Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The WPF Home

So I went to Watsons today to get the TruDtox thingy just to find out that the small pack is out of stock at the moment. I'm not gonna buy the jumbo pack which costs rm88 when I'm not even sure it's really gonna work or not. See people? See how the 'nature' is preventing me from being healthy? It's like there's this dark force sending me hidden message by creating obstacles for me on getting healthy food/drinks. And who am I to go against the 'nature'? Wakakaka =p

On another note, this one is specially dedicated to SRB yg jauh nun di sana. If everything goes well and we managed to get the WPF home (aminnnnn), I suggest we get this as well:

Possible TV Lounge 1

Or this:

Possible TV Lounge 2

Please don't say that it's girlish. It's not girlish laa dear. It's cozy!!! It makes you wanna be a couch-potato all day long. Kan kan? Okay, maybe not the exact wallpaper, but perhaps the same color range? What did you say? Oh, so you agree with me? Okay cunnnn! Hehehehe...

In the meantime, let's pray semoga dimurahkan rezeki and everything berjalan lancar. Amin Ya Rabbal 'Alaminnnn =)

Monday, April 28, 2008

It's time to detox

Too much food last weekend. Sangat tidak sihat! But sometimes I'm torn between cravings and health awareness. Almost always, cravings trump health hehe. Ngangangaa...this is not good.

Saturday went to Mid Valley with HZ semata-mata to fulfill my craving for the best Assam Laksa of all time - the one in a little cafe in Jaya Jusco 3rd Floor. Forget Laksa Shack, forget Little Penang Cafe. This is waaaaay better dude!

The Best Assam Laksa Ever
I know it looks like typical Assam Laksa but nooo. Don't judge a book by it's cover beb. This one memang lain dari yg lain and yummy as ever - tak tipu! It's quite pedas for my standard but it's sooo good that all the sweats and 'hingus' are worth it. Okay, that's disgusting haha!

Since the cafe was getting crowded and Mid Valley was too noisy for our gossip session, we headed to The Curve to hang out. Lepak2, borak2, kumpat2, then went to Big Apple Donuts and Coffee to buy 'buah tangan' for FM since I was gonna overnight at her house that night. I've never tried Big Apple Donuts before coz I was sucked into the major publicity of J-CO Donuts sampai sanggup queue up for 45 minutes for their over-the-top donuts hehe. But this time decided to try Big Apple pulak
and I found that saya sangat terhibur dgn rupabentuk donut di Big Apple. Call me jakun or wutever, but take a look at this!

Isn't this cute and creepy at the same time? Hehe
I felt goosebumps as I saw this Duren Duren coz it's sooo freaky but cute as well! Mcm landak pon ade gak - like you'll see feet emerging out of nowhere and the donut starts to move urrgggkkkkkhh! I know I'm not gonna eat it coz I don't really like durian, but I bought a pack of 6-donut including this Duren Duren, solely because of its interesting presentation hehe. Plus, I know FM loves durian-flavored food. SRB, you're gonna love this as well! All in all, in terms of the taste, Big Apple Donuts = J-CO Donuts.

Food escapade continued with the lovely, good-old home-cooked dinner at FM's. Boleh buat menantu FM ni hikhikhik! Nothing beats a nice homemade meal and laughter with a close friend on a quiet Saturday night. Hmmm...okay, maybe there IS something else that can beat that, but I will not mention it here hahahahaha!

Remember, my last entry I told about my dad trying to lure me to stay in USJ with sambal udang? Turned out, it was not udang. It was actually lobster!!! Okay lobster is actually a giant udang so my dad can be excused for misleading me hehe. Apparently, my mom bought the lobsters from her trip to Sabah and would not cook them until we balik rumah.

The Tempting Lobster
So voila! There I was on Sunday, at home, at the dining table, waiting to terkam the lobster masak lemak cili api. Tasted like ketam masak lemak - which is my favourite, but this time without the struggle of korek isi and tension coz isi die turns out to be seciput jek hehe. So, HEAVEN! Speaking of eating lobster, teringat Red Lobster in Wolf Road *sigh*. The good old days...

