Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sama Tapi Tak Serupa

SM Nasa & MS Reza
Almost, but not quite the same hehe.

The funny thing is, dear SRB himself was the one who first noticed the similarities. I laughed my ass off when he first mentioned it and thought, yeah right babe, of course everybody wants to look like the guy who's not only a millionaire by the age of 25, but who's also married to one of 'wanita idaman Malaya', the beautiful Marion Caunter. But after taking a closer look - the bushy eyebrows, the teeth, the smile - wait a minute, yeahhh you guys do indeed look alike!

Now, can I say that I think I look like Jennifer Aniston coz we both have squarish jaws? =p

Happy leap year, everybody! (Question: How do leapers/people born on this day celebrate their birthday on non-leap years?)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Sealed Letter

"Men don't understand the first thing about friendship."
"Female friendship, you mean?"
"It's the only kind," she tells him.

Here's to women & friendship, hoyeah!


Dear SRB and I are now on a mission to cross out as many items as we can on Time Out's '101 Things To Do In Dubai' before we leave this place for good. When we couldn't find anything interesting to do on weekends (mostly because too lazy to do research hehe), we always end up going to the malls, which lama2 rasa cam nak muntah lah jugak kan. So by doing things suggested in this list, at least it can add variety to our weekend activities (though we're still gonna go the mall at the end of the day to find something to eat - saya usually cuti memasak di hujung minggu hehe).

However, activities that require us to jump out of a moving plane (Item 32 - Skydive) or be in close proximity to one of nature's fiercest predators (Item 25 - Dive with sand tiger sharks) will be considered as 'crazy shits' and shall be quickly marked as 'Inapplicable/Are you freaking kidding me?!' in our list hehe. So for us, it's actually 'Less Than 101 Things To Do In Dubai' laa kiranye, but who cares, it's still an interesting list.

So this weekend, we went to watch The Dolphin & Seal Show at Dubai Dolphinarium.

It's quite an amazing show. I was mesmerized and terrified at the same time coz they're soo cute but also soo big - I kept imagining that they gonna jumped out of the pool and fell on me ngaaa! Dear SRB plak kept on saying that they are robots and not the real dolphins coz they are unbelievably intelligent, bordering on creepy. Yeah babe, if you can show me their on/off button and the remote controls, then maybe yeah, they are actually robots and not the real dolphins =p

So no need to drive out to Musandam, Oman for 3 hours (and pay additional 200 dirhams for Oman's visa on top of the Dolphin Tour package) to see dolphins in action. Can see them right here at Dubai Creek Park's Dolphinarium. Of course it's not the same as seeing them in their natural habitat but if you're looking for time & cost-saving option, here it is - only 50 dirhams for adults and 30 for kids if you go and see the Friday's and Monday's 11 AM show. For other timings, it will cost 100 dirhams for adults, and 50 for kids.

Uuuu tak sabar nak bawak Khayra tengok these dolphins nanti yeay!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Stranger On The Planet

Seth Shapiro @ 12 years old
My mother had always warned me that I would cause her to have a nervous breakdown. Of all her dramatic declarations (I'm sending you to a reform school!), her threat of a nervous breakdown felt the most true, and I always wondered how I would know if she was actually having one. Hearing her cries that night, I understood that it was finally happening.
"What is it mom?"
"Your father. I'm still in love with him."
"I know."
"He's such a bastard."
"I know."
"He drives me out of my mind."
"Me too," I admitted, and we both laughed a little.
These were the truest words we had ever spoken to each other. I put my arms around her, and we lay together, bound by the knowledge that we were both in love with a man who would never love us back.

Heartbreaking! My first finished-in-one-sitting book in 2012! If all books I pick turn out to be as gripping as this one, maybe I can finally achieve the '1 year, 100 books' goal huhu~

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Repeat 2.0

Putting up another music video? Again? Really?

Yeah, I know. It's lame and it's getting old hehe. But I don't really feel like writing or sharing personal life updates lately. I'm more in the mood of quietly 'observing the world' while listening to music. (I hope this statement does not make me sound like a creepy stalker or anything like that hahah!)

And here are 2 songs that I have on repeat in my playlist (and in my head) right now.

Some people say our taste in music can tell a lot about who we are. So what does my music say about me? Ponder that, my friends...while I go and make myself a nice cup of tea =)

"Life's too short to even care at all..."

"And I'll find strength in pain
And I will change my ways
I'll know my name as it's called again..."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

To Conquer

In Batman Begins, Henri Ducard/Ra's al Ghul (played by Liam Neeson) said,
"To conquer fear, you must become fear."

In Live At The Apollo, comedian Reginald D Hunter said,
"To conquer fat, you must become...fat."

Hahahah! I must say, I like the comedian's version better =p

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Anomalies

"Take it easy. I was just kidding."
"Just kidding? So you were just kidding? Like what you said has been totally negated just because you were thoughtful enough to say just kidding?"

P/S: It's one of those books that I bought just because the book cover is soo cute eheh

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Mike Chang singing and dancing in leather pants, with eye make-up & spiky hair = HOTTT!!!

Artie singing and dancing in leather pants, with actual leg movements & gelled up hair = weird! I mean, he's a good dancer & all, but it's weird seeing him attempting to be hot.

But overall, I have to say that 'Michael' is my favorite Glee episode so far.

"Stop pressurin' me, just stop pressurin' me,
Make me wanna scream!"