Sunday, August 31, 2008

Happy Fasting

Aaaaahhh another relaxing Sunday...especially knowing that tomorrow still cuti woohoo~

Last night, went to dinner at Italiannies, The Curve and later were hooked to the Merdeka concert they're having in front of IKEA. Didn't plan to stay there for long pon actually coz one of the bands performing (a non-famous rock band who always performs in pubs or hotels jek I think) was so awful & bingit, until we saw jeng jeng man Ferhad escorted by police to backstage huyeahhh! I LOVE live performance from Ferhad, he's very audience-friendly & lovable. And his music is catchy and makes you just wanna moooovee hehe. I was really looking forward to his 'Kasih Berubah' (I mean come on, he MUST sing that song ok), but we decided to head back earlier to avoid the traffic jam. But Ferhad, great show dude!

This morning, was awaken by the sound of either some plane or helicopter flying really low, I dunno, but it was loud! Then baru teringat, oh today is Merdeka Day - Happy Independence Day everyone! So it must be the jet pejuang from the show they're having at Dataran Merdeka. Last year, we sempat tengok the air show from our very own balcony hehe. But this year, just sempat tengok all the kereta kebal on their way home jek from the balcony.

And oh, it's been a long time since I watched the Puasa announcement on TV, you know, the "saya, bagi pihak penyimpan mohor-mohor besar" thingy tu (I wonder if the same pakcik is doing it). But ermm...confirm esok puasa kan?

Selamat berpuasa peeps and be good this Ramadhan =p

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Man and Boy

"Looking at her collection of books and records made me like her even more. But probably looking at anyone's books and records will make you feel that way, even if they have lots of rubbish. Because what they like, and what they used to like, reveals things about them that they wouldn't normally choose to advertise."

"I had heard somewhere that a problem at work is like a plane crash that you can walk away from. It's not like your personal life, where you can't get away from your problems, no matter how far you run."

Ohohoho...totally agree with you there mate.
I am soo gonna love this book.
Ok, will shut up now and continue reading =)

Bang bang boom

Went to watch the finale of Malaysia International Fireworks Competition last night. A friend said it'll start at 9.30PM but usually the place will be crowded as hell starting at 8.00PM. Reached PICC area around 8.50PM and whaddaya know, it was already crowded.

Bought some food from one of the long row of food stalls, bentang tikar and we're good for the show.

Tunggu punye tunggu punye tunggu, tengok2 the fireworks show didn't start until about 10.05PM. I hope it wasn't because of the late arrival of some big shot VIPs. It pisses me off thinking that those people thought it's okay for them to always be late. People are forced to make way for you and your whole police platoon on the road all the time, but you're still late?! Sheeeshh...

Anyway, the show was quite nice. There were never-ending 'oooooohs and aaaaaahs and waaaaaahhh' throughout the whole spectacle.

Sorrylaaa...the pic above was not taken using a high-end, fancy SLR camera, just my good old little Ixus. But you should be there...memang meriah jugaklah.

Maybe we'll come again next year.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Movie Date

Had a movie date with SRB last Wednesday to watch this cute but lonely little fella, Wall-E.
A friend of mine ckp this movie will make you cry, pastu ketawa, pastu nangis balik, pastu ketawa again. So I thought this cartoon memang will provoke your emotions gile babeng aaa. But after watching it, well...takdelah emotional-roller-coaster sangat. I mean, yup definitely sedih seeing how lonely he is on earth and desperately longing for a friend sampai berkawan dgn lipas. But I didn't cry lah, and believe me...I am the person who easily cries reading books or watching movies.

Overall, I LOVE the plots and concept of this film. Pixar memang DEWA in animation movies aaa. It is especially scary seeing that 700 years in the future, humans become soooo freaking fat for relying too much on robots. Even nak jalan on own feet pon tak reti perghh.

