Thursday, July 26, 2012

In-house Param

Achievement so far 

Yeah, I know, I know...most of them are of the goreng2 kind - not so healthy. But these are the easiest and most-likely-to-menjadi ones thehehe. That's why I made them first. In a way, it motivates and gives me courage to try making the other more complicated kuih tradisional. Sort of like, if I can do this, certainly I can do THAT. Know what I mean? 

So after this, perhaps it's time for me to attempt to make kuih yg manis2 plak. But most of my favorite kuih manis kena buat guna steamer - ngaaaa...high chances for the kuih to turn out lembiks di situ tidaakk! I'm also having a hard time finding daun pandan here in Dubai. So, that kinda limits my options for recipes that I can try coz apparently, like coconut milk, pandan juice is an essential ingredient in almost all kuih melayu.

Oh well, wish me luck! 

P/S: I did manage to buat murtabak, but murtabak segeralaa hehe. Coz kulit buat pakai the frozen kulit popia. Who knew we can make murtabak using that?! *Jakuunn*

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ramadhan 2012

The holy month of Ramadhan starts tomorrow (Friday) here in Dubai. Nasib baik dah buat groceries today, so I am all stocked up and fully prepared to do some creative cooking for berbuka for at least a week. My goal this year is to learn to make at least 1 kuih tradisional every other day (nak buat everyday macam ambitious sangat laa pulak kan hehe). Kuih apa nak buat  tu belum research lagilah hehe, but if by end of this year's Ramadhan I managed to successfully buat murtabak from scratch, that'd be AWESOME! 

Subuh is around 4AM this year so gotta get up by 3AM the latest to prepare sahur meals. Usually I'd cook nasi and lauk before I go to sleep and then just reheat everything before sahur, so by waking up at 3AM, memang sempatlah sepatutnya utk makan dgn tenang and tak terkejar2 before habis waktu. And as per every year, my hope and goal this year is, again, not to miss sahur. Didn't manage to do that last year, so this time around I'll try harder not to ignore my alarm clock.

There are also some other goals but I want to keep those private - nanti niat dah salahlah pulak kan if semua benda nak publish heh. Nevertheless, let us all pray that Allah grants us ease & patience to perform more ibadah and may Allah accept all our ibadah & good deeds in this blessed month of Ramadhan, Insya Allah Amiinnn...

Ramadhan Mubarak everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Just posted pics of our recent trip to Venice in FB. So now tgh jiwang, reminiscing about the good times we had strolling along the long, narrow streets (sampai sesat tak jumpe jalan pulang while kaki dah rase nak tercabut), eating pizza or pasta almost 3 times a day (deliciousss but arghh gemoks!) and of course the best of all - the romantic gondola ride on the small canals of Venice. I want to live in Venice just for the gondola rides!

Anyway, here's a video of a gondola ride with serenade (which we did not take because no.1 it's crazy expensive and no.2 we prefer the slow and quiet ride - I think it's more romantic that way). I found both the song and singer very cute heheh!