Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Too Early

Let it be remembered that today...I actually stepped into this stinking office tepat jam 7.05 pagi huwaaarrgghhh!!!

Had to get up early coz dear husband is having a telecon with Houston people at 7am. Bloody time difference!!!

Of course I don't usually come to the office THIS early. You think I'm THAT crazy? *YAWN*

Monday, March 30, 2009

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Watched the annual English Drama in TKC last Saturday night. Since SRB and I were staying overnight at Kampung Bukit Chedang that weekend anyway, why not kan? Picked up Aida around 8.15pm and off we went to our beloved alma mater (beloved ke? tak pernah pun aktif old girls' activities hehe). The last time I set foot on Bukit Merbah was like 3 years ago, also to watch ED but I can barely recall the experience. Guess they didn't really put up unforgettable performances time tu OR I'm just having my occasional memory loss right now hahaks!

Met up with En. Sallih, the only teacher that I'm still in touch with, dalam gelap coz Earth Hour has started when we reached there. Kinda funny hearing him still saying things like "mangkuk hayun" and all hehe.

So the my own definition:

The first formers - a play about a vain goddess yg mencabar a mortal to compete in a dance competition but ended up losing anyway. So you knowlah what's the moral of the story kan - jangan BONGKAK, nanti Tuhan marah hehe.

The drama behind drama - their backdrop actually got burned 3-4 hours before the show and with as much resources they could get in that few hours, they made a new one - Van Gogh style. I think it's brilliant!

The second formers - as you can probably tell from the picture, it's about war and how it ruined people's lives. Backdrop dah senget giler, all of us were just waiting for it to actually fall off jek kesiannn.

The third formers - about the danger of susuk whoaa. This one I REALLY LIKE!!!

The fourth formers - about errr...a father sacrifcing himself in order to save his wife and daughter from death? Lebih kurang macam tulah. They totally deserved 'Best Costume' and I must say, even the 'Best Play'.

The fifth formers - honestly, I didn't really understand what was going on (to be fair, I didn't read the synopsis in the pamphlet coz I didn't get one). Mula2 setting in Japan - some askar bunuh parents dia. The kids sempat lari and merantau I assume until Tanah Melayu to find peace and happiness. But look at the props! I was quite impressed.

Aida and I sneaked out right after they announced the 'Best Play' to avoid being deaf from the endless high-pitch screaming. Passing through a crowd of fifth formers who were sobbing like it's already the end of world, DEFINITELY felt like watching a flashback right in front of my face dude. Yess, we were walking down that painful memory lane mannn. Fyi for the non-tkcian readers, it's always a BIG deal for the fifth formers to win the Best Play. If you lose, it's like losing to a bunch of amateurs which is kinda embarrasing and rase DOWN gilerrrrsss.

Anyhooo, it was a fun Saturday night with a best friend =)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Earth Hour

So from 8.30pm to 9.30pm tomorrow is gonna be the widely publicized Earth Hour. the said time, you switch off the lights and all kind of electrical devices you have in your home. And then you go out to chill with friends at some mamak stall or go to a concert or something.

Will that still be considered as 'supporting the Earth Hour'? Ngehngehngeh =p

I'm just saying hehe.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Curi Tulang

We had our weekly project meeting with the IBMers at their office this week (after weeks of pleading from their side coz they tak tahan with the smell of our "beloved" MP hahaha). After having a delicious group lunch, tengok jam aikkk baru pukul 3pm? My teammates and I looked at each other knowingly as if to say, are you thinking what I'm thinking? Nyahahahaha...OF COURSEEEE I AM DUDE!

So we, together with our backpacks, folders and all (haha nampak sangat macam org curi tulang weyyy, tak reti cover betullah korang ni kehkeh) rushed over to TGV and watched:

What? It's not our fault that the IBM office is just next door to One Utama muahahaha!

This is why I have to make sure that NONE of people in the office discover about my blog hehe. So you guys, don't go around blowing my cover here, capiche? You know it's bad to mix business with pleasure =p

Monday, March 23, 2009

Balloon? What Balloon?

Few people have been posting pictures and entries on their Balloon Fiesta weekend. Am sooo jealous with some of the great pictures filled with the colorful balloons becauseee...despite my huge effort to wake up early on a SUNDAY (huge becoz y'all know that I'm not a morning person at all kan hehe) and arriving at the 'scene of crime' as early as 8.20am, all we saw was just this:

And the Nescafe Mug-shaped balloon from afar. What the??? I thought even if we couldn't make it for the Photo Op session, we'd still be able to see the take-off of some of the balloons. After all, the itinerary said that the Balloon Fun Fly was until 9am arrgghhh!!!