SRB and I both agreed that at the rate we're going right now, it's possible for that to really happen to us nanti. Even now ni pon, more and more things are automatic and we found that manual stuff are just old-fashioned and menyusahkan. Ok, we are being taken over by robots people!!!! Hehe.

Whatever it is, go watch Wall-Eeeeeee~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fav Tunes

Coz if one day you wake up and find that you're missing me

And your heart starts to wonder where on this earth I can be

Thinking maybe you'd come back here to the place that we'd meet

And you'd see me waiting for you on the corner of the street

So I'm not moviiiiIIIiiinnnggg
I'm not moviiiiiiIIIIiiiiiiiiiinnnggg....

Biarlah oh pari pari
Usah kau bersedih haaaAAAaaati
Ku percayakan muuuu

Biarlah oh pari pari
Usah kau bersedih
Ku akan kembaliiii


Monday, August 25, 2008


The good thing about having to work on weekends now is that I won't have to worry about Monday blues. Coz we get time-off on Monday huyeah! But the bad thing is, the rest of the week feels sooo short that sometimes can't get enough things done before the next execution. Oh well...

Baru nak enjoy what feels like a loong weekend but now SRB has to go offshore pulak. Alaaa...

Bosan aa camni. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm proud of what he does for living and all, but last minute call to go offshore just sucks sometimes.

Aaaaaanyhoo, have a safe trip babe! Now I can conquer the TV remote muahahaha~

Friday, August 22, 2008


I fractured my thumb while playing futsal last Wednesday. Tadaaaa....

I dunno how it happened, I guess my hand was at the wrong place, wrong time. At the risk of sounding like such a crybaby, I just wanna say, BLOODY HELL sakit giler ok? Couldn't imagine if patah teros huwarrgghh!

Went to Ampang Putri Hospital punye klinik and had to wait for like 2 hours before doc confirmed there was a fracture. Adoilaaa...

Memang I usually got many kinds of bruises on my body due to sports but this is the first time ever I've actually fractured/broken a bone. So macam agak jakun with the pain and all. I'm especially in panic mode seeing my whole left tumb turned purplish blue isk.

So now I'm kinda separa OKU jugaklah hehe. Eh dude seriously, you never know how many things you couldn't do without your thumb until you lose it. Nak pakai tudung pun susah woooo. Doc said it will take around 3 weeks to heal. Aiyaaa...dahlaa puasa dah dekat. How am I gonna prepare sahur for dear SRB with no thumb? Hehe...

Wish me well~

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Silver Medal

So Lee C W lost last night. And yeah, we're all upset not so much because of the fact that he lost, but HOW he lost. It looked too easy for Lin D. And too painful for Lee C W, and even Misbun Sidek. Adoilaaa.

Lil brother was all patriotic about the match sampai gantung bendera ok haha!

All of us lepak together after having Nasi Beriani Gam (Johor mariii) for dinner, to watch the only chance for Malaysia to have a gold medal in Olympics.

And we cheered when Lee C W managed to get a point!

Then frustrated pulak cause Lin D was just too good. And in the end, semua keciwa coz Malaysia failed to put up a good fight for the gold.

Oh well, I'm sure you tried your best Lee C W. And I'm very sorry that you didn't win the RM1 million reward. But I guess bomoh China guna mambang yg lagi power kot hahaha! Better luck next time dude!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Am now very addicted to this.
Is there any negative side effects of drinking it regularly?

Am now working in BDC and it's 12:30AM huwargh.

Luckily there's a cute guy here who can be my eye candy for tonight.
And, he's got the same taste in music as me!
Seriously, half of the songs in his playlist are the same as mine!
Now, that's interesting hihihihi~

Wednesday, August 13, 2008




Sorry...I just need to let it out of my system.
I am letting work get into me. Not good.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Did you see the Olympics opening ceremony? Sooo awesome, I got goosebumps watching it. Favorite event to watch this Olympics would definitely be Men Swimming muahaha! SRB pagi-pagi lagi dah tengok Women Beach Volley ish ish ish hehe.