Now you see how much I ate last weekend? With the acidic assam laksa, the fattening donut, masak lemak and all, I feel like it's time to detox my body. So my next mission is to drink this TruDtox thingy which I have been planning to try but somehow fail to do so (also known as laziness tahap naga).

An effort to be healthy - Herbal Tea
The website says that it can help our body to detoxify without creating bowel dependency a.k.a uncontrollable cirit-birit muahahaha! If you also control the kind of food you take, it can also help you lose weight. So maybe I'll try this and lose weight and by the time SRB gets back, tadaaaa!!! The new, slimmer me hahahaha...AS IF!!!

Wish me luck!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Goodbye my loverrr...goodbye my frienddd

Gawddd...this James Blunt song is annoying - in fact, all his songs are annoying haha! But now, I'm listening to it anyway to commemorate SRB leaving for Houston today iskkk. Now he's probably waiting to board the plane while listening to lagu-lagu syahdu from my HD (SRB, I hope you're listening to Anuar Zain's Ketulusan Hati - the ultimate, overplayed lagu jiwang today utk menambahkan kesyahduan wakakaka).

Illustration for SRB waiting for his boarding time hehe.
(Obviously this is not him. This is my cousin. Sangat
kelakar coz he's posing mcm perasan bagos hahaha!)

I know some would say "Laaaa...10 hari bukannye lama pon" but when you get used to having a permanent companion for most part of your everyday life, you gotta admit'd feel some sort of emptiness when the companion is gone for a bit. Admitting it out loud will result in people calling you 'jiwang karat' but the true fact is, everybody feels the same way given the same situation. point explaining further, you get what I mean.

So now it's time to catch up with friends who I seldom meet and hear from while busy managing 'rumahtangga' hehe. Besides that, my Mom and Dad are also busy trying to lure me to stay in USJ while SRB is away. Dad even said "Tidolah rumah. Mama masak sambal udang ni." Whattt??? Sangat kelakar okkk given the fact that I never told them that my favourite dish is sambal udang hahaha! I'll think about that first ok Bah, coz you know, since living 15-minutes-drive away from workplace ni...I now feel super duper extra lazy to drive all the way from USJ to KL hehehehe...

Have a nice weekend peeps!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Men, men...manly men

Saw an old episode of Gossip Girl on 8tv tadi and damnnn I can't wait to watch the latest one! I am a sucker for TV series especially those involving dysfunctional, screwed-up relationships hehe. They make you appreciate the simple, straightforward life you currently have. I mean...I know we all have our share of ups and downs in our lives, but let's face it...have you ever been in a situation where your ex-boyfriend (who has a gay father) is screwing your mom behind your back, and later discovered that your dad is having an affair with your next-door neighbour who also happens to be your current boyfriend foster mother? Can't quite catch up with that huh? Well...this actually happened to those people living in 'The O.C'. Hahaks!

And of course, I also got addicted to many kinds of TV series because o
f the HOT men who keep popping up on all these shows hehe. Like duh...don't tell me you watch 'Prison Break' because you want to learn how to get your ass out of a maximum-security jail?!

After saying all that, here's my take on the winners for some awards in TV land (well, at least in MY tvland lah hehe):

The Coolest Dad
- Rufus Humphrey -

The Hottest Politician
- Senator Robert McCallister -

The Steamy-est Doctor
- Mark Sloan -
The Cutest Geek
- Seth Cohen -

The Sexiest Prisoner
- Michael Scofield -

And last but not least, my favourite award in the history of TV show...
I present to you...

- Horatio Caine -
(Why this award? Why him? Watch
the show, you'll agree with me hehe)

So...I watch too much TV huh? =p

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Crash boom bang

My laptop crashed last weekend - thanks to some mp3 product which I should not mention here since I know many people love this annoying, pretentious gadget. Funny part is, I was more worried about saving my Gossip Girl series compared to saving my work hahaha! Okay, okay...I know we should not abuse the privilege given by the company, but heck...since when I follow rules anyway? Hehe. However, to my dear SRB - I think people who put b*b*.c or b*t*h.c as their programming filenames should NOT be allowed to touch or even smell computers. Agree? =p

Stress level for the month is increasing due to work piling up, peer pressure in that aspect of life, big decision which leaves you emotionally drained, etc. Come next week, there'll be the 'temporary separation' which I have to face (the longest!), which sucks but hopefully I'll be entertained by having the bitches around hehe.

