramas hehe) with 'manly' movies haha. Haven't seen it yet but I hope with Deniro and Al Pacino in it, the movie won't disappoint.

The Dark Knight - Christian Bale is super hot and the late Heath Ledger gave a GREAT performance here, so why not? I just love the scene when the big truck slowly terbalik, just awesome mannn.

Next time have to make sure to get 'Madagascar', in preparation to watch the sequel 'Madagascar 2' which will be out soon hehe. I'd like to move it move itttt~

P/S: The renovation work starts today. I can't believe this day would come. Hopefully everything turns out great Insya Allah aminnnn. I can't wait to see the results yippeee!

Friday, November 7, 2008

WWR Plan

After almost 1-month break, now we're back to execution mode a.k.a working on weekend nights aarrgghhh! Although it's fun & lawakss to see colleagues acting silly and weird when everyone dah mamai and high on teh tarik (semua personal secrets pon kluar, boleh gune utk blackmail ni one day muakaka), of course I'd very much prefer to spend the weekend doing my own thinglah kan. *Sigh*

November's gonna be quite an uneventful month, except for one trip to Ipoh at the end of the month for a friend's wedding. Oh crap, belom book cheap hotel to spend a night.

Come December, we're going white-water rafting oo yeahhh!

Errr, obviously Malaysian rivers are not exactly like the pic but it'll be EXCITING nevertheless! The first time I went white-water rafting was in Sabah with my girlfriends before daku berkahwin hehe and it was...BEST giler! Sakit tekak menjerit mcm pompuan gila and sakit perot ketawa sampai dah takleh bercakap. Ohh the sweet timesss.

Anyway, this time around a colleague is organizing it as sort of unofficial team-building session. Bagos ade colleague yg rajin organize events and get-togethers ni. Spouses, partners and friends are also invited coz bayar sendiri2 pun hehe. SRB has agreed to join the fun so yeayyy - if you taknak dear, you know I'll manipulate things till you agree to come hihihi!

Most of my ofismates were surprised when I told them I've done it before - they thought I'm this very lemah-lembut, feminine lady who's afraid of getting physically hurt, sunburnt, etc. thought wrong dude! Just because I wear baju kurung most of the time at work, doesn't mean I'm a perempuan Melayu terakhir in all ways beb. It just means that I'm too lazy to iron my pants and shirts ok muahahaha!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I'm reading this book 'Twilight' by Stephenie Meyer currently

no.1, there's a movie coming out based on this book and you know how I like reading books that are turned into a movie (yeah lame I know, but so what?) and no.2, because the actor playing the hero is sexayyy bebeh hehe (yeah superficial I know, but so what?).

It's about a teenage girl who's in love with a teenage vampire (of course she didn't know at first that he's a vampire laaa gile ke) this is kinda light-reading ajelah. I've been reading it before bedtime and I haven't even reached the part where the book actually explains that he is a vampire, but demmit I have been having nightmares for 2 nights in a row!

First, I dreamed that I can talk to Orang Bunian, they're everywhere but aku sorang jek boleh nampak diorang, WTH aa kan and second night, I dreamed that there's this some sort of lembaga hitam who kept following me around huwaarrgghh! I know it's mainan tido and all, but this is exactly why I am very anti-horror movie okkk. I will keep on terbayang2 hantu tu and terbawak ke tido and then wake up feeling restless.

I'm starting to like the book but please laaa don't gimme nightmares. Ke aku ni yg penakot sgt? Nahhh...I don't think so hahaha!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Testing new template coz am just in the mood to do so.
Let's try this for a few days...until I crave the normalcy back.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Spent the weekend ke hulur ke hilir finding the right materials within our citarasa and most importantly, our budget. As much as I wanna dread it - coz penat nak pikir about the paperwork, detailed design, colors, etc - we gotta start the work soon before the economy turns realll bad over here. Arrgghhh benci aaa sume org naikkan harga barang becoz of oil-price hike dulu. Now that harge minyak dah turun, harge barang taknak ikut turun plak sheeeshhhh!!!! Bloodey unfair~

I kept on worrying whether our choice of colors make sense or whether the whole thing is gonna look like a circus. So while waiting for the contractor to provide the full sketch, we decided to make one on our own hehe. Went to MidValley for some shopping and bought a sketching pad, crayons as well hihi. Found a comfy spot in Coffee Bean and we're all set to start working bebeh chewahhh...

