Sunday, May 12, 2013

Gone Girl

"I was told love should be unconditional. That's the rule, everyone says so. But if love has no boundaries, no limits, no conditions, why should anyone try to do the right thing EVER? If I know I am loved no matter what, where is the challenge? I am supposed to love Nick despite all his shortcomings. And Nick is supposed to love me despite my quirks. But clearly, neither of us does. It makes me think that everyone is very wrong, that love should have conditions. Love should require both partners to be their very best at all times. Unconditional love is an undisciplined love, and as we all have seen, undisciplined love is disastrous."

A review by Mail on Sunday said that 'Gone Girl is a book you'll be begging other people to read, just so you can discuss it with them.' And I completely agree! So if you're interested in a messed up love story with a twist, read it and then, let's discuss! (The ending, arrghhhhh, the ending!!!)


paza said...

Very good movie because it has an interesting story.

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