My personal opinion is, they should have at least 3 take-off sessions
(morning, noon, evening) instead of just 2 (morning & evening). So people who missed the morning session, like poor us, can still hang around till noon for next one instead of having to wait till 5.30pm. Okay fine, maybe they're having a constraint in terms of resources, e.g. gas for burning or wutsoever, but I'm still disappointed cisss!

So all we ended up doing was just lepak makan breakfast dalam mamai hehe (jauh betul gi bfast haha) and later drove around Putrajaya. Seeing a bunch of families cycling around made me wanna buy a bike. Yes dear, we shall!

Balik rumah masak steamed siakap to pujuk hati yg telah terluka kehkehkeh! And the fish was GOOOoooOOODD =)

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I thought he was kidding when he emailed saying he'll be wearing a Hindustani outfit at his wedding. But turned out...wallaweyyy memang macam hero filem hindustan siott!

Back then, he's always joking that you couldn't really tell when he's actually telling the truth. But I guess Lan has become a real adult now hehe...

The purple ladies (accidental)

Congrats to the Bollywood couple =p

Friday, March 20, 2009

Pizza Night

Last night was Pizza Night with the cousins at mom's house. Sajelaa belanja diorang pizza to congratulate the SPM graduates and just to gather while some of them are still having a break from school.

Khayra had a confused look on her face most of the time and refused to entertain everyone with her cute, adorable babytalk alaaa. I guess dia hairan, aikk apsal ramai orang pulak malam2 ni? Hihihi~

Sorrylaa the picture quality is soo bad coz macam dah lalok semalam hehe. Pojie, sila gantikan tempat K.Ina sebagai official family photographer segera yea? Saya sudah tidak larat to hold this position anymore wakakaka!


Today ialah hari malas bekerja hahaha selamba. So let's recap what's been happening (sorry boss, am misusing the internet again =p).

Had a group lunch at Restoran Seri Melayu last Wednesday, sponsored by a vendor. The emo ex-boss was there too and she freaked us all out by being overly nice and friendly. Siap pelu
k2 bahu tuu...I was like literally frozen haha! She went from one table to another, congratulating everybody on the good work done and at the same time puji2 diri sendiri jugaklah of course hehe. During her visit to our table, she somehow mentioned that she thought I'm a 'no-nonsense, no-bullshit' kinda person. Am I now? Hahahah! Well, depending on situations kot. I watch AF sometimes. So that alone proves her wrong kehkehkeh!

How "attractive" huh? A colleague took pride of snapping a
pic of me at the WORST timing & angle. Ciss nanti kauu! =p
Later that evening, had a great but pancitss futsal session with the girls followed by mamak session at Suzy's Corner. Yup Kirah, memang dah lama kite tak lepak.

I'm still feeling the muscle soreness (chewahhh) till today. Nampak sangatlah dah lama tak main hehe. Or perhaps lack of proper warming down exercise? Hahaha yelaa tu~

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Putihnya Lukisan

Jika ku seorang pelukiiiisss
Akan ku warnai duuuniaaa
Dengan warna putih
Agar tiada gelap
Lukisannya ooohh wooo


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rodrigo, The Contractor

Was watching Lipstick Jungle Season 2 last night and found another reason to be loyal to this series besides Kirby Atwood, the boy toy with a hot bod hehe.

Say hello to Rodrigo, the contractor (played by Carlos Ponce). Look at those piercing green eyes!

I wish the writers/producers wouldn't make it so hard for him and Victory to remain a couple. They look so sweet together.
The billionaire guy is just too bland for Victory lah.

Kalaulah contractor aku rupa macam ni, rumah aku tak siap setahun pun takpe kehkehkeh~

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Gummy Smile

Khayra @ 3+ months...
Now, who can resist those sweet, gummy smiles?
I definitely can't. Rase mau makan dieee hihihi~

Friday, March 13, 2009

Straight A's

CONGRATS lil cousin for the awesome 10A's
We are all so PROUD of you!
Now, lose the afro hair and ace all those interviews woohoo~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nemo Was Found

My whole body is still sore from the Pulau Besar trip adoiii. You'll know why as you read along.

We reached Mersing Jetty around 12.30pm after a 5-hour drive from USJ. Naik boat around 2pm and off we went to Pulau Besar. It was only a 20-minute boat ride and the boatman tu sempat jugaklah bercerita about the island. Apparently Pulau Besar has been the location for European version of 'Survivor' program called 'Expedition Robinson' for like 6 years in a row, including this year. So the whole island will be closed to public for 3 months, starting on April 2009. Luckily we sempat bervacation di situ before they start filming hehe.

Checked into D'Coconut Island Resort, just in time for lunch.