SRB, the more artsy-type compared to me, did some sketching on the new house from different views. I just gave a bit of instructions and couldn't wait to color jek hahaha!

It looked nice on our amateur sketch, so hopefully it turns out great later aminnnn...Now all we have to do is prepare the moolah huwaaaa bankruptlah akuuu!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Great Ocean Road

I purposely save this bit for last - one of the best road trips we ever had together. Driving along Melbourne's Great Ocean Road from morning till dark, with beautiful dramatic beaches on our left and breathtaking country-side scenery on our right all the way. For this one, no need to explain further coz in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. God's creations are wayyy too magnificent - they made us felt soo small Subhanallah.

I'm now head over heels in love with Melbourne~

Cuddly Little Creatures

Of course everybody knows that Australia is famous for its huggable koalas, kangaroos, wallabies and what not kan. So of course we also would grab the chance to meet these lovely creatures while we're there.

They say koala is a nocturnal animal so siang2 ni die tido jek kejenye. But we're lucky to find a fresh-awake little koala bear kat pokok tepi jalan when we stopped to eat while driving along the beach and countryside. Terkejut aa gak tibe2 jek realized that this koala was staring at us from up the tree while we're eating our home-cooked nasi goreng - Ello you up there! You want some of our nasi goreng? Come down herelaaa...come hereeee =p. Seriously CUTE nak mamposss okkk!!! Mata die boolat and badan gumuksss and it was just sitting kat dahan
tu mcm org malas that I felt like grabbing it, giving it a BIG bear hug alalala comelll hehe. We also went to the Koala Conservation Center in Melbourne's Philip Island, so there memang sakit leher looking up the trees for the koalas. I'm not really an animal person, but to me koala is the CUTEST animal ever - period.

The next stop - Philip Island's Wildlife Park. Couldn't wait to meet and feed the kangaroos! In the park, they have wallabies, kangaroos, koala etc roaming freely and we can hand-feed them. I was kinda nervous at first but excited at the same time. Takut aa plak kangaroo tu tendang2 dgn kaki die yg super besar tu to protect themselves ke ape kan. But I guess they got used to the human contact so it was FUN. Now, SRB pulak...hehehe...babe, you know I love you very much but I'm sorry I really have to say this - you penakotttt hahaha! SRB was too nervous around the uncaged animals so he's willing to miss the whole feeding business and became the full-time photographer for me and my kangaroo buddies hehe. Rugi dearrrr hihiks~

Now THIS is the most amazing and unforgettable experience in our whole OZ adventure - watching the penguins return home from their daily fish-hunting trip at Philip Island's Penguin Parade. After a day fishing for food in the sea, the penguins make their way across the beach in groups after sunset to return to their burrows on land. There's a platform and sandy area (ade limitlaa tapi) where you just sit and wait for the penguins. We're not allowed to take pictures or record videos coz it will scare them away from their homes (pics you see below were actually some replicas they made in the main building). So we just sat there on the sand, facing the sea and wait for them to berenang kat pantai and terkedek2 die start jalan balik rumah. Very sweet these penguins tau. They usually wait until their group is complete baru they start walking together2. Sometimes ade yg sampai pantai earlier than the rest, so they acah2 mcm nak jalan to the land, but then swam back into the sea to wait for others. Sometimes even in the middle of walking, if ade yg slow and tertinggal kat belakang, the ones in front will stop and wait. And the way they walk, oh the way they walk...aaaaaAAAaaaa so CUTE!!! I can't really explain it here but it was sooo AMAZING - I want to see them again! OMG best gilerr - experiencing nature at its best! Remind me to watch Happy Feet again dude.