Hmmm...I dream of fresh air and cool breeze of the ocean, playing and laughing on the swing.

(He'll kill me for putting this weeee! Haha)

When is our next vacation?

Friday, April 18, 2008


I'm dealing with 'adult stuff' right now so I have to think like an adult.
And I'm feeling....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Kicking & Screaming

Futsal was grrreat yesterday! Kicking and screaming like a bunch of mad women on the loose hehe. Added few more bruises to my kaki though - how the hell do people get lebam on tapak kaki? - hence no heels for work today. But in the name of sportsmanship (chewahhh), no sweat bebeh!

No. 2 rulesss! =p

Next two weeks, I'm gonna have the house to myself. SRB will be going to Houston for a week isk isk. So SRS
is gonna have a Labor Day parrrrtayyyyy over here huhu! Bintulu and Kerteh girls will be coming down too. Girlsss...bring your comfy pajamas, chick flicks, some gossips along and we're good to go hehe!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

To buy or not to buy

Are we buying?
Definitely maybe?
Hmmm...I think we're buying!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Retro babyyy!

This morning, husband decided to switch from our regular radio station, (Will Quah is macho and hot woohooo!) to a retro Malay station - against my will of course. But then this song came out and it was pretty groovy and catchy:
Adikku pandai menari
Menari dia menari
Adikku pandai menari
Menari menghiburkan hati....

Apparently by Aman Shah - Adikku Pandai Menari (what do you expect the title would be? Haha). Very sesuaiii if played during our company's Dinner and Dance last March. Barulaa betul 70's and 80's Revival. Most of the songs they played in the end at that time (meant for the Dance part I guess) were sooo out-of-theme, it's funny! Remix version of Irwan Shah's 'Pencinta Wanita' and Peter Pan's 'Mungkin Nanti' - how is that 70's and 80's Revival?! Sheesshhh...not that I wanted to dancelah, but kinda ruined our retro mood and costumes hehehe~

Ish ish ish...sape yg syok sendiri ni? =p

With Mr. CEO

With the 'wig'gies hehe

With the girlsss - let's boogie baybehhh!
The depressing part was the Lucky Draw. Three people in my table got their numbers called out. Two of the three sat exactly next to my left and right (I thought I was gonna get all their lucky 'aura' but hell no!). One of them even walked away with LCD TV!!! Now, THAT'S freaking unlucky me!

But in the end, we 'posed' the night away. So all is well and fun =)

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Last Lecture

I got to know about Randy Pausch's The Last Lecture while browsing through Astro channels last week. Maybe I was feeling a bit down or 'pms'ish at the time that I decided to watch Oprah (I never watch Oprah unless her guests are some celebrities trying to explain scandals implicating them. Oooo yeahhh I LOVE meaningless celebrity gossips hehe!).

Anyway, I didn't watch the whole show but I got the gist of his story - he's a professor in CMU and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only has 3-6 months to live. He delivered an inspiring 'last lecture' in CMU last September about
"Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams" which was actually meant for his young kids. Okay, dah start sedih di situ.

Then yesterday I came across the book version of that lecture in MPH.

I went straight to the last section of the book where he wrote some last words for his kids and before I know it...there and then 'banjir' okayyy! See, I admit that I am the kind of person who cries easily reading books and watching movies but this is different. Baru few pages reading the book, I already had some chest pains (must be from the muffled, choked cries I'm trying not to unleash) and blurring vision (maybe due to tears welling up...or maybe 'habuk masok mata'. Banyak habuk kat situ wooo hahaha!). Here's my favourite part of the book:

There are so many things I want to tell my children, and right now, they’re too young to understand. Dylan just turned 6.
Logan is 3. Chloe is 18 months old. It pains me to think that they won’t have a father. When I cry in the shower, a percentage of my sadness is, “I won’t, I won’t, I won’t…” But a bigger part of me grieves for them.

I keep thinking: “They won’t… they won’t… they won’t.” That’s what chews me up inside, when I let it.