One priceless thing I found here is the beachfront hammock in a shabby little tree house where you can lay all day, reading, enjoying the ocean breeze. Memang every morning lepas breakfast, we lepak here until it's time for lunch hehe. Yup, life definitely moves slowly when you're on a vacation lalala~

Oh yeah, the snorkeling trip. I was kinda disappointed with the underwater scenery here (considering I was sooo jakun to put my waterproof casing into use ciss) coz no.1, the water was kinda murky and no.2 where were all my colorful fishiessss??? Ok I was excited to see a few nemo but other than that, mostly corals and sea urchins jek chettt.

The boatman took us to 2 nearby islands for snorkeling, Pulau Hujung and Pulau Tengah. Masa kat Pulau Hujung, the current was okaylah, not too strong. So we're free to roam around and did our own discovery. But in Pulau Tengah, bila tgh syok2 tengok nemo suddenly I heard SRB calling out my name asking me to go back to the boat. Rupanya most of us were pushed by the sudden strong current away from the boat uh-oh.

I tried not to panic and swam hurriedly to the boat coz I didn't want to be the last one to reach it hehe. But the current agak kuat jugaklah and we had to swim against it, so PENAT GILER tak tipu! Once I was close to one of the boatmen and saw that the boat was still quite far, I gave up and dgn tak malunye asked him "Pakcik, saye rase saye dah tak larat ni. Pakcik kena tarik saye ni." (Me and a girlfriend did this once while snorkeling in Sabah a while back hehe). So he did hehe. I swam passed SRB and he punyelaa heran camane wife aku bole swim laju gile ni hahaha. When he realized that I got a bit of a 'help', I told him no worries, the pakcik will pull you next babe haha!

So that's how this 'damsel in distress' picture came about hahaha!

Okay it sounds funny now, but it wasn't when it happened. Everybody memang tercungap2 beyond words. We even had to bring the boat to rescue a couple who went too fa
r away and just couldn't swim anymore. It's the first time this kind of thing happened to me throughout my whole snorkeling experience. But it's not gonna make me not want to snorkel again, no wayyy.

All in all, besides the snorkeling drama hahaks, it was a very relaxing weekend with the nature.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Definitely 'Special'

So we decided to ditch TV last night and opt for lepaking on the bed, reading books instead. Both of us have already picked out some reading materials for the mini-vacation this weekend.

I'm reading 'Tara Road' by Maeve Binchy - recommended by Miss Awesome Blossom. Eh beb, I can't put it down seriously. Belum sampai pulau lagi tapi dah bace like 3/4 of it, camane ni Fatmaaa? Hahah!

And he's reading 'Talk Your Way To The Top - How to Address Any Audience Like Your Career Depends On it'. What the? Dear...when I asked you to go find a book to read in Pulau Besar, I meant buku cerita yang totally fictional, entertaining and unrelated to real life at all. And you chose this book hmm... *GEEK ALERT* hahaha!!! are definitely 'special' lah hehe. Whatever makes you happy happy, I happy =D

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What Happens Matters

While driving home from work today, I suddenly thought of the movie Ghost Town which I've watched like 6-7 times by now. It's about a grumpy, anti-social dentist named Bertram Pincus, played by the hilarious Ricky Gervais, who gains the ability to communicate with ghosts (much to his annoyance) after he dies during a colonoscopy and is later miraculously revived.

There are so many ridiculously funny scenes that can make me laugh just thinking about them ("What?! I died for 7 minutes?" "Oh let's calm down. Everybody dies." "Yeahhh but usually at the end of their lives and just the once and forever!" Ahahaha lawaks!). But there's this one particular touching scene that just sort of stuck on my mind till now.

Bertram Pincus initially refused to tell his neighbor and love interest, Gwen, that the reason he's alone in Manhattan was because his girlfriend left him and married someone else. He thought that it's very boring and ordinary. But when he finally opened up and told her the truth, she said:

You can't live someone else's life or think it's
more important just because it's more dramatic.
What happens matters.
Maybe only to us, but it matters.


Monday, March 2, 2009


I AM SO EXCITED!!! Received the package for my camera's underwater casing last Saturday - the first stuff ever I bought online in Malaysia, tested it out and voilĂ !

Noticed the little bubble there? Since we don't have a swimming pool, aku test dalam besen ajelah hahaha! Thanks a lot K.Nad for the recommendation! Memang dah test and confirm tak masok air huhuhu~

I don't know why I didn't buy this waaay earlier. All those photographic memories of previous snorkeling trips...arrgghh! Now I reallyyyyy can't wait for the upcoming island getaway. If hujan ke ape (hopefully NOT, amiinnn), I'll go ambik gambar ikan dalam kolam mane2 tak pedulik hahaha!

And to Pojie, eventhough camera K.Ina taklah secanggih camera Pojie, at least akak punye boleh amek gambar bawah air beb muahahaha! ;p