Now, Melbourne on the other hand is a city I LOVE!!! It's a bit like New York city, but with less noise and air pollution hehe. We took a tramp around the city, then spent most of the time walking by the river and buying souvenirs for friends and families back at home. If SRB ever gets an oversea assignment to Melbourne, memang I'll quit my job and follow him in a heartbeat mannn, serious!

Getting food is quite easy coz I think 40% of people in Melbourne consist of Asian people - Chinese, Indian, Melayu, Pak Arab, you name it - semua memang bersepah di mana-mana. So there are lots of Asian restaurants everywhere. Nando's there is halal too, so you can always eat there if you can't find any other halal food joints.

Lil brother went to the city a day earlier to meet his friend and saw Siti Nurhaliza, Datuk K and his children in a restaurant. So SRB was kinda hoping we'd bumped into them too when we were there so that we could snap pictures and send them to the tabloids hahaha buduhhh! But no luck takde keje aku nak jadi paparazzi plak hahaks!

Strolling around Melbourne city really reminded us on those days during our merry years as students (and as a new couple hihihi) wandering through the city that never sleeps - the unforgettable New York City *sigh*.


Perth for me is a very laid-back, not-too-busy city which is dead by 7PM. Seriously, we walked around the city after dinner by the river and jalan memang lengang takde org and kereta langsung. Most shops of course dah tutup by 5PM except for some souvenirs shops run by Asian people. Didn't know Australians are soo family-oriented that right after work, they all go back to their loved ones at home. Either that, or they're all busy socializing in bars and clubs on some dark alleys somewhere haha. But it was nice just walking around, holding hands, enjoying the city's peacefulness =)

While SRB went to his Oil & Gas convention, I did spent some time sight-seeing sikit during daytime. Nothing much...just took free bus rides around the city to see the suburbs (very modern & contemporary apt designs they have there), the business district, the shopping malls, the city skyline, etc. Walked around a bit to take some pictures, but it was too hot mcm Mesia gak so after getting some great shots, I went back to the comfort of the air-conditioned bus hehe.

After SRB's presentation, we had a little more time before our flight to Melbourne so went to Aquarium of Western Australia (AQWA) for some 'fishy' experience hehe. It's kinda similar to our Aquaria, but they have so much more weird/unique-looking sea creatures that can only be found in Australian coast and the sharks there were wayyyy bigger than we have in Mesia. Seriau aku tgk eeee.

On Wednesday night, off we flew to Melbourne oh yeahhhh~

The beautiful blooming flowers everywhere

The laid-back city
The Hillary's Boat Harbour

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Man and Wife

"Only twice in your life do they pronounce you anything. The first is man and wife. And the second is DEAD."

"What you have to understand is that at different times in her life, a woman is like the world. From 13-18, she's like Africa - virgin territory. From 18-30, she's like Asia - hot and exotic. From 30-45, she's like America - fully explored but generous with her resources. From 45-55, she's like Europe - a bit exhausted, a bit knackered but still with many places of interest. And from 55 onwards, she's like Australia - everybody knows it's down there somewhere but very few will make the effort to find it."

Hello earthlings,
I'm back.
Perth was...meh~
But Melbourne was AWESOME!!!
Best vacation ever so far babyyy!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tak sabar!

I am ECSTATIC (*jumping up and down*)!!! Think I got everything covered for our trip starting this Sunday. Bak kate dear husband, 'tinggal bawak badan aje' hehehe YEAYYY! I am forever grateful that I work close to a shopping mall where I can get most of the things I need.

The suck-ass thing is, have to work this Friday night till Saturday. God...let's get it all over with the damn servers, shall we?!! Need to handover to a colleague who will handle the shaitss while I'm gone - sorry babe hihi. THEN...see ya later alligator, I am off to Land Down Under bebeh! Ohhh tak sabar tak sabar!

Apologize in advance to all friends and families yg buat open-house, kami tak dapat nak menghadirkan diri. Bukan sengaje, but we're getting some fresh, different air, out of this country for a bit. But if you guys buat open-house even after raye dah abis pon, no worries...Insya Allah we'll come.