I know their memories of me may be fuzzy. That’s why I’m trying to do things with them that they’ll find unforgettable.

Dylan and I went to swim with dolphins. When a kid swims with dolphins, he doesn’t easily forget it. I’m going to bring Logan to Disney World, a place that I know he’ll love as much as I do.I’m aware that Chloe may have no memory of me at all. But I want her to grow up knowing that I was the first man ever to fall in love with her. I’d always thought the father/daughter thing was overstated. But I can tell you, sometimes, she looks at me and I just become a puddle.

Aaaa...sedih gileee!!! Now, if you don't feel anything after reading that, something is really wrong with you mannn...

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Suburb Adventure

One of the things that husband and I looooove to do on weekends is going for our little 'suburb adventure' or simply put - house hunting hehe. Well...technically we can't literally call it house hunting pon since most of the time, we'd go to places which are ridiculously unaffordable and craaaazy expensive! So actually, it's more like 'house-drooling' really hehehe.

Location of choice for today is Mont Kiara. And dream house of choice for this week is Villa Mont Kiara.

When you see not one, but two international schools around the area...hehe you can pretty much have some idea on how your bank account statement should look like in order to live there. Freaking unfair! How many millionaires/billionaires do we have in this country huh?! Seriously...too many!

Nevertheless, I still love feasting my eyes with all these jaw-dropping-beautiful houses specially built for people with super excessive moolah~

Next location?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

NO to American Idol 7!

Okay, I know this is late...but Michael Johns is out of American Idol?? WTH?! Seriously people, WTH?!

Can't you see how hot he is? He's got a sexy voice, he's a kick-ass performer on stage, he's a freaking rockstar okay! What is wrong with you people?! Call me lame or anything, but now...I am officially boycotting the show! (I know it's totally not the producer's fault that he's out, but who cares? I still refuse to watch the injustice happening in the show, over and over again!)

On another note, we're planning to play basketball in some open court in Bandar Utama today. Kirah is now gathering up the crews. Anybody else up for it?

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Recent Getaway - Pulau Lang Tengah

Not many people have heard of Pulau Lang Tengah. Heck...if resorts in Pulau Redang were not fully booked last March, I'd be lost as well. Found out about this island while I was on the verge of giving up in finding 4 available rooms for me and gang to stay in Redang. Since Redang was not happening, we went for the NEXT best thing - the island NEXT to Redang a.k.a Lang Tengah hehe.

FYI, Pulau Lang Tengah is located between Pulau Redang and Pul
au Perhentian. It's a small, peaceful island with only 4km-radius and 3 operational resorts. The sand here is super-smooth I tell ya! Have not been to Redang so I wouldn't know how pretty/unpretty it is there, but will make a point to explore it someday. Pulau Perhentian I have indeed explored and to-date, it's the most awesome pulau I have been in Semenanjung Malaysia.

Highlights of my Lang Tengah trip:

Beautifooool sandy beach
Resort's cozy viewing platform

Always ended up finishing last or 2nd last in Sahibba
(that's because I focused on only spelling the word
instead of spelling words with high marks - hehe alasan)

Snorkeling with the sharks...NOT! Hehe
(Some German tourists saw sharks bigger than them though)

Beach volley with shirtless guys
- especially one particular subtle-six-pack guy *drool* -
(ok, honestly i wasn't's just that we were having
too much fun playing that we forgot to take pictures hehe)

And of course, the best of all...chilling with husband =)

All in all, I must say that it was nice to get away from the city life and just 'lepak' with loved ones... with nothing to worry except whether we're gonna be eaten by sharks or not while snorkeling hahaha!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why Blog?

A question that bloggers and non-bloggers alike ask quite often.

Prior to the unexpected birth of my blog, I did some research (nowadays people consider 'Google' as research right? Well...I am 'people'. Hehe). So here's what I found:

Top 3 reasons people blog:
1. Blogging for Attention - can be positive or negative
2. Blogging for Money - information publishing platform
3. Blogging for Influence - influencing public opinions

My reason? To SHARE...because at 25, I just realized that life is too stressful to go through it alone =)

Hello World!