Had to work all-night last weekend. Was excited at first coz after months of planning, we're finally in execution mode. But now am mentally and physically tired. PM didn't really say when we can get the time-off but tengok2 today he's not in. "Bertuah" betul. So much for the "everybody has to be in the office on Monday coz we need to report the status to Madam K" - yeah right, whatever dude!

Today is gonna be worse than Monday blues bluaerrghh~

Friday, August 8, 2008

Roger, Over & Out

Checklist documents - check

Work Permits - check

Test Cases - check

Sweater - check

Selimut - check

Bantal kecik - check

Berus gigi, ubat gigi, pencuci muka - check

DVDs to watch - check (Finding Nemo wajib!)

Torchlight - alamak tak beli battery lagi

Walkie talkie - alamak tak dpt lagi. I need this man! In case ade kejadian 'mistik' yg tak diingini, I'll scream on top of my lungs on the walkie talkie lorr haha

We're gonna have an all-night stake out this weekend dude! Hehe

Happy 08.08.08 everyone~

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Juices from Lala Land

Some people in the office are pissing me off. So I'm tuning myself out of this crapola and entertaining myself by virtually flipping through my favourite magazine - hehe. The best tabloid ever hehe. If only the hardcopy version is not soo expensive kat Mesia ni.

So the biggest news is People has won the rights to publish the first picture of Jolie-Pitt's brand new twins - Knox and Vivienne.

They looked like...babies. I always don't understand why media always berebut to publish pictures of few-weeks-old babies. Kecik2 sgt, they all look the same maa. Tunggu besar sikitlaa, then only you can see if baby looks more like mom or the sexaayyy dad hihi. But that pic of Shiloh holding her sister? Alalala...CUTEST!!! Oh btw, I am totally pro Jennifer Aniston. So %^&$#^* Brangelina!

And apparently memang Lindsay Lohan has seriously turned gay! I thought before this they were just trying to fool the tabloids. But it's looking more and more intense. Hmm...I see another Britney-ish train wreck happening soon.

On a related news - Living Lohan in E! channel. Are you one of those who watch the series as one of your guilty pleasures?

Hehe come on, mengaku ajelah weyy. Well, I am. SRB couldn't stand it hihi. But I don't watch it coz I'm a fan, I watch it coz I like watching them making a fool out of themselves. And those two up there? Seriously most desperate WANNABE ever, even worse than the Kardashians. Trying too damn hard to be famous, it's funny.

And oh oh, have you seen that pictures of Sienna Miller and Getty Belthazar? (You're starting to ruin Brothers & Sisters for me lah dude coz now I hate you).

The topless ones I mean. Go Google if you haven't. Am not gonna post 18SX pics here hehe. Considering that guy is still married ('separated' is still legally married what?), those pics memang agak daring and obscene aa. If I'm the wife, well, by now the husband should be very very afraid aaa hahaha! And now, Sienna Miller wants to sue other people for invasion of privacy? You suka2 berasmaradana with laki org in a public beach and now you're blaming it on the paparazzi? S.T.U.P.I.D.B.I.T.C.H.

Distorted world of the rich and famous. Now I'm entertained hehe.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Funny? No?

Married Dude A: My boss told me that I had to finish up my 15-day annual leave soon coz they can't be carried forward to next year. So I'm spending 15 days chilling and relaxing in a hotel room, alone, while everyday, my wife and the 7 kids thought that I've gone to work. I need some peaceful and quiet 'ME' time, ya know.
Married Dude B: What?! Didn't they tell you? Once you get married, the 'M' in ME will be turned upside down into a 'W', and then bamm! Everything becomes a 'WE'. There's no such thing as 'ME' anymore dude!
Married Dude A: WTF?
Married Dude B: Yeah man! It's true. Think about it.
Married Dude A: ........

- Carpoolers -