I am all excited coz I'll be leaving my brain behind, not think about the stuff that matters in life and just relax while enjoying the Australian breeze. But SRB is a bit nervous coz he has to present a paper in some Oil & Gas conference. Oh, did I mention that we are actually going there not just for pleasure, but for business as well? Yesss, as usual...I'm the significant other who always tags along in business trips hihi!

I wish I could see him present in front of a whole bunch of big-shot engineers, but oh's for registered SPE only. But dear, do know that I am proud of what you're doing no matter what happens during the presentation ok? YOU CAN DO IT BABY! Gambatteeee...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Family Way

They stayed close to their home and the people who knew them best. Because once they strayed beyond the orbit, there were too many questions that infuriated them.
"So when are you two love birds going to start a family?" his mother would ask them with a grin, usually after she had told an anecdote about the wonder of her granddaughter, Chloe.
"We're already a family, Ma," Paulo told his mother, told her again and again until she finally got it. "A family of two."

Dear Tony,
How can I not agree with you, ever?
Sincerely, Me

Friday, October 10, 2008

Too much to do

Around one more week to go before our OZ Adventure huyeaahhh! Will be all jakun going into Business Class of MAS - thanks to dear SRB's extra Enrich Points muahhss muahhss! Since AU Dollar turun from 2.9 to 2.5, the notes in most banks in KLCC dah habissss. I can't believe it. Guess I have to go to some small, cikai but licensed Pengurup Wang hehe. Lil bro said weather in OZ is a bit unpredictable, so better bring a jacket. And I'm thinking...let's shop for a new jacket!!! The ones I wore in US mcm ntah kat mane. Hehehe...

On another note, we are now entering a whole new world of home renovation bebeh. Honestly, I dunno a thing about it. Clueless beb. Growing up, I never really amek tau whenever my parents did renovation to the house. Tau2 jek voila, dah ade bilik baru, dah ade dining area baru. Yup, life as a kid is soo straight-forward hehe.

So now baru nak belajar sikit2. Magazines, internet, Casa Impian series...are all part of our research. How much does sekampit simen cost, wiring we need to consider if nak cabut tiang, structure we need to consider if nak pecahkan dinding, different type of tiles, different type of papan, where to find cheap but good tiles, papan, cat, type of rumput carpet yg bagos, where to find cheap and beautiful stuff for landscaping...omg pening. We are sooo amateur in this. But it's a whole new adult thing to do I guess. It's pretty exciting and at the same time, mencabar kesabaran renovating and decorating our house together (trust me, we don't agree on the same thing most of the time hehe).

Also a new world we are entering now is apartment-renting. Finding reliable agents, deciding type of tenants to consider (students, pak arab, pakistanis - have to be careful with them), finding cheap but durable air-cond to install in some of the rooms, finding cheap but decent TV-set, bed, etc to leave behind for the tenant. Quite a lot of things to manage there, while also juggling with the ever-so-demanding office work huwargghhh.

So, ade sape2 nak rent semi-furnished apartment, 15-minute drive to KLCC? Give us a call okeh?

I think by next year, we'll be soo damn broke that there'll be no money left for vacations isk isk isk. Well...if after all the renovations work our new home turns out to be this little piece of heaven in our world, we'll just go for vacation and relax dalam rumah aje pun dah best hahaks!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Picture Perfect

First Day of Raya at Segamat:

The Salam-salam

The Family

The Aunties & Cousins
The Beloved Grandma
The Cheeky Little Boy

Second Day of Raya at Batu Pahat:

The Raya BBQ - with kuah asam yg masyuukkk!

The Cousins - yg konon2 sebok membakar hotdog hehe
The Penjaga Sate - bile nak siap ni bang =p
The Fireworks - berebut tuuu
The most awaited Green Envelope

The Beautiful Anak2 Dara & Mak2 Dara hehe
The Handsome Heroes
The Family - tak cukup korum daaa

Third Day of Raya back at Segamat:

The Besansss

Last but not least, The Little Family of Two:

I had a BLAST during Raya. I hope you did too...